Monday, June 6, 2011

So many Things to be Thankful For!

455. Still bringing in beans --- those long, asparagus beans. Vines are starting to thin out, so I may just get a second planting. They love HOT weather. Trouble is, I DON’T!

456. Mornings still cool enough to do some yard work without becoming buzzard bait.

457. A REALLY GREAT hot dog with saurkraut. Every once in a while, you just GOTTA give in to those cravings.

458. That God can change people, even old people, like ME.

459. That I would even WANT TO change.

460. That I would want to do it with accountability to a trusted few.

461. That He orchestrates it all, bringing other bloggers into the picture because they are sensitive to God’s direction and leading in what they say.

462. That keeping this list of blessings, gratitudes, and simple thank you’s has changed so much in my life:
I have seen light shining where there used to be only darkness, and guess Who was there? Makes me want to venture a little deeper and let Him shine the light on it.

463. That the title to my blog, Hidden Riches in Secret Places, is coming full circle back to me.

464. That when darkness veils His loving face, I can rest in His unchanging grace; Through every dark and stormy gale, my anchor holds within the veil.

465. That God can resurrect trust even when every shred of trust within me is dead. Thank you, Craig!

466. The sound of thunder in the distance. Rains coming? We need it sooooo badly!

467. Darkened skies. Rain is coming!

468. Hearing first drops hitting the leaves of my sycamore tree.

469. Gentle showers washing away dirt and dust, making all things new and beautiful again!

470. Walking through puddles. I’ve been a puddle splasher since grade school!

471. Watching birds who can’t get enough of puddle splashing either!

472. That God ALWAYS keeps His promises.

473. That sometimes I’m in the middle, that place between the making of the promise and the fulfillment.

474. That I can continue walking, knowing it will be --- maybe not today, but IT WILL BE!

475. That He is able to keep me from falling.

476. That He presents me faultless before the Throne of Grace! Faultless!!!!! ME!!!!!!

477. Reading “The Scent of Water: Grace for Every Kind of Broken” by Naomi Zacharias and feeling my gut being wrenched already, though I’m only in chapter 4.

478. That I’m finding I’m doing better with reading! I used to read everything I could put my hands on. Then found I couldn’t concentrate, couldn’t remember what I read, etc. Chemo brain???? I don’t know! It really bothered me for a while. Lately, the desire to read has been overwhelming, and I started again by just reading and rereading until “I got it!” Slowly but surely, it has come back again. Thank you, Lord!

479. Finding so many little, tiny eggplants on my plants. What to do????? I don’t like eggplant that much! They look like little Christmas ornaments perfectly placed on little trees. Maybe by the time I try a different recipe each time I bring them in, I’ll find SOMETHING that I like.

480. Hearing all the frogs “singing” at night and others singing back from far away. Add to the chorus, a whipoorwill, a rooster that doesn’t know it’s night time, and a mockingbird that hasn’t stopped singing for a month now, and . . . . Yes, God DOES give “songs in the night!” Kind of sounds like I live in a swamp. Swamp songs!

481. That I still have time to replant beans for a second crop. The question is, WILL I???? It’s REALLY HOT out there.. . .

482. That I have a brother-in-law who handles the “man tools” and saws and chops trees that fall across my driveway.

483. That nothing goes to waste, as birds pull away loose bark off of the fallen tree and find lunch ready and waiting for squawking babies.

484. That my sister, who seems to have gone over the edge in her determined efforts to get rid of the vultures, is winning the battle after all ---- BB guns, bobbing-headed plastic owls, garlands made of shiney silver and bright plastic ornaments hanging in trees, a good hosing now and then ------ I only saw one last night, and Buster did a good job is chasing that one off. I used to think the obsessions of older people were a hoot when I was younger --- like my father sitting in his lawn chair with a poker, waiting for the moles to come and then spearing them with shouts of victory. But my sister and I are there now. And there is something about being old and not letting a vulture get the best of you. It’s like your last stand in life, your claim to victory. So please bear with us, you younger ones who think I’ve lost it!

485. Spanish Rice! When was the last time you had Spanish Rice????? When I was a kid, this came in cans, ready made, and you just heated it up as a side dish. We had it all the time and I loved it. What happened to Spanish rice????? Another significant sign of old age ---- craving the foods of your youth! I made it from scratch, and I couldn’t get enough. You’d think it was the last meal I would ever get.

486. Sycamore leaves, now full sized, doing what they are made to do ---- make shade. Watching the breezes make these leaves dance, which make the shadows dance . . . And makes me smile. It’s been almost 3 years now since I nearly killed this tree. It’s planted close to my septic tank. Too close, but I don’t care. When I went through chemo treatments, I never gave it a thought that all that poison would go OUT of me, INTO the septic tank, and end up in my tree! I cried when I saw all those beautiful, perfect leaves turn brown and curl up. I wondered if it would come back the following year ---- I wondered if I would be back the following year!!!!! It did come back, more full and stronger than ever. And so did I.

Joining with so many others who find blessings in the most wonderful places. . .


Suzanne said...

Love your list! Very thoughtful!:)

nancy huggins said...

You do such a good job of putting what you are thankful for,,I am so thankful for many things but just don't know how to put it in words.
I bet if when you reach your goal of things to be thankful for that if you just printed it and stapled pages together with a front and back cover you could sell it..I think you are wasting a talent with all the writing you do and of course you know I have told you that many times. People would gladly pay to read many of the things you write..your poems...your verses etc etc.
Aren't you glad I am here to bug you about it and does that mean you are thankful for me :) :)
Could you please email me and let me know where you get your seeds for your long beans? I would like to give it a try AND we all still miss seeing you in the groups..Gayle wants some info from you about planting in containers..Hope to hear from you soon

Kristin Bridgman said...

Oh Cora, so many wonderful blessings! I also make homemade spanish rice and love it! And my next posting is going to be about a rooster that just didn't know when to quit. And I'm about to go out and mow in the heat...I hope I don't become buzzard bait!
You make me laugh:) That is one of my blessings I received today, thank you!

Christina said...

I LOVE all of your list! I can't even pick just one. I especially resonated with 473-476. Thanks for sharing!

Terri said...

Love your list today!

Garden Lady said...

What a great list.Love the sound of thunder in the distance, we also need rain badly. We some yesterday and we too just watched the birds carried on as they were playing in the puddles. My favorite #476...standing faultless before the throne of grace, what a glorious day that will be.

Lisa Maria said...

Cora, I love your list. Some of it I can relate to in my own reflections of what to be thankful for. Last week I wanted to post my children's favourite recipe for eggplant and I didn't.. I'll post it tomorrow..just for you :) Look out for it,I'll be linking it to Titus 2sdays over at Time Warp Wife. I'd be surprised if you didn't like it!

God Bless!

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Wonderful list....really makes you think about how blessed you are!

KathyB. said...

Now I am hungry for my Mom's Spanish Rice. I loved that dish and when she said that was for dinner I couldn't wait to eat. I even requested it for birthday dinners, that and Chop Suey.

This is such a heart-sweet post. Thank-you!

P.S. Spearing moles, my husband is going to have to try this, the moles are winning around our place.

Jennifer said...

Cora, I loved everything on your list. Truly! I like to imagine your garden from your descriptions. It sounds lovely. And your thoughts about the willingness to be changed and friends who come alongside to encourage - just beautiful. So glad you and the sycamore are here today, Cora!

dsblanchard said...

My dear, dear Cora,

I love kraut dogs, but rarely eat them because of the nitrates, but every once in awhile you just HAVE to. You're right. Love # 357 and # 461 is true for me, too. You are one of my sensitive "guiders'. I was reminded of Andree Seu's wonderful editorial in World magazine when you posted # 472 and # 473. Number 483 reminded me of thefisherlady who wrote about frogs today on her blog and I surely do love you circle of ladies. Then I came to # 485. Cora I can think of only one food I really don't like and that is Spanish rice. You were almost batting 1000 here, but this one would have to go for me. Ha!

You are a wonder. Accept this great big hug from me to you, O

Lea said...

457- saurkraut hotdogs... Oh my gosh that sounds fabulicious today!
461 divine orchestra...-- Positively divine!
476.. faultless! woohooo
The Scent of water... I saw her on tv talking about her book... now I"m more curious!
480.... I've been hearing a mocking bird singing up a storm in the night too.... I mean LOUD! I'ts awesome! Gotta love those whipporwills too though... Oh thank you Lord
484... Go get those buzzards girls! Wish I could borrow you "my" bb gun. It would do the trick.
I love Ya Cora... and I'm taking your email with me to the table this morning to ponder while in the word.
Thankyou for sharing with me!
Holykisses xoxo

Kathleen From Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Love it all and I totally just have to have a hot dog with sourkraut now and then! blessings,Kathleen

Beemoosie said...

Wonderful, like you, Miss Cora!

Craig said...

Cora, your thank, you's with your added reasons for why you choose each thank you – well – you're getting just about as wordy with them as I am – maybe even more :-) I heart reading them! And so which one to pick as my favorite this week? It has to be the vulture one. Such an epic battle! And you're gaining the upper hand! Yay for you and your sis! Boo for the vultures. God bless you Cora.

Farmhouse Blessings said...

#486 - You you have! And you amaze me.