Saturday, November 10, 2007

When You Almost Give Up!

I just about gave up on Buster this week. And I felt so badly, I couldn't even write about it. Monday was the training class, and he did so poorly that I was embarrassed to even be there. He seemed to be so irritated with his Gentle Leader collar and the trainer checked the fit at least 3 times to see what was so distracting to Buster. He would NOT follow any commands at all. Some of the other dogs were also having problems. But, she had warned us in the beginning that by week 3 or 4 we would see our dogs hit "plateaus" as they bucked the whole training thing and we would feel like we were back at week 1. Buster and I were there.

I came home feeling those tears buring in the back of my eyes -- wondering if I could really keep Buster the way he was. Sometimes he seems almost dangerous as he is now over 70 lbs of uncontrolled wild beast coming at me. And when I see him running into Patsy (who can hardly walk now because of arthritis), I wonder if it is wise to have him here at all. But my heart loves him.

And love always finds a way, doesn't it?!!!! All week long, I have walked and walked and walked, and yes, I think we have broken through the wall and found our way to a more obedient dog. He is listening better, seems to be atuned more to what pleases me, and is following the basic commands on the leash so much better. We have a few more weeks of school left, so we will see if we pass!!!!


nancy huggins said...

Cora...I truly enjoyed your blog. I am honored to know you and have you as my friend. You have got to be one of the most caring (and helpful) people that I have ever met. You are not only beautiful on the outside but you are also very beautiful on the inside. Makes me wonder where I would be and how many struggles I would be having right now if I had never met you. I may have even given up by now without your help and caring. I guess I can be annoying sometimes when I bug you with my dumb questions...but then maybe I help keep your brain at full speed.
I truly love you Cora...from the bottom of my heart. You were one of Godsgifts to me.

Juri said...

Sitting on my front porch and watching Cora walk Buster away from me was actually a heartwarming experience! He never looked back at me, my husband, or my two dogs...was totally "into" the commands Cora was giving him. He did, indeed, turn a corner and I, for one, am as thrilled as you are, Cor! Before you know it, you will be equal to the Dog Whisperer in training skills and I will need to hire you to teach my dogs a thing or two!!!


nancy huggins said...

Like Juri said Cora...Try and hang in there a little longer...I'm sure Buster wants to just please you and is not sure how. Just like kids...They go through stages and embarassed me quite often. I wish I would have put a collar on some of them and took them to bad boy school.
Bianca gets a little crazy sometimes but it is just her way of showing us she loves us. She used to nibble on Billys hand a lot and did get excited and break the skin a few times. He just kept telling her that she was hurting him and she finally caught on. Keep up the good work Cora and maybe someday you can have training classes in your yard and tell about your experiences with Buster and let them know there is always hope.
I have never in my life met anyone that could overcome all the things you have and I think one day you will look back and say...Nancy and juri were right..I could do it...and I did :)
Love to Buster :)