Friday, January 25, 2008

God is already there!


These are such troubling times for so many! Some of my dearest friends have husbands who have lost their jobs and can't find work Others have lost benefits, insurance, etc. Some have lost their homes. Sometimes, we want to question God and wonder if He even sees or if He is there. Believe me, God knows where you are and He is there with you, every steip of the way. He knows all about your tomorrows and will lead you through them, too.

This stitchery was done on an old vintage doily that had been hand embroidered. It also has a hand crocheted edging. Just wonderful! I stitched the saying in a child like, primitive style, stained the doily, and mounted it on a backing and framed it.

A perfect reminder for anyone who tends to worry about what tomorrow might hold for them.

These stitcheries are available in my Ebay Store. Please take a look!


Lea of Farmhouse*Blessings said...

What a beautiful piece, Cora! Though I been without a computer for a couple of weeks, my mom actually called me and read the verse to me. I had been a little anxious about our financial future and kept reminding myself to just focus on today! This post was so perfectly timed for me.

I must also say that you work is simply gorgeous! You are so gifted in so many ways. Even though my mom does not post, she commented the same. We both admire your handwork & poetry immensely. It is a gift from the Lord.


freebird said...

This is a really nice piece with a great reminder for us.