Monday, June 13, 2011

My Gratitude - Week #16

487. Hearing God’s Word preached and knowing in my heart it came straight from God.

488. Having the resources to dig deeper into the questions that were raised in my heart in response to this preaching.

489. Sharing this with friend.

490. Friends who encourage me to share my heart without feeling intimidated.

491. Knowing that God is NEVER intimidated by what I say --- He already knew it anyways.

492. Hours of talk with my sister. It’s amazing how there is “talk” and then there is “REALLY talk.”

493. The aroma of a pot of baby limas cooking with tons of carrots and little pieces of ham.

495. A friend who lost her job with the school system because of state job cuts, but was called back 2 days later. We were all praying she would find another job soon. Who knew the Lord would reopen the same job???

496. The internet. What did we do before this??? Chuck full of information, answers, encouragement --- to say nothing of the friends and mentors and teachers we meet here.

497. Little red cherry tomatoes hiding among other plants. I let those wild tomato plants grow. Do I remember correctly these kind of plants are called “Free Will tomatoes?” They did really well, much better than when I planted the plants last year and babied them so much. Buster loves them and eats them right off the plants.

498. Momma cardinal feeding her baby at the feeder.

499. Fresh eggs.

500. Laying my hand gently on Buster when he has his nightmares and hearing him heave a big sigh and relax again. Whatever it is, he’s had these heartbreaking dreams since puppy hood and it’s pathetic to listing to him cry like that.

501. Cold ice tea on a VERY HOT day.

502. For struggles that seem to have no answers except to make me think and grow stronger.

503. For questions that make me dig for answers.

504. For answers that bring up more questions.

Joining with Ann VonKamp and a multitude of others who are counting their gifts in everyday moments. . .


Kristin Bridgman said...

Poor Buster! I'm already praying for one to have peaceful sleep, I will add Buster to the prayer list! He is blessed to have you to pat his head and make him feel better:)
And I'm getting the picture that you are a wonderful cook. I just bet your kitchen smells wonderful all the time!
It's good to "see" you again,
Blessings to you

Amy said...

Enjoyed reading them all--especially the cold iced tea one, which is what I'm drinking now:)

Paula said...

So beautiful, Miss Cora! And I'm right there with ya on the ice cold sweet tea! *YUMMY*

Dani said...

Cora..I've tried to email you several times but it always comes back saying no such address..did you change it?
to put the fabric from the patterns..I just print the pattern out using bold black ink and then lay the fabric over it..the pattern shows through..I also tape the pattern on our window and then the fabric over it...that works too..I just use a #2 pencil for transfer as it washed out easily after the stitching...

Lea said...

491. Knowing that God is NEVER intimidated by what I say --- He already knew it anyways. Isn't that the coolest? It feels so good to have the King of the Universe to just be real with.
Is Buster turning into a vegetarian or what? A dog that eats his veggies. That's just weird. Thats why I love him so much. The dog has exquisite taste! Nothin like a red tomato. I feel bad that he has nightmares. Poor lil thing. Your beans sound yummy. You gotta share your recipe.
I'm so glad that you heard from God at church. I did too! We gotta compare notes soon; our dots always connect alot. Much love my dear Cora! eagle wings! How is the Honey Hebrew book?

Lisa Maria said...

Hi Cora, I love hearing about your garden. Someday I hope to have one again.. but MY dogs aren't lovers of plants they tend to dig them up. I'm with you on 502-504, I rest secure in the knowledge that His plan is far greater than I could ever dream of.

God Bless!

dsblanchard said...

Dear Cora,

What I really really really like on your blog is the Show Original Post button. When you list your blessings I always want to refer to them and I can with this very convenient!

You are almost half way to 1000. I'm still in the 100's. Does that make you 4 times as blessed? I hope so, My Friend. Anyway, I love # 492. I have two sisters and I know what you mean. I also know what this means when I communicate with God. There are times when I know beyond a shadow of a doubt He's spoken to me because it cuts to the heart of the matter. At other times it's not so a call- across-the-yard greeting. I think the "hours" part has a lot to do with it. Intimacy requires time and focus.

I loved # 498. You are watching your mama cardinal feed her young at your feeder! How wonderful! And, last, but not least, # 500, right in the middle of your list to 1000 gifts is your healing hand on your troubled dog, Buster. How appropriate that that particular gift would be at the center. Your reaching out to comfort one of God's creatures is so very you.

Because of # 496,

Garden Lady said...

#497 we call them "volunteers", I have a couple of those myself plus a cucumber or melon can't really figure it out yet. As always I love your gratitude list

tinuviel said...

You have come to mind frequently this last week, and I realized I hadn't noticed your name on Ann's linky list at the time I linked up. Just came by to check on you. May you find God's truth answers to your searching questions.

Your item about REALLY talking with your sister made me smile; I myself have two sisters. Buster is so blessed to have you minister to his fears. May the Lord grant him good dreams tonight.

nancy huggins said...

I am thankful for Buster having you there for him..we never know what our fur babies life was like before they cam by us and there forever home. I have to stay up all night with Annie when it is thundering and lightening and sit in my recliner and hold her while she is shaking. I am now thankful that we finally have venetian blinds up on every window in T V room so she can't see the lightening out there...she also likes to go in the bathroom but it is really hard to sit on toilet with lid down while it is pouring rain for hours.
Give my buddy a big hug for me :)