Monday, October 29, 2007

Bad Dog School!!!!

I know that sounds so negative, but who takes a GOOD dog to basic dog training???
Buster seems to want to be good, but the hyper-excitement, anxiety, and dominant male traits are working against him. We went to class tonight, and wouldn't you know, he got another A+ and went through his, "heel," "sit," and "stay" commands perfectly.

It was so wonderful when I first went to this class to find that all the trainers there are Christians and actually prayed for each of us that we would be successful in this class. I think I would not have had the stamina to go through with this if it were not for that little bit of encouragement that came my way.

The trainer spent time with me, asking what his problems were at home. She gave me three trial pills -- all natural, and not drugs -- to give Buster to calm him down and relieve some of his anxieties. If it works, she said it would help in the training as he would not get so anxious, and it would help ME with my frustration level with him. We'll see how this works.

I love Buster. And I would hate to have to put him through the trauma and separation anxieties of a new owner. I'm committed to giving this 100%.

And here he lays at my feet like the best puppy in the world!!!!


Juri said...

Three big cheers for Buster, another "A" on his bad boy report card!! Did you ask the trainer if she had an herbal pill for your nerves, too?

Cora knows that I went through the same horrors when I got my puppy...and everyone kept telling me (including Cora)that "this too shall pass" and I would end up with a "good dog". She was right, we have the evidence sitting on the floor while we have coffee together...the perfect dog. I have a feeling that someday we will be saying that Buster is the best dog, too!!!

I do find it amazing how one small dog, a loving pet, can frazzel a grown-up person's very last nerve!!!

Hang in there, Cora...Buster will have you trained in no time!

Love ya!


Daniv said...

Cora, Buster will be ok...just like children, it takes time and patience as you are seeing now...
love your blog!


Kimmie said...

Oh Yeay!!! Buster is going to be just fine. I am so happy he got an A on his report card also. :-) As Juri said, "this too shall pass" and she is right. Buster will grow into such a nice mature dog with these classes, plus the unconditional love that you give to him Cora. He loves you just as you love him. He is just a baby right now and someday you will forget how hard he was as a pup.