Monday, May 30, 2011

Still Counting Towards 1,000

438. Beautiful lilac-tinted flowers on bean vines. I planted the asparagus beans so the vines would climb an archway. The flowers don’t last long, but they are so pretty while they are there.

439. Sunset. Driving down a long, straight road towards the west, the sun is HUGE and blazing red as it drops into the gulf. Just breath-taking!

440. Homemade patty melt on onion-rye bread from the bakery. Nothing better.

441. Sound of a hamburger sizzling in the frying pan. I don’t have them very often anymore. So I salivate along with Buster as it’s cooking.

442. Cucumbers that play hide-and-seek under big, protective leaves.

443. Lots of little chirpy babies being shown where the feeder is and how it “do it yourself.”

444. Young squirrel on the window ledge sitting on his haunches, holding his chest, in “shock and awe” as he realizes there are people on the other side of the glass.

445. Offering encouragement, but getting way more back in return.

446. Relieved to have my 3-month check up with the oncologist over and done with. All is well.

447. Leaving comfort zones can be hard, but once I tried my wings, I found I didn’t want to go back to the nest.

448. Moving on!

449. And finding I’m not alone in the journey.

450. And that the miracle of it all is that I WANT to move on. Is this how an eagle feels when it’s time to fly? Scared, but you want to --- and you just do it?

451. Open mike music night at a sister church. Such a blessing!

452. That so many in the audience had served in the military. An overwhelming sense of gratefulness came over me.

453. Reading others’ blogs and the stories of those who have served and sacrificed all for my freedom. Thank you! Because of their sacrifices, you have sacrificed much, also.

454. Encouragement in my email that just changed the course of my day!

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Thursday, May 26, 2011


So many of you have asked about #420 in my last post ---- my sister waterboarding turkey vultures. So here's the explanation.

We have a real problem. For some reason, about 50 of these horrible looking turkey vultures have decided that my house and my sister's house would make wonderful roosting places. They are tearing up the roofs, and that's bad enough. But they come down into the yard morning and evening, they chase us, chase our cats, go after the other birds, to say nothing of the droppings, etc. I wanted to get my mail (we have the old fashioned mailboxes on the road), and this "boss vulture" came after me hissing and throwing up at me.

These birds are protected and you can't hurt, kill, or harm them in any way. Suggestions are loud noises, shiney objects, clapping, etc. NOTHING works. Even gun shots in the air just send them back to the roof and then they stand there looking over the edge and laugh at us.

Well, my sister is on a mission. She got her hose out with one of those power nozzles on it and goes after these beasts!!!!! I think it does more for HER as it gets rid of some of her frustrations for a little while. The birds just walk away and come back when she finishes her tantrum with the water.

If ANYONE has any suggestions as to how to get these things to move, I would so appreciate it. I just can't understand why our house. We don't have garbage or dead animals, etc., sitting out. Isn't that what they usually go after????? Maybe they are waiting for ME to drop out there, I don't know! I hear they go for the eyeballs first!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Gratitudes of the Heart - Week 14

416. Strength to admit weakness.

417. Strength to take a step. . . And then another.

418. Strength to follow through.

419. Support of those who understand.

420. Watching my sister “waterboard” turkey vultures who just won’t give it up!

421. Cool, sunny days. Like the spring days I remember as a child.

422. Butterflies.

423. A cardinal catching drops of water off the leaves after I water.

424. Listening to baby flycatchers learning their song. Mom and Dad sit on a branch nearby and sing it right. Little ones in the birdhouse sing it -- not so right. Over and over and over they practice, day after day. I wonder if that’s the rule --- you can only come out to play if your song is right???

425. Learning about the depths of forgiveness over at Craig’s blog, Deep into Love: Just Corinthian Love.

426. Learning to fly like an eagle ---- Thank you, Lea!

427. A brother-in-law coming to my rescue with a battery charger. I left the little inside lights on in my car.

428. Fresh picked cucumber sliced up in a salad with onion, feta cheese, sun dried tomatoes, etc.

429. Fifteen bean soup cooking for supper.

430. Cornbread! Tastes like Heaven when you haven’t had it in a while!

431. Zuchinni. All the zuchinni I could ever want for free. Someone brought boxes and boxes of it to church tonight. I was shocked at how many people didn’t know what it was, never tasted it, and didn’t know how to fix it.

432. Graduation day. The Flycatchers are out of the nest. What a loud, busy bunch out there!!!!! Three babies and two parents --- and no one else is allowed anywhere near them ---- no one WANTS to be. It sounds like about 20 police whistles being blown all at the same time. They definitely got their song down pat! One baby wants to go to the ground, but Momma goes after him, swoops under him, and guides him back to the top of a tree. Do I see some lessons there?????

433. Still, quiet moments.

434. The freedom of forgiveness and letting go.

435. Buster’s big sighs as he sleeps at my feet. ALWAYS at my feet. 24/7.

436. One big beautiful Sunday all wrapped up in one big blessing!

437. The reminder that we really only have an audience of ONE when it comes to what we do in life. What we do is for God and Him alone. (Col. 3:23-24).

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Friday, May 20, 2011


All my life, I've heard about "The Victorious Christian Life." It was everywhere --- church, camp, conferences, Bible School, Bible studies. The whole center of teaching at the Bible Institute I went to was "the crucified life" as presented in Galatians 2:20, Romans 4-8, and other passages that fit with these. The result of all that for me? That I was a complete failure and would never "attain" or experience this type of life. This failure (as I saw it) was so deep feeling that I walked away -- not so much from my faith, but from the pursuit of all God had for me in life. In that stagnant time frame, I was anything but a happy person, and gradually found my way back. . . at least to the point where I had left off. How gracious God is and how patient and forgiving!

If I've learned anything about myself, I've learned I'm very simplistic. And I like pictures. Things my heart and mind can see. I remember these things easier and I can fit myself and my heart into the pictures my mind has formed.

The other day, someone asked me about "living victoriously" and wishing someone could explain it without all the "canned answers." I dug into the past 30 years or so of my life and my mental files where I have kept a running tab on what I have latched onto. And this is what I've learned:

Victory is always portrayed as an end thing. The end of a race, the winning of a game, the beating of an opponent, the top of a mountain. It’s when the pictures are taken. It’s when the flag is raised. It’s when the medals are given.

No one takes the pictures where victory starts. It starts with a vision and a wanting of what I see. It’s making a plan and drawing a map that goes from here to there.

And in the plan, the drawing, the heart of a victor is conceived. It beats. It dreams. It sees the end, the finish line, the top of the mountain. It’s seeing a goal and wanting to reach it. The heart trembles with fear and the hand feels the hesitations, but pushes on. No one takes pictures of my heart. No one cheers. No one even notices me in my starting place. But this is victory. Starting. Beginning. The first step.

Mountains are high and a real victor picks the highest. The one that is lost in the clouds. The one that stands one step in front of me. I stand at sea level, the bottom of the mountain. I take step one -- one foot above sea level -- and I am victorious. In that moment, I move towards the top. I set a goal, set my heart, and I take one step! But no one takes my picture. No one calls me a winner. No one drapes me with a medal. But my heart knows. And it’s right. And it’s good.

Another step, and then another, and I’m going up. I smile, and all is well --- until I fall. I’m crushed, but in my hand is still my dreaming heart and it screams, “Get up! Get up and start again!” And I do get up. And once again I know victory. It’s in the getting up. It’s in seeing the top of the mountain. It’s moving on -- again! I fall --- again and again and again. But victory is not giving up. It’s getting up. Every time, I get up, find my heart and move upwards. But no one takes my picture. No one cheers for the one with wounds and scars and torn clothing. But, oh, my heart knows! And now I am determined. And I taste victory.

I get tired and hungry and cold and discouraged. I’m behind, moving slower than I planned. But victory is going beyond what I thought I could do. It’s pushing forward, no matter what. It’s laying aside things that weigh me down. It’s pressing on. Victory is one step. Just one. And victory is then another. It’s pressing on. It’s my heart. It’s never being satisfied with where I am. It’s taking out my plan, seeing my heart moving towards the top. Victory is today. It’s this moment. It’s where I am now, in this fleeting flash of time, moving --- always moving!

Victory is knowing I will make it. It’s seeing the top, though clouds are still hanging low. It’s carrying a victor’s flag the whole way, picking it up time and again, and again, and again . . . And even again.

Victory is moving upwards, even though others quit and go back. Victory does not listen to threats of failure. Victory sings, “Not to the strong is the battle, not to the swift is the race, but to the true and the faithful victory is promised through grace.”

It’s too bad I can’t take pictures of my heart, my mountains, and my upward journey! What an album that would be! It is in the looking back that I understand, that I see clearly what was once hidden in the misty clouds. I look through the pages of my heart, and there, in every picture I see a cross. Sometimes I was carrying it. Sometimes I fell beneath it. Sometimes . . .wait!!!!! Who is that with me in these pictures???? Who is carrying my cross for me??? I thought I was alone. . . .

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Messing With My Nest!

My sister said it perfectly --- “It’s all our brother’s fault!” He started picking at my nest --- my comfort zone --- and since then, it’s all been turmoil. It started around Labor Day when Tony was first diagnosed with late stage Lung Cancer. You would have thought that my own journey through breast cancer would have ruffled me more. Or why not when my sister went through the agony of cancer treatments???? There was something about Tony. . . .

He asked questions -- hard ones. And now, he has all the answers and I’m still digging for them. He’s there, with the Author and Finisher of his faith. I’m here, looking through the glass, darkly. The questions of “Why” blow like a steady, fierce wind, and no matter how I try, it keeps tearing up my neatly built nest.
It’s not a question of “why me.” Not a feeling sorry for myself. It’s more of a “why me --- NOW!” Why at this stage of my life does my comfort zone have to become so uncomfortable?

Questions demand answers. That’s what makes them so hard. It’s easy to dismiss someone’s statement, or a look, or gesture. But when someone looks you in the eye and asks a question, you open your mouth, take a deep breath, and search like crazy through the caverns of your brain for an answer. And it doesn’t make any difference if you audibly answer or not -- somewhere, somehow, you answer. And lately, the Lord has taken up where Tony left off, except He’s going deeper into my soul and messing with my nest.

It’s the little pecking that gets to me. Like the question a friend recently asked me, “Where’s your heart now?” I had showed him some things I had made a few years ago. What in the world did that have to do with my heart???? It wouldn’t go away. I had no idea where my heart was! A lost heart. Somewhere out there, my heart was homeless --- fallen out of the nest. And I need to leave my comfort zone to find it again.

Then comes the one who REALLY knows how and pulls everything apart.: A pastor who seems to preach directly at (for) me! Every single message, every single Sunday takes a chunk out of my carefully woven sticks, grass, mud, and whatever else it took to make me feel safe. There isn’t much left to hang on to except a weak branch or two, and I’m afraid he’s coming with the saw soon and I’ll just drop to who knows where! And still I ask, Why mess with my nest NOW?

Then comes along people who write these blogs. Blogs that leave you asking more questions than they answered. Stuff about forgiveness, the past, who I am in Christ, scars, ministering to the needy and hurting, etc. Stuff that turns me inside out and makes me ask MYSELF the questions and I can’t find my heart anywhere in my messed up, falling-apart nest.

It’s a strange thing about comfort zones: They are built with a master plan and fit us to a tee. The walls are just high enough to make us feel safe. LOTS of locks on minimum doors. Windows that only let US see out but lets no one see IN. We even have closets. And in those closets are memories and secrets, stuff that got dirty and stained, lots of bottles full of tears, shoes covered in mud, old bandages that had once covered bleeding wounds until thick, hard scars took their place. We don’t go in the closets much. But I have recently. In all this messing up of my nest, the Lord opened the doors again, and I’m seeing I didn’t do a very good job the last time around in getting those shelves cleaned out.

So what’s a master nest builder to do when God messes with her nest????

I think it’s time to use the wings He gave me and fly. . . .

Thanks, Ton!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Week 11: Showers of Blessings!

They just keep coming!

395. A gift from a friend -- fresh picked cabbage, kale, watercress, onions, herbs, and a whole bunch of stuff.

396. Picking cucumbers and making a salad. Never realized how wonderful a fresh-picked cucumber was!

397. A sale on one of my favorite things: sun dried tomatoes -- the ones that are packed with herbs in the jar. The sale was buy one get one free. And that is great for me because they are a little expensive. I stocked up! I use them in everything from salads to casseroles.

398. Sharing the deepest corners of my heart.

399. The look of understanding that came from that sharing.

400. A really good, from-the-gut, laugh with my sister. Turkey vultures have invaded her yard and she has tried everything to get rid of them. She made a scarecrow out of her old clothing as a last resort. She sat it in the chair in the yard, hoping it would scare them off. Next morning, all the pieces were scattered across the yard. Now we know what will happen to us if we die out there!!!!! Or even stand in one place too long!!! Scarey thought!!!!!

401. Baby owls. How cute is this???!!!! I don’t know what we thought was going on in that birdhouse --- we always just called it “Mr. Owl” and never assumed there was a “Mrs. Owl”. Who knew major housekeeping and child rearing was going on in there???

402. Crab cakes. Sent as a gift to us from Maryland. Thank you, Jackie!

403. Learning deeper things about forgiveness. I’m so thankful for Craig’s blog over at Deep into Love: Just Corinthian Love. He has made me think and meditate, and pray -- and that’s a good thing. I need to go deeper.

404. That the Lord orchestrates things like this and brings others into the picture who say just the right things and push me a little further.

405. That my comfort zones aren’t comfortable anymore.

406. That “living victoriously” is an everyday, moment by moment thing. It’s seeing a mountain and deciding to climb it. It’s taking the first step and then another. It’s not that I fall down. It’s that I get up again. It’s going beyond what I thought I could do. It’s not giving up. It’s pressing on. It’s not being satisfied until I reach the top.

407. Buster flying through the yard like super dog in a cape trying to chase the vultures away. He means business. He’s on watch 24/7 at the window and let’s me know. . .

408. Hearing baby flycatchers in their birdhouse.

409. Apple pie!!!

410. Picking green beans every day this week. It’s those yard-long green beans. And they DO grow VERY long, believe me. Finally found something that likes to grow in Florida’s HOT weather!

411. A friend who looks me in the eye and asks, “Where is your heart now?” and causes me to think for days about where my heart is taking me.

412. Rain! We needed it so badly! I know that so many people are experiencing floods and the loss of everything in their lives right now. I feel guilty thanking God for rain. But it has been so dry here.

413. Pastor’s sermon this morning on Hebrews 12:1. I’ve always loved this verse so much. But it hit me today. The “laying aside the weights” thing. The things that hold me back. All week long I’ve struggled with whether “weights” are still there or gone. My resistance to an invitation and my backing up like a threatened dog gave me my answers. And this morning’s message was a confirmation that I need to revisit some things. Thank you, Pastor!

414. Sisters! Both of them. One close -- on far.

415. A surprise wedding as part of our evening service. The best service I’ve been to in ages!!!! A restoration, a re-marriage, a new beginning, and a church full of support, signed promises of prayers for them, and God’s presence. It was just toooo good!

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Monday, May 9, 2011

Week 10 of Counting God's Gifts

Isaiah 49:16 says, "Behold, I have graven thee upon the palms of [my] hands; thy walls [are] continually before me." About a week ago, someone reminded me of this verse and how he always thought of it when he saw initials carved within hearts on a tree trunk. I remember as a kid seeing them all over the place when we went camping in state forests or public camping grounds. Those initials were there forever -- or at least as long as the tree lived! The thought that MY name has been carved into the hands of Christ. . . well, it's just awesome! I'm a child of the King. I'm not sure anyone ever carved my initials into a tree, or into wet cement, etc. But knowing that my name is on His hand forever . . . that is my greatest gratitude of the week!!!
This is my 10th week of counting the blessings that the Lord sends my way. Every moment is loaded with them. I don't always see. Sometimes I don't write them down and I forget. And sometimes, my heart is just not right, I'm focussed on other stuff, and I miss them altogether. I've found that I'M the loser when that happens. The gift was given, and I missed it. It has been life-changing for me to write them down. I realize I am so blessed. My eyes have been opened. I have learned to trust more. And. . . through this community of people who are also counting their gratitudes, I have made many new friends. How great is THAT????!!!! You can find them all gathered here:

373. Chopping up the biggest zuchinni I’ve ever seen. I just had to have it. When my sister and I went picking, I discovered this HUGE one under a HUGE leaf. I know --- the seeds are big, skin is a little tough, but still ---- I wanted the biggest in the world. So today, I needed six cups of chopped zuchinni for the recipe. I cut this world class thing in half, cut out the seedy stuff, chopped up the rest, and still had more than six cups, and still had HALF the zuchinni left. Chickens are VERY happy pecking at those seeds!

374. Tasty, fresh cucumbers in my salad.

375. Finding tomatoes hanging on my plants --- those plants that came up in the compost amongst my green beans .

376. Watching a baby cardinal grow so fast ---- when he popped his head out of the nest today, he looked like ET. All beak and eyes!!!!

377. Early morning raking in the yard --- until the rake handle broke. Good excuse to quit.

378. Watching a wren take a “mud bath” as she rubbed her belly all through a freshly watered planter. Just too cute!

379. Stories. Stories of people’s lives, where they came from, how they became who they are today and why, how they met the Lord.

380. Looking into someone’s eyes, now knowing his “story” and him appreciating my thank you.

381. Listening to the stillness at dusk.

382. Hearing scary footsteps in the darkness shuffling through the leaves in the woods ---- only to see a gopher turtle heading across the yard.

383. Six perfect green peppers and some other kind of light green peppers --- picked, admired, cut up, and frozen.

384. Cutting up yellow squash and zuchinni and freezing it. We’ll see. If it’s too mushy, I’ll make a casserole. But I had to do something with it as I picked too many.

385. Having to cut the lower limbs off my sycamore tree. They were so heavy this year that they were dragging on the ground. NOT a good thing to get slapped with when riding on the mower. It gave me a good feeling to cut those branches --- it now looks like the perfect shade tree. All I need is a chair, a glass of ice tea, and a good book!

386. Blackberries gone. At least it made me smile, and that’s a good thing! Birds just running through those bushes and picking ALL the black ones! At first, I wanted to shoot them. But then I thought, they probably have little ones in their nests just waiting for dinner. So, okay!!! They went to good homes.

387. Left-over casserole for dinner. No cooking. No pots to scrub. No mess. No fuss. Just good eatin’!

388. Ice cold, juicy grapes. I love the way they just squirt sweetness in my mouth!!!!

389. The song of crickets at sunset.

390. Buster’s big, heavy sighs as sleeps on my feet.

391. News that a package I thought was lost finally reached its destination.

392. Knowing that The Potter will put me back on the wheel and remake me. . . Again and again and again. . . Until I am a vessel, fit for the Master’s use.

393. Simple suppers.

394. Already picking enough yard-long beans to eat and freeze. They grow like weeds!

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Monday, May 2, 2011

Gifts --- They Just Keep Coming. . .

I’m not one who takes risks. I don’t go near the edge of the nest. I don’t leave my comfort zones. In fact, I protect my comfort zones. I make them more comfortable. I make them harder to leave. But this week, the walls were penetrated. At least three times the Lord knocked on the door of my heart and asked me to do something. Nothing big. Nothing life threatening. Nothing that was costly. Not even a long term commitment. And I said no. Three times. And in my heart, I sat with Peter and heard the cock crow. And I knew that I knew nothing of Calvary love. It’s easy to say I will pray for someone or for a situation when nothing is required of me -- not even my presence. It’s easy to say I care when I don’t have to do something. And here, so soon after celebrating the Cross, a time when Christ poured out everything for me, and I wear a necklace that says “By Grace Alone,” I can’t extend a little grace to another???? I thought I knew that I knew. I thought I was better than that. But when put to the test, I didn’t hold up.

Grace! Yet again, He was there. “The LORD sustains all who fall and raises up all who are bowed down.” (from Psalm 145.14). Somewhere in that word, ALL, I found myself. Fallen. . . And being raised up. Arms that reach, and keep on reaching. . . All the way to ME.

And so I keep on counting. . . Because in spite of ME, He just keeps on giving. . .

335. Left over casserole from last night’s Church supper.

336. Green beans from last year’s garden. Still so good!

337. Glistening drops of rain as the sun was shining through them.

338. Rolling thunder in the distance.

339. Birds excitedly romping through wet leaves on the trees, taking showers, then shaking dry.

340. How all is quiet through the storm, then one bird announces the end with what sounds like an “all is clear” signal, and the songs start.

341. How rain seems to do such a better job at watering plants than all my watering can do.

342. Buster’s sleepy head on my feet --- always right there. I’m never out of his sight.

343. Shiny green peppers growing on my plants.

344. Hearing the song of the Whipoorwill late at night. Reminds me of childhood, camping, fireplaces, roasted marshmallows, sleeping in tents and hearing all the sounds of the night. In a few weeks, I’ll want to shoot the thing. I know he won’t shut up until fall.

345. Watching sycamore tree leaves dancing in a morning’s breezes. They are medium sized already. Hard to imagine they will hang on for about another six months through blazing sun, heat, storms wind. All is right for one fragile, insignificant leaf as long as it is securely attached to the tree. A lesson here for ME?

346. Buzzer announcing laundry is finished. For me, it’s the best invention of mankind --- automatic washing machines!

347. Choices! After watching the Hallmark movie about the teacher to homeless children, I am aware of how blessed I am. Just to have a CHOICE of what to have for dinner tonight. I know nothing of hunger when I say I am hungry.

348. Those who are doing something about it, the best they can, in small ways, making a difference one meal at a time.

349. Hearing about a local ministry feeding and clothing the homeless, and the generous outpouring of the community to help.

350. Cucumbers almost ready to pick.

351. Wild grape vines full of millions of little grape clusters. We had some grapes last year, but it looks like a bumper crop this year.

352. The smell of meat loaf cooking. Tonight will be good, tomorrow will be even better with meat loaf sandwiches.

353. Tuning in at just the right moment to watch the Decorah eagle bring in dinner for the family, followed by nest repair (moving a stick from here to there), dumping trash over the side, and seeing happy, full tummies settle in for a nap. They all make me nervous. Hearing the wind howl, seeing the nest swaying, babies getting too close to the edge, Momma not coming back to the nest for long periods, snow covering the babies and Momma, etc. ---- how in the world do they make it? But I cheer them on. And I feel all cozy and safe when I watch those little ones snuggle under her wings as she fluffs up the nest’s sides around her. I find myself humming, “Under His Wings I am safely abiding, when the night deepens and tempests are wild. Still I can trust Him, I know He will keep me. He has redeemed me and I am His child.”

354. A late supper visit from Mrs. Wren along with a beautiful song.

355. Discovering baby cardinals have hatched on my porch.

356. Streams of gold from a setting sun finding a pathway through thick leaves.

357. How God keeps working on me, even when I’m stubborn, stupid, and full of me.

358. How others encourage with insight, experience, and just the right words.

359. How glad I am that Romans 8:1 follows Romans 7.

360. A surprise package in the mail: a toy for Buster, seeds for my garden, a card of encouragement. . . . And three rusty nails. A long story. Something shared between friends. But those three nails mean everything to me -- Grace poured out til it reached even me! Thank you, Lea!

361. Picking cucumbers, zuchinni, yellow squash, swiss chard, and lettuce at the U-pick farm. It was such a beautiful, breezy day!

362. Sunflowers growing as big as trees! I’ve never seen such HUGE ones.

363. Bluebirds nesting in a watering can.

364. Listening to a calf hollering because the young farmer girl was late in bringing him his breakfast of sliced yellow squash.

365. Lunch out with my sister.

366. Fresh salad. REALLY fresh!

367. Watching momma cardinal feed three ----- mouths --- that’s all I could see --- wide open mouths came up together.

368. Poppa cardinal singing close by as momma did the feeding.

369. Scrubbies on sponges. What did we do before scrubbies???? I remember those curlie wire things with Comet cleanser. Give me green scrubbies any day!

370. Cleaning up the yard of fallen trees, limbs, leaves, vines, etc. Hard, sweaty work, but much needed. Thanks to brother-in-law who hauled, took down tree trunks, dumped, etc. Thanks to sis who do what sister’s do --- help pull, tug and sweat along side of you!

371. Wondering how I would move a heavy dresser and finding it had wheels on the bottom.

372. Being confronted with opportunities to serve and finding my comfort zones are too comfortable and the walls around them well fortified and protected. A time of soul searching for me, learning what love really is, what it is not, how it serves, how it moves OUT of comfort zones and takes risks.

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