Thursday, June 7, 2012

Stepping into the Stream

“It’s amazing what happens when we are willing to step into the stream!” Dawn told me this in an email about a week ago as I told her about sending cards to nursing homes for forgotten elderly people who never get any mail or visitors. I couldn’t stop. I stood at that stream and saw the flow slowly moving and I stepped in. I don’t often do that. And most often, I’m sorry I didn’t. But when I do, I get caught up in the currant and find out that God already had this stream prepared with others who were willing to step in, do their part, until we all spill into an ocean where we see an enormous job completed by the most unlikely people in the most unlikely places with unique gifts to bring and talents to use.

Here I am. Just little, old me with not much to offer. Just a ton of weary, old craft supplies that I’ve saved over the years. Just a week or two ago, I planned on throwing it all in the dumpster. Simplify. Clean up. Travel light. Streamline. All the words thrown at me when I complain about my . . . . . .junk. I’m looking for the right word here. My parents were Dutch and they always used a word for junk lying around that looked messy and random. I don’t know how to spell it, but the phonetics would be “RUM-a-lah!” We all just knew what it meant: Toys scattered across the floor, books and papers strewn on the bed, or clothing not hung up or put in drawers. And that’s what all my crafting stuff is beginning to look like because I’m out of room. Rum-a-lah!

But the card thing. . . . It grabs me and won’t let go. I have all I need to send out tons of cards --- cardstock, envelopes, paper, die cut machine with tons of dies, rubber stamps --- you name it - I’ve got it.

So I get on eBay to find some ideas -- fresh stuff that will help me out. I find this one seller with the most beautiful of cards I’ve ever seen. I place my bids on about 10 of them. I couldn’t stop! After winning most of them, I email her and tell her what I’m doing, and can I purchase about 25 cards? I figured after I drool over them for a while, I would attach my own poems on the inside and take them to the nearest nursing home. Then, I receive an email back.

Here is someone else that is willing to step into the stream! She loves the idea and is sending me 25 handmade cards --- get this --- for free!!!!

I tell some friends about this and how I used old cards and cut the pictures, etc., and recycle them into new cards, and they are collecting up cards for me. More people stepping in the stream!

So here I am, busy as an excited little beaver, cutting away. My cards are cut, I have piles of coordinating stuff, I’m stamping, gluing, feeling like a third grader with glue sticks, LOTS of glitter, punches, coloring pens, etc., etc.

The real thing is --- I’ve always wondered how I could use my poetry in an effective, more reaching way. Why didn’t I think of cards like this?

Several people have asked to see the cards, so I’m putting some pictures here. I can’t believe this gal makes these cards so beautifully. If you want to buy some, you can find her on eBay here:

Friday, June 1, 2012

Can You See?

It's Five-Minute-Friday, and today's word is "SEE." The rules are:

1. Write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking

2. Link back here and invite others to join in.

3. And then absolutely, no ifs, ands or buts about it, you need to visit the person who linked up before you & encourage them in their comments. Seriously. That is, like, the rule. And the fun. And the heart of this community... So here we go. . .

Her face

Her eyes

I look into her soul

And I see fear

Fear of being alone

Fear of going hungry

Fear of being cold

Fear of all today will bring.


Her face

Her eyes

I look into her soul

I see hopeless

Longing for someone

Longing for love

Missing yesterdays of long ago

Dreading more tomorrows of what is now


His face

His eyes

I look into his soul

And I see sadness

Reaching for someone who still needs him

Reaching for love unconditional

Reaching for trust and acceptance

Reaching for a hug, a snuggle, the sound of a soft purr


Their faces

Their eyes

And I see their love

Clinging to all that was between them

Clinging to what still is

Clinging to what little may still be

Clinging to all to all they have left -- each other.


Her face

Her eyes

I look into her soul

Hope rises in her heart

Hope reaches out

Hope is tender in its kiss

Hope brings a smile once again


During the month of June, The Forgotten Ones: Compassion for the Elderly is striving to bring some love and hope to the millions of forgotten elderly men and women in the nursing homes of America and around the world. Many of these people never have a visitor, a phone call, a gift or a card for year after year until they die . . . Alone. Compassion for the Elderly has a Facebook page and you can access it from here. If you wish to participate in sending cards this month, here is Pam’s email address: -- and she will send you a list of Nursing homes with the addresses and you can become a part of bringing at least one smile to one of these faces. (Or, you can contact me at: Won’t you help?

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