Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Love Conquers All!

I just can't help it! I look into Buster's eyes, and he looks back at me. . .and we both know he's here to stay. . .no matter what! I tried so hard this week with him. We spent hours and hours walking, heeling, sit, stay, come, lay down, etc., etc. And he was doing so well. . .so I thought! Last night was obedience class, and it was a disaster from the moment we got there. He was way to happy to see his friends, way to happy to be playing and watching everyone else.

There they were, all the prissy, obedient dogs walking like they were in a first class show. And Buster???? No way was HE going to act like THAT! He barked, bucked, and did nothing -- absolutely nothing -- right. So in the end conclusion, it was all a failure, because I had not taught my dog to do something on command -- Buster only did it when he felt like it.

I left the class knowing I would not be back next week, and it made me feel so ashamed, embarrassed, and like a failure. Next week is the final test and I know we are no where near testing -- we aren't even past square one!

But still, I look at Buster, and Buster looks at me. . .and I sigh and wonder can I just love him the way he is? Is there a half way meeting point where we can live together in harmony? I love him dearly and he knows it. And I see in his eyes his love and devotion to me. Maybe somewhere in all of that, we will find peace and a way to live together that is agreeable to both.

I won't give up on the training. I need him to be able to walk on a leash as he is too big and strong to be pulling me down the street. But for now, I need to ease up on the tension this has put me under.

And so, we failed the class -- two losers who love each other but can't seem to find a way to peace between us. Maybe some day when Buster is old and more sedate, I'll look back on all this fuss and wonder why I took it all so seriously! Who really cares if he ate a loaf of rye bread last night????


Kimmie said...

My Dear Cora,

By no means are you and Buster losers! Quite the opposite in my opinion. Losers, quit, give up. You are going to keep working with him until he gets it. So he looked at the class as more of a Social time than a learning time. He is just a baby no matter how big he is. You said yourself that he does know the commands. It seems to me in class he is just to excited to see his friends to be able to think or concentrate. When you are one on one he has the ability to hear what you are asking of him. So, keep on training him...he will get it. He is just a needier dog than most. He wants all of your attention. Set bounderies and don't budge. Sooner or later he will give up and lay down. Just stand your ground and be consistant. Perserverence pays off!

So he ate a loaf of bread, my sisters lab used to steal the bread off the counter all the time. He isn't being bad, he likes bread! LOL!

Cora, don't look at you and Buster in a negative way. You will come to a peaceful place in time and he will grow old with you. You will look back and reminise about all the "stuff" you two went through.

You are my hero, you are sticking with what you started. You got that little guy for a reason, he is yours to see through all of this, you are his mother. He needs you to teach him how to be a good dog. All he wants in life is to please you. It is a proven fact that dogs live to please.

So give that big old snout of his a kiss and hug him around the neck and whisper in his ear that you will never leave him, no matter what. Then see what tomorrow brings. You never know. That dog whisperer has some kind of secret. Maybe its the softness of his voice in the ears of these dogs that does the trick. Its worth giving it a shot. Maybe he is overstimulated and that is causing his anxiety and naughty behavior.

Love to you both.


Juri said...

Ahh, what a heartfelt blog...poor Cor and poor Buster! Sister dearest, did you ever think that perhaps you picked a dog with your personality? Could you sit all prissy and do everything someone told you to do the moment they told you how to do it? Goodness, you and I hate the restriction of making an appointment and keeping it!!! I think Kimmie is absolutely right on with her comment. And remember, when all else fails, what you kept telling me when I was going through my "bad puppy stage"..."Don't worry, Jur, Labs always calm down by the time they are two years old" (of course, I think I wanted to throw my cup of coffee at you with that comment, as the puppy was only 6 months old and I could not imagine another year-and-a-half of such behavior).

Love ya,


nancy huggins said...

Now that is really funny Cora..RYE BREAD LOL LOL
I have never heard of a Dog eating Rye Bread.
Like Kimmie said (and juri) You are far from being a are the kindest person I have ever met. Always willing to help me out when I need matter how busy you are, and I do appreciate it more than you will ever know.
You bring Sunshine into my life every day...just your short notes mean a lot to me. I am sure (like you told juri) that Buster will come around soon. You have more patience than even you know. Maybe God planned for you to have Buster because no one else would ever put up with his antics and maybe be mean to him. I always tell Billy that I wonder what kind of life my Girls would have had if they didn't come to is a spaz..and the other has epilepsy (or however you spell it)
I wonder if they would have been loved as much as we love them.
They say a Dog will love his Master no matter how bad he is treated. To bad there aren't more humans like that huh?
You just keep letting us know how Buster is doing..we will share your laughter and your sorrow and rejoice with you when he finally grown up to be a Big Boy :)
I know it is hard now...but you never know if some day Buster might just save your life :)
Keep on trying Cora and whatever you do decide ...I am behind you 100%.
((((HUGS to Buster)))))

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

... on the bright side, he is sooooo cute!