Monday, October 29, 2007

Surviving Puppyhood!!!

Since my sister brought up my puppy, Buster, in her last comments, I thought I would share my heart on this. What can I say????? It's been HORRIBLE!!!! I so looked forward to bringing home this loving, playful, needy Chocolate Lab that I quickly named Buster Brown. I thought all the hyper stuff would calm down as he settled in. . . .but 4 months later. . .it's worse than my worst nightmare!

Life hasn't been the same for me -- I feel I've aged 20 years in 4 months, and I must admit, sometimes I wonder if I even love this dog anymore. My last nerve has shorted out, I yell a lot, I have no more patience, and my last ray of hope is the basic dog training school I'm taking him (or should I say ME) to. He steals everything I own and makes me chase him, he still jumps up on me and the word "no" is answered with a defiant shake of the head and a bark! I did get the Gentle Leader collar and leash which seems to calm him down some, and he is doing well learning to "heel" and sit.

But in my discouragement, I wonder if I am the right "mother" for Buster. His anxiety level is so high, won't go out without me, is velcroed to my hip 24 hours a day, but i have to keep my eye on him because he is always into something. But then I look into his eyes, and I just can't give him up.

After an awful night again of being up with him, I'm wondering. . . . .

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