Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I've never seen him in a suit, nor do I believe he would ever wear one. Old jeans, a tee shirt, and flip-flops seem to fit him best. And for some odd reason, it's the way I like to see him.

He always seeks me out, grabs my hand and gives me a warm, huge smile lit up with twinkling eyes and loving words. My heart feels contented, and I thank my Heavenly Father for this man of grace and many gifts.

I thought I was stuck in the old hymnbooks when it came to my choice of music. But on this particular Sunday evening, I found a new place in my heart that I never knew was there. It included drums, guitar, harmonica, piano, flute, and this man with a voice like Chris Christopherson, eyes that shone with God's glory, and a heart full of God's love.

And the tears began to fall.

He was singing the song that is playing in the background, "The God of the Mountain," a song that came to mean so much to me during my cancer journey. A strange thing happened during those few minutes: It seemed that I took a fast-forward trip through all those chemo treatments, surgery and radiation, and experienced all the emotions that I probably should have had back then. . . .No, on second thought, it was different. You see, I was looking back to a mountain and a valley in my past. And this song had now changed from an encouragement for me to a testimony of all God was and had done for me.

I never tire of his singing, but I missed him last week. I missed the drums, I missed the guitar, I missed his eyes, and most of all, I missed his expressions of love for our Saviour. My heart told me he needed prayer, and I prayed often that the Lord would be his strength.

I don't know what moved me more -- to see his tears and his broken spirit as we hugged and he shared that he had fallen --- or to see one person after another "restore such a one in the spirit of meekness". I learned compassion, I learned forgiveness,I learned repentence, I learned humility, and I learned faith. I learned that MY problems are so small in comparison to others. I learned that God's grace IS greater than ALL our sin. I learned that the Shepherd DOES go out and finds His sheep. And I learned that the Lord DOES inhabit the praises of His people. I was there. I saw it happen. And I'll never be the same.


Denise said...

Oh the Grace of God that goes beyond out thoughts and beyond even our imagination.. Oh the Grace of God that moves us when we feel we can never be moved.. Oh the Grace of God that sends out HIS Spirit and claims that that are HIS OWN and gentles gives them a hug and bring restoration and brings a child home.. OH the love of God........

I am soooooooooo happy to see you again.... I have lost touch with so many of my blog friends.. The summer time just took the breath from me and I am now trying to learn to breath again....

I do not know if you knew that I lost both my mom and dad 72 days apart from July to Sept? It overwhelmed my heart and my spirit and I crashed into a heap on the floor..... After so many years of taking care of them..... Just like that they were both gone........

Oh the Grace of God that carries u when we have no idea that we are being carried.....

Blessings to you my friend...

Debra said...

This is a beautiful post-I feel like I have known this person too-through your eyes.
And thank you for such beautiful comments-you have made my day.
Love, Debra

Judy's Vintage Collections said...

OH dear Cora, that is the best testimony! I love to come and listen to this song on your blog! I do understand your feelings. I give Jesus all the glory for lifting us up! Too I know the God of the top of mountain and valley He is so real to me. When my husband passed away in 2001 from NHL cancer. I also learn about the ruff side of the mountain to climb up too. But with hand and foot holds and Jesus as my guide! I made it to the top! I love Jesus with all my heart for answering prayers for you and me! Yes God is a God of restoration. His unfailing love is forever! I have called your name out in my prayers. Looked at the picture you made about Families are like an old quilts. Your address and name is on the back of fame. I had receive this as a gift. Long before I ever knew you from ebay or blogging. This summer I moved and it now hangs so when I wake up I can see it! I have too been away from blogging because of moving closer to my one of my children home, because of my old age :)! I am hopping this is my last move. Until I am at the gates of Heaven! I want to hear those words Welcome home my daughter!
Cora, you will always be safe in Jesus! We'll meet someday over there at the home place where Jesus has prepared for us!
your friend and sister
in the LORD JESUS,
Love you with a big old Texas'HUG!

Lea said...

Cora my heart sings... reading your testimony today. As I remember back.... when you were diagnosed, and then reading your journey.... to today.... I just give God glory for your life, .... for your friendship, and I'm thankful for the miracle He gave us.
Thank you for sharing this person with us, and your song. I love Cora!

Farmhouse Blessings said...

God is so good!

Paula said...

Beautiful post, Miss Cora!!! It's so good to know you're posting again... I've missed you!

Debra said...

Dear Cora-
God bless and keep you and doggie...Merry Christmas!
Love, Debra