Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I need a Man!

I came to the conclusion yesterday that I need a husband. All my life I prided myself in the fact that a single woman could do anything (well, maybe just about anything, as I CAN't fix the car!). My sisters are so spoiled, and I remind them of that whenever they yell for their husbands to come and do something for them.

But yesterday, I faced the fact that I needed one of those things called a husband. You see, I was in Walmart. I pushed my cart to the Garden Center and thought while I was there, I would put a few bags of dirt in the back of the car. No use coming home with an empty back when I still needed to fill some pots. I didn't see the usual check out counter there by the exit, so I asked the guy working there by the dirt bags, "How do you do the dirt thing?" In a very crabby voice, he said, "You put the dirt in your cart and to to the check out, Mam!!!!" And he turned away and never offered to help me lift those suckers or put them in my car for me. For the very first time in my life, I wanted to call him something very nasty. I walked away feeling horrible with myself for feeling that way, mad because I had no dirt (there was no way I could lift those bags into a grocery cart and then lift them out into the car), and I sort of felt old and disabled to some degree. I just couldn't believe that this guy wouldn't help me!!!! So no dirt yesterday!

I did go to one of those "preppie" you-pick farms on Saturday and bought a grocery bag full of chicken poop. Can you believe $5.00 for a shovel full of poop????? It would be worth raising chickens just for that!!!!!! But, we wanted it so we got it!
At first, it was going to be poop tea bags to make the manure tea. But then, the whole bag got wrapped into an old tee shirt and sunk into a big bucket of water to soak and steep for a while. Last night I got a sprinking can full of that smelly stuff and gave my plants a good, healthy swig of that "gold" and said goodnight to them all. I wonder if they will all be dead this morning?????

My zucchinni squash plants are all blooming profusely. Since I have seen no bees at all, I took a Q-tip and tried the self-pollinating thing. Went around twice to each flower, hoping there were male and female flowers in the bunch and that each got pollinated right. I'll have to do it again today, as there are more flowers opening.

Today. . . . I guess I go back to Lowes for my dirt. And then I'm done til fall.


Debra said...

Hi Cora! I was delighted to find your comments-so good to hear from you!!!

I would say the guy at Walmart was the dirt bag. He should have been reported...I get very tired of nasty people whose job it is to serve me or answer a simple question-and you-the one who is sortof paying for them to have a job-are the one to suffer their stupid bad moods or plain inconsiderate non-helpfulness! There! I got my rant out on that one!! I don't feel at all ranty-but that made me so mad-the guy wouldn't even help you!! Ugggggh!!!
Sorry if I put a bad mood on your post-forgive me!!!!
Love, Debra

basketsbyrose said...

Write a letter to Walmart and tell them about this guy. If they would like customers to come back, offer some help. I have also found that Lowe's was not better. Good luck getting your dirt.

Deborah said...

Hi Cora! Enjoy your gardening....I'm still waiting for spring!

Patty Sumner said...

WalMart is one of those places that has workers standing around everywhere, but no one is willing to work. Lowes does seem to be much better at lending a helping hand. Hope you get your dirt and your man! lol

God's Blessings!

Nancy M. said...

Sorry he didn't want to help you. That wasn't very nice. I am spoiled like your sisters, in that I call for my hubby way too much! I told him that's why I married him, lol!

Dani said...

sorry that Walmart guy wasn't too sharp..I am with Debra..he should be glad to see you posting again, Cora...I've missed you....
we just planted our summer squash, is Florida ahead of us? we've had alot of cooler weather and rain fact, as I type this, its raining again....odd for California, its past our normal rainy season...
I haven't seen those grow bags at all...interesting..we are using the upside down ones

Farm Chick Paula said...

Oh Cora- it's so good to see you post again! I've missed you!
Now about this man thing... *LOL*
We don't even have our garden out yet- still waiting until the threat of frost is gone... I'm tired of planting early and having to do it all over again!

Lea said...

Miss Cora!
Can't believe the man wouldn't help you load your dirt. arggg.
A couple weeks ago, I went to walmart and walked around the garden stuff out in the parkin lot. An older lady was trying to load her dirt in her vehicle so I offered to help her. She let me and tried to help me carry the bags. I told her I could manage them but asked her if she'd carry my purse. lol SHE DID with a funny look on her face. When done she asked if I needed to see her ticket, I told her I dont even work there. lol As I walked to the doors of the store I looked up and saw all those movie cameras and alls I could think was LORD HAVE MERCY, I hope she really did pay for all that coz I just helped her load her car. haha Guess she did coz no one came after me. lol

Ruthie said...

Your posts are always so interesting. Hope you finally get the job done. :)
Happy Summer.

nancy huggins said...

What a nice surprize when I decided to check out your blog again today..I have always LOVED to read your blogs (and remember when you scolded me for not posting for a long time ..think it was over 2 years ago) :)
I am going to put you on my blog roll so I can see everytime you post:)
I LOVE Buster but looking at his sad face for almost 3 months made me feel sorry for him. Tell him I didn't forget his BD...One day he will just get a surprize in the mail.
Off to do some sewing so I can list some more in my blog...still owe vet $500.00 and now it will cost us $80.00 a month just for Heartworm protection for all 4 doggies.
You did give me some good ideas in your last 2 posts for planting..Thanks Bunches :)ormodgmo

Farmhouse Blessings said...

I've just loved reading about your garden. I never thought about pollinating the plants myself. What a wonderful idea!

We just watched a wonderful film called "From Poop to Profit" and I can believe that scoop of poop cost $5.00. There's a lot of money in crap! LOL

Hope you find someone nice to help you with the soil next time.