Monday, May 21, 2012

Still Counting my Blessings!

661. A short visit with a Rose-breasted Grosbeak. I’m sure my feeder was just a short stop for refueling on his trip back to his northern summer home. If you are waiting for one to come back, he’s on his way!

662. Searching for a “roadmap” of sorts or a plan to begin a home group study and it all coming together in the dark hours of a sleepless night.

663. A much needed shower in the morning hours.

664. Watching the heavy, wet branches of my sycamore tree bend low as they are washed clean.

665. Hugh leaves --- big enough to be the perfect umbrella for a titmouse caught in the rain.

666. How all the leaves glisten in the sunlight after the rain.

667. Watching a group of turkey vultures all land together on the limb of a dead tree, and that limb cracking and falling under their weight. I don’t often laugh out loud, but this just cracked me up to see them all squawking and flapping and looking under their feet as their perch crashed to the ground.

668. Stressing over a mother cat as she tried to get her kittens to cross a busy road. I can’t stand to watch, but I always do. I don’t understand the process --- as these kittens get old enough, Momma takes them on this long journey to --- who knows where --- and just when I think they are gone and lost for good, they all come back, starving, wild, scared and skinny. This group made it between the cars across the road and decided to rest under my car.

669. My Ninja blender/ice crusher. I am on a mission to make my own iced coffees and smoothies.

670. Two angels who took time out of their own schedules to mow and weed wack my lawn. Thank you Jarred and Daniel!

671. A car that will not die. It just keeps going, and going, and going. . . .!!!

672. A beautiful, delicious dinner prepared by special friends.

673. Comforting a friend who begins her jouney with breast cancer, hearing the courage and faith in her voice, glad I could be a living witness to what God can do in the worst-case scenerios!

674. Finding strength and support from friends when eating right and dieting are NOT what I want to do.

675. Sticking to it and shopping right, inspired by new recipes.

676. My washing machine. How did I get so much laundry for just 2 people? I can’t imagine taking it all down to a river and washing it all on a stone. . . .!!!!

677. Digging my way through a Bible Study on the Women of the Old Testament and wondering if I could really teach a group of young women. . .???!!!!

678. My “gal” all excited about me thinking about teaching and opening her home for this to happen!

679. Adding a new food to my diet, Quinoa, and loving it! A grain full of protein and tastes delicious!

680. Eating lunch out with a friend, enjoying fellowship together, as well as good food.

681. Realizing Buster is well aware of wardrobe and puts together what will happen when I wear certain things. Like. . . Old yellow Crocs are ok as I stay home when I wear those. Black crocks are nerve wracking. . . I’m going out, probably shopping which means treats, but I’m gone -- not good. . . Good black shoes, nice blouse and makeup mean I’m going to be gone for a while -- reason to pout! Nothing in it for Buster.

682. Flycatchers teaching their young ones in the birdhouse their song. I don’t think they are allowed to come out until they have it right.

683. Fresh eggs from my sister’s chickens.

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Dee said...

Your blessing are becoming a blessing...I enjoy reading them and they help me to keep a focus on my own blessings that are everywhere around me.I can relate to that spring is here turtles are trying to cross busy roads as are the mommy and daddy ducks and geese with their baby's. :-/

Judith C Evans said...

I love quinoa! Sounds like you're eating well! Have a wonderful week.

Debra said...

Loved the vulture thankful--made my day!

Andrea Dawn said...

Always enjoy the thank-you's you offer up. Laughing with you over the turkey vultures loosing their perch.

Vicky said...

Ahhh, your list is always so full of comfort, joy and good living! Yes you could teach a bible study!! I think you'd be brilliant and I love that this new opportunity is coming your way because you are so open to new things! Quinoa is in my cupboard too! Blessings to you Cora- thankful for the blessing you are to me!

Paula said...

Cora, this was wonderful, but you had me giggling at 681- Buster and your wardrobe. That cracks me up to no end because Lily is the same way... skirt means church and that means several hours alone, and boy does she ever get sad. (Well she puts on a sad face, deep down she may be thinking "YAY! I get the remote all to myself!" *haha*)

Tiffany said...

Oh Cora - I just loved reading your list today! So many wonderful things to be thankful for, to count as a gift!! From the things God creates to the things man creates, they are all gifts!

And you, you are a gift too!

Blessing you and your journey with the bible study!


Jedidja said...

Cora, I love your blessings. The things of all day are so special for me because its our God whon gives them to me and you.

I like blessing number: 666, 683!

Jerralea said...

I enjoyed your list of blessings. I see we have a lot in common, including that I'm trying to start making my own iced coffees. I have a new recipe to try right now!

Have an awesome week and continue to make good eating choices!

Kristin Bridgman said...

You always make me smile:) I understand the Buster one. . .my grandmother did not leave the house much, but when she did, it was the only time she wore lipstick. Everytime she took that tube out her dog would go hug the front door and whine like a baby.
They are so funny!

Lori said...

Cora, I'm so glad you found my blog because I really enjoy reading yours also. Your my kind of gal! Reading this post makes me regret that I chose not to share my gift list. I guess it's not too late. Your list of blessings says so much about you. Love your heart for God, His Work and His people.

Thank you for your comments and continued compliments about my blog design. I'm in this blog class right now and my design is way over the top compared to most of the ones I've looked at. You make me feel better about it!

Farmhouse Blessings said...

Made me feel peaceful - thank you!

Tammy@Simple Southern Happiness said...

Hey sweetness, I am sorry to be out of touch but as you can see I have been busy. I AM overjoyed with your progress and am dancin' for you, not good when you are trying to type though... OUTSTANDING weight loss and to have thyroid issues along with your other setbacks.. It can be done can't it... we just have to work on what works best for us and find that special way of doing it. BUT the big thing is wanting to do it first. We have to have the motivation and you seem to have GOT IT. Finally I did.

I loved reading your comment and praise GOD you have battled several demons and have conquered them with the lords help and knowledge you have sought out by reading and searching for a better way to live. Keeping GOD first and living for him is key to salvation and watching what we put in our mouths will keep our temple healthy.

YES, sugar... its bad and to find it in many forms is scary. Hidden in starches and it takes a lab physician just to be able to decipher the product label.

BIG hugs to you and I will be back soon...

YES, we have so much to be thankful for....

GOD BLESS YOU and YOURS and talk soon.

dsblanchard said...

Dear Cora,

I could comment on each and every gratitude here. They are so wonderfully rich. My favorite, though, is Buster and the wardrobe, especially the last jab

black shoes, good clothes means mom is going out for awhile and there's nothing in it for Buster

cracked me up!

Cherie told the story of going to her husband's aunt's 87th birthday party and no oxygen tanks could be near the candled cake. As a nurse, she was freaked out by all the cyanotic fingers and dusky faces at the party. I was weeping with laughter as she told the story with a deadpan expression. Your comments about Buster were right up there.

Love you,

Craig said...

my favorite was #681 – the one about Buster knowing what's about to happen by what you wear. Laska the Love Kitty does the same thing. The only time I hear the long sustained "owtside" meows are when it's getting late in the day – and I begin to put on socks and walking shoes – and it gets especially loud as I put on the walking shoes in front of the door. I meow back of course – it's like a game. Who knew that dogs were that smart too? :) oh, and by the way – the bird sounds at the beginning – they drove Laska a little bit crazy – thankfully it wasn't the vultures – or he might now be under the bed. God bless and keep you my friend!

Lea said...

Haha turkeybuzzards! I laughed outloud too Cora as you described it. I remember the love/ahemHATE relationship you have with them. heehee
I have to ask: WHAT is Momcat thinking? I mean egads! Now I'm fretting over them.
I've never heard of quinoa and wonder how you eat it? What's it taste like?
Loved reading your list of blessings Cora and did I read right.. you may be starting to teach a class? Oh I wish I could sit in!
Send Buster our love.