Monday, November 29, 2010

A Thankful Heart!

Thanksgiving and the long weekend was such a busy time for me. Not that there were loads of people around -- in fact, it was just my sister and me. Yet, I felt that my thoughts were racing wild, emotions were at their peak, and the Lord was as close as He could be.

My prayers all week had been that my brother would be allowed to go home for Thanksgiving day and that "the guys" would be able to get him there peacefully and without a lot of "tadoo!" You see, my brother has lung cancer and having such a difficult time right now. He has gotten so weak and needs help to get out of bed, etc. Wednesday night, I was listening to Lynda Randle sing, "God will make a way," and I just cried, praying that He would make a way for Ton to make home. He did!!!
And the best part was, I got to talk with him through Skype, a free video calling system, and we could see each other and have a great talk. God is sooooo good, isn't He?

Thursday nights, we have a Bible Study at our church, so my sister and I went. I've been attending this church for about two months, and I feel that my heart has finally found a home. Pastor spoke on thanksgiving and the need for us to direct our thanks to the Lord. So many people today just say, "I'm thankful for. . . ." without ever directing their thanks to anyone at all. I wonder how many times I have said that myself? He pointed out that just the word, "thanks", demands that there be a recipient of our thanks. The singing, praise, and message were so heartlifting, but I was stunned afterwards to find out that Pastor had had a mild heart attack earlier in the day. I just couldn't believe that he was there for us!
He is such a man of God, and in so short a span of time, I've come to appreciate him so much.

Saturday night, my brother was rushed from the nursing home to the hospital with terrible chest pains and trouble breathing. I couldn't sleep that night, and all I could do was pray for him and for my pastor, and for a few others that I had great concerns about. Isn't it great that we have a God who hears us, who never slumbers or sleeps, and walks with us through those dark, sleepless times???


Patty Sumner said...

So good to hear from you. You are so right, so many times really do not understand the heart of true thankfulness. I really enjoyed your blog. I pray your brother finds healing soon. So happy you have found a church home. God bless you and have a joyous day!

Kay-The Rustic Cottage said...

What a blessing to all of us that you are posting on your blog again! Your faithfulness and spirit truly are uplifting.


Simple Southern Happiness said...

I will be keeping your pastor and your brother as well.

Each day I learn something more about myself and my life's walk with the lord. I will be back to read more but wanted to stop in and say hello and thank you for your kind words on my blog about my pottery situation. I would not have thought of sticking something on that crack. I only wish I had kept those small 1/2" stars I tossed thinking I would never use... That would have been perfect.

I saw some stark white porcelain in its non glazed bisque form. I loved and this place said it would be white. Well as with all things, we learn each day. Only the lord can wash us white as snow.

3 kilns going at the same time? Mercy you sure are brave. Are you still in clay? I saw your Ebay store, I love your creations! You have quite the artist eye for everything you put your hands too. I was so into sewing but have major burn-out so thought I would get back into some clay.

Will come back. Thank you again for your kind post and imformation. I see you are freezing in Fl, well I am in Ga and we are too! Brrrrr.
Stay warm, off to get ready for chruch.