Friday, October 26, 2007

Beautiful Again!

Sometimes all it takes is a friend. Someone who looks you in the eyes, sees beyond the tears, and knows what is in your heart. I know -- I've had friends like that. They don't claim to
understand. Nor do they try to fix everything. They know that sometimes there are no answers -- they don't even know what the question is! But they love you, they hug you, and they lift you up with a prayer. Some people pray, but a few of those people KNOW the God who hears their prayers and KNOW that He cares, understands and has our best interests at heart.
Patti, today this is for you!

Beautiful Again
I wish I could say I understand. . .
I don't.
You shared so much. . .
You hurt so much. . .
Yet, I never climbed the mountains you are climbing,
I never walked in the shadows of your valley,
I never carried the burdens of your heart.
But somehow, somewhere deep inside,
I know you touched me. . .
And I knew I cared.
I may never have the answers you need to hear -
I may never even have words. . .
But I have a special Friend,
One who understands,
Who listens,
Who cares. . .
And I promise that when I share with Him
My problems,
My pains,
My cares,
I will ask Him to pick up all that seems to be
The broken pieces of my dreams.
And in His perfect time,
I know He will make
All things beautiful again.
I know He will. . .
. . .He did for me!

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