Monday, May 30, 2011

Still Counting Towards 1,000

438. Beautiful lilac-tinted flowers on bean vines. I planted the asparagus beans so the vines would climb an archway. The flowers don’t last long, but they are so pretty while they are there.

439. Sunset. Driving down a long, straight road towards the west, the sun is HUGE and blazing red as it drops into the gulf. Just breath-taking!

440. Homemade patty melt on onion-rye bread from the bakery. Nothing better.

441. Sound of a hamburger sizzling in the frying pan. I don’t have them very often anymore. So I salivate along with Buster as it’s cooking.

442. Cucumbers that play hide-and-seek under big, protective leaves.

443. Lots of little chirpy babies being shown where the feeder is and how it “do it yourself.”

444. Young squirrel on the window ledge sitting on his haunches, holding his chest, in “shock and awe” as he realizes there are people on the other side of the glass.

445. Offering encouragement, but getting way more back in return.

446. Relieved to have my 3-month check up with the oncologist over and done with. All is well.

447. Leaving comfort zones can be hard, but once I tried my wings, I found I didn’t want to go back to the nest.

448. Moving on!

449. And finding I’m not alone in the journey.

450. And that the miracle of it all is that I WANT to move on. Is this how an eagle feels when it’s time to fly? Scared, but you want to --- and you just do it?

451. Open mike music night at a sister church. Such a blessing!

452. That so many in the audience had served in the military. An overwhelming sense of gratefulness came over me.

453. Reading others’ blogs and the stories of those who have served and sacrificed all for my freedom. Thank you! Because of their sacrifices, you have sacrificed much, also.

454. Encouragement in my email that just changed the course of my day!

You can join others who are finding thankfulness and gratitude in their everday moments here:


Christina said...

Love #445! neat how that happens isnt it? As always, your list makes me hungry:)

Joyfull said...

Loved reading your list of blessings! Encouraging and inspiring. Blessings to you!

Amy said...

Happy for you and a good check-up! I always enjoy the details of your list:)

Nancy said...

Cora--thank you for your kind words over at my place today. I am overwhelmed to know that there are people who've never met me or my son who are willing to pray. I have Inside Out on my bookshelf, having read it years ago. Maybe I'll pull it down again. Thank you for bearing witness to God's faithfulness in your life. He promises to bring to completion the good work He began--clinging to these words! Praise God for #446! Am celebrating similar joy with another brave survivor friend. Blessings.

Denise said...

Hello my friend........ I have been missing here for so long..... Hope you are well .........

I love reading your list and I am half way through the book you sent...

Have a blessed week my friend...

love ya!

Jennifer said...

I am so glad for your good news at your 3 month check-up-and glad that it is over. Praising with you this morning!

Kristin Bridgman said...

Praising over #446! And I loved reading #447-450. Can't wait to read about where your flight takes you:)

Megan said...

What do you do when you reach 1000? Do you start another 1000? I can't tell you how long it's been since I ate a pattie melt. Just the very thought made me want to run to town and order one at a local diner. -Megan-

Anonymous said...

Here's hoping this post finally gets through, hahah- I love hamburgers made fres at the butcher (beef chuck, ground twice:):)

Anonymous said...

Its me, Trina

dsblanchard said...

Dear Cora,

Your whole list thrills me to no end. I love the reports of good health, good food, good flights and good friends. My particular favorite, and you know why, was #443 because I have this bird fetish this spring! My babies aren't out of the nest yet, but I don't think it will be long. It appears they're eating every worm in my yard by the number of trips daddy bird makes back and forth, each time with his beak loaded with them!


Anonymous said...

What a great list. Thanks for sharing.

Miz Liz said...

Giving my own praise for your good checkup. Thank You, Father for staying close to my friend.

Lea said...

I'm still praising God for your good report! whoOhOoOo! Has Mr. Squirrel come back to visit or did meeting Buster change his mind? lol
A patty melt... sounds yummy! I remember in grade school they used to make those tuna melts on an english muffin in the cafeteria. Had tuna, cheese, a little celery and something else? It was so good. So what's on your patty?

Debra said...

Hi Cora-I had to read your previous post too-about your new pets. My geese hate them too, and the big ole birds get joy out of scaring them I think. The one in your photo does have sortof an evil eye look, ya know?

I do love reading your thankful list. Wish we could sit down for supper together-I like your kind of cookin'!
Love, Debra