Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Robins!

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I can remember it like it was yesteday! My first day going to kindergarten. Mom had crocheted for me a new little red skirt. It had straps that went over the shoulder and buttoned in the back. I had a new little white blouse, white socks and new shoes. I felt so pretty.

Opoe and Mom took me on my first day. I was excited and Watchung School looked so large. The classroom was full of big windows and the room was large and bright with lots of tables and chairs. I can still remember lots of parents being there, all lined up along the wall. But I immediately let go of Mom's hand and headed for . . . . toys, and fun! My teacher, Miss Kline, was older, but I loved her.

One thing I will never forget about that year in kindergarten was centered around a little trip to the second floor of that school. We lined up, two by two, and walked through the hall and up the stairs. Then, Miss Kline told us to be very quiet and go to the window. There, on the window sil outside, was a perfect nest with a Robin sitting quietly upon it. She turned her head, saw us all there, and flew off. And I will never forget my surprise when I saw those four beautiful blue eggs sitting in that nest! We went often up those stairs to check on the Robin and her eggs. And one day, we saw the ugly little babies. And then, soon after, they were all gone except one. He was standing on the side of his nest, chirping franticly, fluttering his wings. We could all see Momma Robin in the tree a little ways away calling for her baby to come to her. Finally, after a few minutes, he did it!!! And he could fly!!! We all clapped and went back to our classroom.

I never forgot that. That memory was etched deeply on my heart and every time I saw a robin, I thought of kindergarten, my red skirt Mom had made for me, and that nest in the window.

Yesterday, the Robins came. When I opened my front door, there they were, happily eating the wild berries off my bushes and singing their cheerful song. They do not live in Florida year round, so I know they had come on a long journey from the North to find warmth, food and shelter for the winter months. Every year they come -- like clockwork. And somehow, they know the way. Somwhere, in what's left of my childish fantasies and imagination, I'd like to believe one of those Robins came from a nest built in a window at Watchung School.

If God can give directions to a Robin
And show him pathways through the endless skies,
Can He not show me where to place my footsteps,
And, as promised, guide me with His eyes?

"I will instruct thee, and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go; I will guide thee with mine eye." -- Psalm 32:8

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Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

What a lovely memory, Cora! You've described it so beautifully that I can see it in my mind like it was my own. Your reflection to the scripture is so true ~ I'll be sharing this devotion with my family today. Thank you dear sister.