Saturday, October 27, 2007


I don't cry very often. I work really hard at holding back my tears. And I, for sure, hate for anyone to see me cry! Most of my tears are private, and most are shed over little, seemingly insignificant things -- like a puppy that won't behave, a burnt supper, or a lost important paper. But there is cleansing in tears. They sooth the soul, calm the heart, and clear the eyes. . . .And soon I see again more clearly, and my heart can hear God's still voice once again. So go ahead and cry. . . .it's okay!


I cried today. . .
Just as I cried
On many days gone by. . .
But now I can't remember why.
I call them wasted tears. . .
Wasted time. . .
A wasted sigh.
Do you sometimes cry
And can't remember why?
I hope so. . . .
I hope that you can say
You are as foolish as I. . . .
But yet, God does not call us fools,
Nor does He call a single tear a waste,
Nor do the flowing rivers pass Him by.
He finds each one. . .
Each wasted tear we cry.
The secret tear,
The silly tear,
The tear that will not flow,
But only sighs.
He whispers. . ."Go ahead, my child,
He saves each one, you know,
And for the ones which would not flow,
He cries for me,
And saves that tear
In a bottle all my own.
So go ahead and cry. . .
We'll keep the secret. . .You and I!
And someday we'll be rich
With diamonds shaped like teardrops. . .
And we won't remember why!

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Kimmie said...

Cora...your poem touched my heart. What a beautiful creative piece. I loved it very much.