Saturday, January 26, 2008

Prayers for a Very Special Friend!


Deena is in need of our prayers, friends! Diagnosed with breast cancer, she was operated on a while back and went yesterday for her first round of treatments yesterday. Due to an infection and the news that the cancer has spread, they did not do her treatments, as they want the infection to clear first. Deena is such a brave, special woman! Please remember her in your prayers, go to her blog, get to know her, and leave her a word of encouragement! It would mean to world to her.

Deena, this is for you:

Safe With Angels

Sometimes it seems
what used to be
Our fondest hopes and dreams,
Disappear like falling stars,
Forever gone -- it seems.
But somehow God,
who knows what's best
Finds all our falling stars,
And keeps them safe
with angels dear,
And stores our tears in jars.
And someday when
the time is right,
As only God can do,
He'll give us back
our dreams and stars,
His best for me and you.
--Cora Eelman


SweetAnnee said...

Thank you SOOO much. That poem is wonderful..and please pray for my husband..he is
my rock, but this is so hard on him..and he only has me to talk with..
your love is so appreciated!!
a sister in Christ.

IsabellaCloset said...

Cora, Thank you for this beautiful post for such a lovely lady. How sweet of you. The poem is wonderdful!
Deena is in my thoughts and prayers. God bless you, ~Mary~

BittersweetPunkin said...

Deena is very close to my heart and I am praying very hard for her. How very nice of you to post about her.

I wanted to pop over and say thank you for visiting me recently and for your sweet comment. I am just now catching up with everyone here in Blogland. I'd love to pop back in and say hello again...