Monday, January 21, 2008

Very Prim Angels


Today I decided to lay aside my usual hankie and linen angels and make some very prim angels instead. After all, the primitive style is my first love. I enjoyed using my stain bucket, a really old quilt and some neat rubber stamps. I felt like a little kid with all my "toys" around me, making a big mess ripping, staining, stamping, stitching, and gluing!

I made three sets of these angels -- each set just a little different. You can find them for sale on my Ebay auctions at the following link:

Can't wait to make more of these gals. . .!!!!!


nancy huggins said...

I really do love them Cora and I want some. How great they would look in my Pioneer "Primitive" room pinned with a rusty safety pin to the tie backs on my Prim coffee dyed Curtains. I can't wait until I can move and hang the "Home Sweet Home" sign in the same room as the Prim Angels I will be buying from you. Keep up the good work Cora and you will be decorating other rooms in my new HOME when I get there.

Kimmie said... have finally made up some wonderfully prim angels! Oh Happy Day! :-) I just Love them! These are sure to be a winner on your site!


Huckleberry Arts said...

Oh these Primitive Angels are wonderful!!!

Have a beautiful day

Small City Scenes said...

I love your Very Prim Angels. They are perfect. MB