Saturday, August 24, 2013

A Weekend Blessing

Emily, over at Chatting At the Sky, does these wonderful "For Your Weekend" posts. I have always loved them so much and have forwarded them on many times. Today, I thought, I'll just write one myself. Lea from the Shabby Olde Potting Shed told me she was vacuuming, etc., today. So this was written with her in mind. But it's for whoever reads this today! Even YOU!

May your day be filled with eye-squinting sunshine, glistening leaves that dance in the breezes, and magical whispy clouds that float across the sky. Drop your vacuum and your dust mop and step into the world of turquoise dragonflies, dancing yellow dandilions, and droopy-faced sunflowers. Breathe in the freshness of God’s joyous creation. Breathe out your thanks to God, the Creator of the beauty around you. And may you hear Him whisper, “You are very welcome and it My pleasure to provide it for you!” Don’t miss the splendor this weekend! Dust bunnies will be glad to wait until Monday!

And if you can't find a turquoise dragonfly ---- make one"


Leaon Mary said...

I just love you Cora!
Breathing deep, so happy,....and putting my broom back in the corner and swiffer duster under the cupboard for the weekend!
Thank you for the refreshing,... thee "always encouragement"...blessings, and friendship!!!!!

Kristin Bridgman said...

This was beautiful and refreshing! And I was SO happy to see you back in my feed. Woo-Hoo!!! :)

Patty Sumner said...

Lea said exactly what I wanted to start with...I just love you Cora. Your heart truly shines through your writing.. You are such an encouragement and blessing!!! Love the little dragon fly....Blessings!

nancy huggins said...

Have a nice week end Cora dust bunnies always wait until Monday...sometimes even longer..Hugs to you and extra big hug to my buddie

Patty H. said...

Hello! That dragon fly is gorgeous!! And the weekend blessing is beautiful. Hope your weekend has been blessed as well.

dsblanchard said...

Two of my grandchildren are coming this weekend. I think we will make dragonflies. You are as much a mystery to me as a dragonfly. You are here one moment and then gone for many moments (perhaps in the nymph stage?). Sometimes I believe you are a cyber-angel, here only to cheer and then off to another who needs you more. I love every entry!

Hugs, Dawn