Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thankful Thursday!

Thankful Thursday at Truth 4 the Journey

Ever since I started participating in Thankful Thursdays, I've become much more aware of things during my days that are real blessings ---- things I probably would NOT have noticed or remembered before. Nothing chases away the blues better than a thankful heart, believe me!

If you'd like to participate, write down five things you are thankful for this week.
You can find the code by clicking on the little picture above, and also read what others are thankful for this week!

Here's my list:

1. My radiation burns are almost all healed up now. Just a small spot left, and that is getting better each day. I've got to tell you, this was harder than any part of the cancer treatments so far. Maybe because it was the end and I'm tired of it all, or maybe because it was so daily! Going every single day for 6 weeks for this got really old really fast. And for some reason, it played with my emotions. It could have been the aloneness of lying on that table half naked in a dark room, or it could have been the side effects of radiation. I don't know. But I am so thankful now that it is over and behind me!

2. Help and support along the way. Nothing better than people who come along side and encourage you through all of this. Some of these "angels unaware" don't even realize how they have changed a day for someone. My primary care physician's office is like that. What a bunch of cheerful, happy, caring people in that place!!!! I went there Monday for a followup visit. The nurse practioner is nicer than any Dr. I've ever had and is always so willing to take all the time in the world with me. She also told me that I should have called her about the burns -- that SHE would have taken care of it for me. I'll know next time! But I left there feeling a bit lighter and that I had left some burdens at their doorstep. And just think --- they probably didn't even realize that they made my day!

3. Flowers! I'm not one for manicured gardens. Mind you, I love seeing these, but I don't have a green thumb and I really can't do all the work anymore to maintain it. But right now, my jasmine and my honeysuckle are in full bloom and I just love it. The honeysuckle has taken over my fence, but hey! The butterflies and the birds seem to love it, so it stays!!!!

4. Beans! Have you ever made THE most best pot of beans ever????? Maybe I haven't had beans in a while, or these were just the best --- I don't know. I used the baby limas, LOTS of carrots, onions, some seasonings, and one of those kielbasi things. Also had cornbread with it. Just toooo good! Thank you, Lord, for BEANS!

5. Birds!!!!! We seem to have an unusual amount of activity this year. And it's been so great to watch a pair of pileated woodpeckers carving out their home in a huge, old, dead pine tree. It was sad to see the pine tree go, but it didn't go to waste, believe me. My sister and I walked out to see the hole they were digging into this dead trunk that was left, and I wished I could just shimmy up there and look into that new home!!!! Here's a look at these two:

And here's their new front door:


Ruthie said...

What a wonderful list for Thankful Thursday.

Tänia said...

I love seeing the pics of your fragrant flowers... could almost smell them! And of course, your little feathered neighbors. How cute is that?! Soon, you will have little faces peering out into the new world.

So sorry you are having health issues but God is good to put the right people in the right place at the right time for you.

Tänia of Faith Prints

Claudia said...

I SO agree with you about #1. I hated radiation more than anything else and my burns not only lasted too long, but because of the radiation, my stitches in my breast opened up and I had "leakage" for months. ugh. But in the long run, I think radiation makes us stronger women. Because we have endured it. *hugs*

I'm going to do my 5 over at my place. come visit.

love ya

Dani said...

Great list, Cora.....and love your flowers...our jasmine are loaded with buds so we should see them bloom the woodpecker couple also...very colorful...

Wanita said...

That's a wonderful list, Cora. Your flowers are very pretty. I love honeysuckles, too. And the woodpeckers are amazing. Perhaps you'll be seeing baby woodpeckers soon.

Daria said...

Cora, what wonderful nature pictures ... thank you for posting them. For some reason, they make me feel so alive.

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

Love the pictures to go along with you thankfulness list.

I will be praying for you sister!


Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

I'm so happy your'e healing Cora!
Your photos are awesome. Think I smell the jasmine!!! mmmmmm!

I just love those two woodpeckers!
I've never seen two together like that! And what BUILDERS they are... wow! I'm truly AMAZED!
Be watching for an email.... I'm writing you back....!! I'm excited for you!

Mary Moss said...

This is truly a wonderful list. Thank you for sharing the photos of the birds and flowers in your world:-)

Denise said...

Oh we have a pair of those woodpeckers in our back yard and they are SOOOOOOOO much fun to watch and hear....... What a beautiful gift that the Father God gives us when HE allows us to share a little part of our world with them...... Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

What a great list! I love to reflect on the things that I am thankful for - it kind of grounds me in a way. Your pictures were stunning! Thanks for sharing Cora.

KathyB. said...

The pair of woodpeckers are stunning! Your Thankful Thursday reminds me of how much we all have to be thankful for! I am glad to hear ( read ) you are on the mend..praise God!

Anonymous said...

I am so with you...Thank you Lord for the beans! Luv 'em, luv 'em, luv 'em!

Linda in MN

PJ said...

Love the list!! Especially the beans!

Bernie said...

I loved your Thankful Thursday blog. I was fortunate to find you through reading Marcy's blog.
I too have gone through Breast Cancer, I had surgery, radiation and chemo. The whole process lasted a year and although it was a dreadful year I am now seven years cancer free so one year doesn't seem so bad (now). I had faith, a wonderful support system and great doctors. I was very blessed as I am sure you will be. Stay strong, be positive, love everything (good and bad) and thank God for all lessons learned throughout this process. Yes, I can see my blessings in my experience with Breast Cancer.....Be strong my blogger friend and thank you for sharing, you are helping so many.....:-) Bernie

Renna said...

Counting our blessings is such a great way to be reminded of just how many we do have. :-)

I love the pictures of the woodpeckers! I occasionally get fleeting glimpses of one in my trees, but he darts in and out so quickly that I can never get his picture.

Toni said...

Thanks so much for sharing all your blessings with us!!I`m so glad your burns are healing.I know how annoying they are for you.
Also,thoes pictures were great.I`ve heard of the flowers you mentioned,but never knew what they looked like.I showed the kids the picure of the woodpeckers too.I grewup in the country and never saw a woodpecker.
So,are you all finished with the radiation treatments now? I`ve kind of been out of blog world for a while again,so I wasn`t sure.
Gotta run now.Ihope your having a blessed weekend!
Love and blessings,

Bernie said...

Cora, I wrote my post tonight with my friends and you on my mind. Please read it, just to see how wonderful you are and that people really care....:-) Hugs, Bernie

Truth4thejourney said...

Wow, great list! I am sorry you had to endure such emotions during radiation. But you're here and you're healing - praise God.

I love birds, too. I was excited and amazed to see the hole they made in the tree! WOW! They've worked hard.

God Bless,
Sonya Lee

Garnetrose said...

thank you. I am going to do this.

Debra said...

I loved this post-I agree with you about the beans!! The bird pic is so cute! We hear those guys, but they are too shy to photograph. Being thankful is contagious-I caught it from you.
Love, Debra

Denise said...

Checking in on you girl....... I really thought that I left a comment here but I guess not....... Your Thankful list is wonderful ...... We all need to sit and be still to see all the good things come from the Father...........

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

So glad to hear that you're healing up and feeling better. Cora, your photography is amazing! I didn't realize those were actually YOUR photos until the end of the post and I was just dumbfounded. Beautiful!

My honeysuckle is blooming and is growing all over the blackberries in the pasture. When I walked out there today, I thought that maybe heaven would smell like that. It was so wonderful.

and your bean comments just made me as hungry as can be for a big bowl. I'll have try it with that K stuff. I never thought of that.


PS I'm missing my blog something terrible.

Patty H. said...

Hi! I love the picture of the woodpeckers. We have several around but I've never been able to get close enough for a picture. I love their call.
Praying for strength for you.

SweetAnnee said...

AWESOME LIST.. I loved the Pileated's
Lucky you!!!

Hope you're doing well and staying
strong as you can.

Denise said...

Cora! How are YOU! Just coming by to check on you? Sending email soon!