Thursday, April 4, 2013

Update on Paper making

I'm obsessed! Not a day has gone by where I haven't made at least one sheet of paper, and I love how every one has turned out. Usually, I'm a "neutral" kind of person, staying with the earth tones, tans, off white, ivory, etc. But now???? I'm all for COLOR, sparkles, specks, patterns, textures, etc. It's like a new ME has emerged!!! Nothing is safe in my kitchen, my garbage, my mailbox, etc.

My first experimental venture was with strawberries. My sister had some left that were turning a little dark and mushy, so I dumped them in the blender with my paper scraps. Just the color of that blended mix of pulp looked like some delicious homemade ice cream. I followed all the steps of making the paper, but I couldn't wait for it to dry, so I ironed it dry. It's still sitting here in one piece ---- I can't even bear to cut it up. In fact, I haven't done a single project with my papers yet. They are too pretty to cut them. I have all these dies for my Accucut and Sizzix machine and I can't make up my mind what to do, so I just look at them.(The blobs of white in the photo are actually little sparkles I threw in with the pulp!)

Yesterday, my sister gave me one of her beautiful, sparkly, blue sheets and asked me to cut some bookmarks for her. I cut her four. I had the perfect blue ribbon yarn with a glittery weave through it, so did the tassels out of that. She was so thrilled and proceeded to make flowers for them and decorate them up. She is soooooooo hooked!

After the strawberry success, I branched out and made paper out of oatmeal, rose petals, and even used my carrot peelings to make the most beautiful pumpkin colored paper.(no pictures yet ---- it isn't dry!)

I also tried my hand at paper casting, as I had a few of those Brown Bag cookie molds hidden away. It took a while to find them, but it was worth the effort. Paper Alice (video in the last post) has these neat molds for paper casting, and my sister has three of those. They turned out fantastic. I'm in love with my angel castings and can't wait to do more.

I have a collection of antique butter molds, and they have the most unique carvings in them. I got brave and did a paper casting of one with acorns, leaves and wheat. I couldn't believe it turned out!!!!! Now I want to do them all.

So here I am, like a third grader playing with paper scraps, a blender, and a bucket of water!!!!! I have to get a card made and something DONE to show you how beautiful it really looks. I know some of you are trying this, making handmade journals, cards, and artsy stuff, and I can't wait to see your projects! Let me know if you post about your papermaking!!!!!


Debra said...

Hello dear~
Wow-You are inspiring me like crazy!!!! Now I want to try the molds! On my artsy blog, I did a step by step for making paper with DIY materials-and mentioned your name....can't wait to try strawberries! I have not cut my paper yet either, although the 3 sheets I've made are a little bit not so pretty of a color-oh well-it still is so much FUN!

Dee said...

Cool...looks like fun and so many ways to create...have fun experimenting...hopefully you will show us more :)

Lea said...

I agree with Debra....... you are definitely getting all our juices flowin! Oh girl... I just love love love your pink paper! Berrylicious! It would be hard to cut... and the angel castings? SO cool! My favorite though is the thought of using your ANTIQUE butter molds!!! Remember how we've talked before about ... things (crafts.. art stuff) that we've done in the past?.... I'm seeing today how God uses those things to forward us on you know? It's like for a moment we can see this progression into the next... and it is SO DADGUM EXCITING! Okay.. I wanna see a card... and HOPE you show something with those antique molds! yeehaaaa!

living from glory to glory said...

Hi Cora, I have never tried this, but I do have a journal that has been made with all homemade paper.
My daughter lives in Florida. I am planning a trip in October. Thanks for your inspiration and the pretty picture of your flowers.
Blessings, Roxy

Paula said...

That is beautiful, Miss Cora!! You are so crafty and creative!! ((HUGS))
I've heard those Sizzix machines are addictive. I have an Accuquilt that cuts fabric into shapes and I can't seem to ever collect enough dies! :)

Susie Swanson said...

Very beautiful.. You are one talented lady.. I've missed you so much..

Danielle Vargason said...

wow, Cora..I haven't visited your blog in some time...very creative with the handmade paper..really looks lovely.

dsblanchard said...

You are so very funny! I love reading all this excitement and I LOVE the results. I think I will take a picture of my recent creations so you know I'm with you in spirit. I don't make the paper, but I make the cards. Your paper concoction sounds a bit like a smoothie recipe. Yummy! Does the paper smell as good as it looks?

Tammy@Simple Southern Happiness said...

Golly, I use to have that Brown Bag cookie mold. I made paper a few times, you are correct, its hard to cut or use the paper as its so pretty and time consuming too. I made my own screen using layers of cheese cloth and an old quilting hoop. Then I found some old fiberglass screen in the garage and change the cheese cloth out for it. I worked great.

Hope all is well with you and yours. It will be good to get back to looking up my ole bloggers. WE are getting settled now and I can breathe.

Patty Sumner said...

Cora, Just wanted to stop by and say hello! Hope all is well. Miss hearing from you.. Praying you are haveing a blessed and wonderful day!

Deb said...

Hi cora, it'me! Deb, how r ya! :0)

Paula Fraker said...

Hello, Cora~ just stopping by to say I miss you! Hope all is well. ((HUGS))

ByLightOfMoon said...

Hi Cora,
It is so good to catch up with you again, I found your link on Dani's Blog, " Eagles Wings" and your paper making is fabulous. I just watched " Alice's video" on your below post and I never thought of adding chocolate mint to the paper. I have to try for that yummy smell, I have it growing everywhere. I have also been pressing flowers for awhile now, also screen drying them.
I adore your leaf, wheat and acorn press,, What a fabulous find and a keeper for sure! I have had some paper casting materials for awhile now and of course a dragonfly mold. I will have to get busy with them, you are an inspiration!
Good to hear what you are up too!
Smiles, Cyndi