Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Update on Buster (and ME!)

Could it possibly be that Buster is finally getting the message????
I couldn't believe it when I told him we were "going to school" that he got so excited and started looking for his collar and leash! He remembered from last week. After a few days of wondering if we would be together much longer, Buster went through the paces of heel, sit, down, stay, etc., just perfectly in the driveway. We walked round and round and round until my feet gave out. But I wondered how he would do in the class!

He was so excited to go in that door. His attitude was different from other weeks -- and it showed as he wanted so much to play with all the other dogs. His attention had shifted from ME to the dogs! So had all the others, so it was a little harder to keep his attention on the commands, etc.

But wouldn't you know, Buster could have won the "most improved since last week" award if they had given those out! Not hard to win, since last week was just a big disaster. I was proud of him, to say the least. I stayed after class and got a few extra pointers on Buster's personal home behavior which I am sure will help A LOT!

As much as I have said that I need to get rid of Buster and that he is not the dog for this household, somehow he has embedded himself so deep into my heart that I know I could never let him go. I think I have vowed to myself that this is one time in my life that I am NOT giving up on something (or someone!) and I will see it through.

I am so thankful for the encouragement and personal help I've received from these trainers! I truly believe God has led me there because without them, I think I would be without Buster, my heart would be breaking ---- and so would his!

And so we begin a new week together. There is nothing more uplifting to your heart and spirit than HOPE!


Anonymous said...

I am soooo happy to hear about the good news on Buster. Isn't it funny how they know when they have pushed you to your limit?
Looking back I wish I would have taken Bianca to bad dog school. She doesn't do anything wrong but she is such a spaz and won't listen some times. Annie is the kind of dog that acts like she went to school and was at the head of the class.
I'm sure you will still have your up's and down's with Buster...but looks like he is there to stay.
It made my day to hear the good news about Buster because I know if would have broke your heart and his too if you 2 had to seperate.
Cheers and cudos to Buster

Daniv said...

so glad to hear how he is improving..good dog..patting him on the head...good boy....