Monday, September 2, 2013

A Labor Day Wish

May your day be full of hopeful sunrises and thankful sunsets. May you see the sun rise on new tomorrows and days full of colorful falling leaves, cool breezes, the sound of acorns hitting the tin roof on the shed, and squirrels collecting them and hiding their treasures for later winter munching. May you find one yourself, plant it deep in some rich dirt, water it with the faith that believes and hopes in tomorrow’s oak trees and God’s promises and miracles. May you watch your orange and yellow and pink, vibrant sunsets with a thankful heart for all that summer leaves behind you --- the scent of flowers, the sounds of singing birds, the fresh mowed grass, births, growths, and the creations of an artful heart! Thank Him for lessons learned on dark days, gifts received on bright days, tears shed on sad days, smiles shared on happy days. May you always remember that all are gifts, all are from His hands, all freely given . . .to YOU!