Monday, October 29, 2007

Bad Dog School!!!!

I know that sounds so negative, but who takes a GOOD dog to basic dog training???
Buster seems to want to be good, but the hyper-excitement, anxiety, and dominant male traits are working against him. We went to class tonight, and wouldn't you know, he got another A+ and went through his, "heel," "sit," and "stay" commands perfectly.

It was so wonderful when I first went to this class to find that all the trainers there are Christians and actually prayed for each of us that we would be successful in this class. I think I would not have had the stamina to go through with this if it were not for that little bit of encouragement that came my way.

The trainer spent time with me, asking what his problems were at home. She gave me three trial pills -- all natural, and not drugs -- to give Buster to calm him down and relieve some of his anxieties. If it works, she said it would help in the training as he would not get so anxious, and it would help ME with my frustration level with him. We'll see how this works.

I love Buster. And I would hate to have to put him through the trauma and separation anxieties of a new owner. I'm committed to giving this 100%.

And here he lays at my feet like the best puppy in the world!!!!

Surviving Puppyhood!!!

Since my sister brought up my puppy, Buster, in her last comments, I thought I would share my heart on this. What can I say????? It's been HORRIBLE!!!! I so looked forward to bringing home this loving, playful, needy Chocolate Lab that I quickly named Buster Brown. I thought all the hyper stuff would calm down as he settled in. . . .but 4 months later. . .it's worse than my worst nightmare!

Life hasn't been the same for me -- I feel I've aged 20 years in 4 months, and I must admit, sometimes I wonder if I even love this dog anymore. My last nerve has shorted out, I yell a lot, I have no more patience, and my last ray of hope is the basic dog training school I'm taking him (or should I say ME) to. He steals everything I own and makes me chase him, he still jumps up on me and the word "no" is answered with a defiant shake of the head and a bark! I did get the Gentle Leader collar and leash which seems to calm him down some, and he is doing well learning to "heel" and sit.

But in my discouragement, I wonder if I am the right "mother" for Buster. His anxiety level is so high, won't go out without me, is velcroed to my hip 24 hours a day, but i have to keep my eye on him because he is always into something. But then I look into his eyes, and I just can't give him up.

After an awful night again of being up with him, I'm wondering. . . . .

Sunday, October 28, 2007

My Special Sister!

You can look long and hard for a special friend -- one who will always be there for you,
one who loves you just the way you are, one who will tell you like it is - bad or good,
one who cares when things go wrong, one who rejoices in your good times. That person
for me is my sister Jurilei, Jur for short! She's always been there, though I'm not sure
we've always been friends. We grew up together, shared a bedroom, shared a home, but never shared our hearts back then. We went through the same heartaches, pains, abuses, and disappointments, but we kept it to ourselves behind well-built walls and locked doors in our hearts. It wasn't until about 10 years ago we "found" each other hearts, and we have been friends ever since. One of God's greatest gifts to me was to bring her here to Florida and have her call home on the same piece of property I live on. She is strong, brave, courageous -- and proved that to me as she struggled through the uncertainties and demands of colon cancer and a broken leg at the same time. But through it all, she pressed on, faced her fears, and taught me once again that God IS in control of all things, God DOES answer prayers of His children,
and that my Sister is my very special friend.
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Meeting New Friends!

This morning was wonderful! I met Cyndi through her new blog and felt that we had just met and had coffee together. Cyndi is part of our Glad Tidings Primitive and Folk Art group, a bunch of Christian ladies who have a common interest in selling on ebay. I feel so blessed of God to know these wonderful people who have such tender, loving hearts, and would love for you to get to know them, too. Here is Cyndi's blog if you would like to get to know her, too!

Saturday, October 27, 2007


I don't cry very often. I work really hard at holding back my tears. And I, for sure, hate for anyone to see me cry! Most of my tears are private, and most are shed over little, seemingly insignificant things -- like a puppy that won't behave, a burnt supper, or a lost important paper. But there is cleansing in tears. They sooth the soul, calm the heart, and clear the eyes. . . .And soon I see again more clearly, and my heart can hear God's still voice once again. So go ahead and cry. . . .it's okay!


I cried today. . .
Just as I cried
On many days gone by. . .
But now I can't remember why.
I call them wasted tears. . .
Wasted time. . .
A wasted sigh.
Do you sometimes cry
And can't remember why?
I hope so. . . .
I hope that you can say
You are as foolish as I. . . .
But yet, God does not call us fools,
Nor does He call a single tear a waste,
Nor do the flowing rivers pass Him by.
He finds each one. . .
Each wasted tear we cry.
The secret tear,
The silly tear,
The tear that will not flow,
But only sighs.
He whispers. . ."Go ahead, my child,
He saves each one, you know,
And for the ones which would not flow,
He cries for me,
And saves that tear
In a bottle all my own.
So go ahead and cry. . .
We'll keep the secret. . .You and I!
And someday we'll be rich
With diamonds shaped like teardrops. . .
And we won't remember why!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Beautiful Again!

Sometimes all it takes is a friend. Someone who looks you in the eyes, sees beyond the tears, and knows what is in your heart. I know -- I've had friends like that. They don't claim to
understand. Nor do they try to fix everything. They know that sometimes there are no answers -- they don't even know what the question is! But they love you, they hug you, and they lift you up with a prayer. Some people pray, but a few of those people KNOW the God who hears their prayers and KNOW that He cares, understands and has our best interests at heart.
Patti, today this is for you!

Beautiful Again
I wish I could say I understand. . .
I don't.
You shared so much. . .
You hurt so much. . .
Yet, I never climbed the mountains you are climbing,
I never walked in the shadows of your valley,
I never carried the burdens of your heart.
But somehow, somewhere deep inside,
I know you touched me. . .
And I knew I cared.
I may never have the answers you need to hear -
I may never even have words. . .
But I have a special Friend,
One who understands,
Who listens,
Who cares. . .
And I promise that when I share with Him
My problems,
My pains,
My cares,
I will ask Him to pick up all that seems to be
The broken pieces of my dreams.
And in His perfect time,
I know He will make
All things beautiful again.
I know He will. . .
. . .He did for me!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

New Beginnings!

Blogs are new to me, and I've never done this before, but I'm excited about this new venture in my life! I've made such wonderful friends and would love to share in this way what God is doing in my life and what I discover in His Word. I love to write, and a lot of my writings can be found in collages I have made using old linens, lace and doilies. I sell these in my Ebay store and are available there for you. Thank you so much for sharing my heart and thoughts!