Wednesday, March 20, 2013

New Projects for Spring

I am just soooooo glad that Spring has finally come! I'm tired of being cold. I was shocked when I saw that my wisteria had started to bloom. Not a day too soon, either. I'm as busy as the bees that have found those wisteria blooms, believe me.

I don't know where I read about making your own paper ---- perhaps as I hopped down rabbit trails of blogs ---- but it jogged my memory back to a time when I REALLY wanted to get into that. But I never did. So that idea began to brew and boil over in my mind until I couldn't stand it anymore. I googled the topic and read everything written on the subject and watched about 237 videos on how to do it. I am now the "expert" and know more than I will ever, ever need to know about making my own paper.

Then, I found "Paper Alice", a gal who not only makes the most beautiful paper, but gives classes, does shows, and also sells the supplies. I could tell from her videos that she just loved doing what she does. And I was hooked! So last week, I ordered what I needed to get started, and let me tell you, I was like a kid waiting for it to come in the mail. Monday, it came. In the meantime, I picked some of my wisteria blossoms, got them pressed and dried, all ready for my first piece of paper.

The nice thing about making paper is, you can use all the junk paper, junk mail, envelopes, etc., that usually ends up in the trash. Napkins, tissue, wrapping paper, etc., are all appropriate. So I dug in the trash for two envelopes, some cardstock scraps, and I was in business.

So here is my first attempt:

I was tickled pink with it. All I did was, tore up two business envelopes and a half a piece of blue cardstock and put it all in a blender. I covered it with water, turned it on for 30 seconds or so, added some parsley from the spice rack, and poured it into my mold. Unmolded it, and there was a perfect sheet of paper. I carefully pressed my flowers into the wet paper, covered it all with a screen, sponged out the water, and DONE! I am SOOOOOOOO into this! It will go with my card making and add so much to what I'm already doing. The neat thing is, the possibilities are endless ---- like adding sparkles, glitter, flower petals, leaves, colorings, etc. The sky is the limit.

Here's my second attempt:

This one has green moss and oregano in the mix. Once again, I used two envelopes and some scraps of green cardstock.

If you would like to see "Paper Alice" and her YouTube videos, you can find them here:


Lea said...

Cora the paper turned out soooo beautiful and I can just hear the excitement in you!!! Your wisteria blossoms are gorgeous and I was wondering if you used just each flower or the whole clustered blossom and there it was a whole cluster too! I'm just totally amazed. I can already see an art journal in all handmade paper. And those cute lil bows too!!! I hope your wisteria blooms its head off this spring for you!!! Hey; would feathers work to lay ontop of the paper if they were small and light enough?? Can't wait to see what you keep coming up with.... I have a hunch your ebay business is fixin to "blossom" even more!!!

Debra said...

Oh Cora-what beautiful paper you are making!!!!And all I can say is-great minds think alike! I was tossing around the idea of doing this again (it was a homeschooling project 10 years ago)and now I find out you are doing it!!! Way cool! You, know-you can sell your homemade paper. There are some lovely people at Etsy that do it-but truthfully, I have not seen any that equal your lovely wisteria paper. Wow! I am going to stay tuned here to see what else you cook up!!! So the paper must smell like oregano, or what ever spice you add to it? I haven't tried that one-and thanks for the video link-I really want to do this now!!!
Love, Debra

Vicky said...

Oh my goodness- how beautiful! I love that its recycled materials and the process isn't too daunting... hmmm... you're making me think!

The dog just went berserk when your birds started chirping and he totally ran and looked out into the snow drifts and then sighed and laid down- so funny!

dsblanchard said...

Dear Cora,

I am SMILING big as you do your paper. I enjoy doing this vicariously with you. It's kinda like knitting or quilting for me. I have no desire to do it but I love watching those who do...their excitement and the wonder of the finished project. God is so good letting us have one another, isn't He?

I am getting ready to go to work now so this, of necessity, must be short, but I wanted you to know I was here and seeing your handiwork gave me a boost for the day's work ahead.

Love you,

Dee said...

You make it sound so simple...and your first attempt turned out real nice. I always pictured paper making to be very messy. Looks like fun.

Patty Sumner said...

What a wonderful idea. I love what you did. I cannot imagine Wisteria blooming. We are stilling having freezing temps and snow for tomorrow here in Ky. I am so excited for warmer temps. I guess the cold made it easier to be sick for the past week. I so enjoy visiting with you.. Excited to see your other paper creations.. Keep us posted. Thanks for your prayers. Blessings!

KathyB. said...

Cora, I am so glad to see you are blogging again...maybe you never stopped, but my Google reader wasn't showing you.

The paper you made is lovely and I have been interested in this art for awhile, but never got busy doing it. Your enthusiasm and first time paper have me convinced I need ( yes, NEED) to start this soon. Thank-you for the video , a very good starting place.

Kristin Bridgman said...

Love it Cora! You and my mom would get along great. She loves to make cards and uses ALL kinds of things. When I went to get my mail this week-end, there was an envelope from her and inside were a bunch of dried pansies she had pressed. She wanted me to see them:) I wonder how many people get dried flowers in their mail? :) You may have to open up your own business Cora, people love unique cards:)

living from glory to glory said...

Hello Cora, I love your blog! It is Christ centered and it is so inspiring. I would like to add your blog to my List.
May you have a Blessed Easter!
Blessings, Roxy