Saturday, April 18, 2009


I think I am going on Ebay to buy this book!

Back in the 60's, I belonged to a book club and a different cookbook was sent to me every month. This was one of them. I haven't seen it in years, so I guess I don't have it anymore. But I sure wish I did!

You see, I decided tonight that I can't cook. I can do bacon and eggs, make a sandwich, make pretty good spagetti sauce, corn chowder, and a few other things. But when it comes to meat, I'm a LOSER! Twice this week my meat was NOT edible. I did a little pork loin roast the other day. You know, one of those 1 pounders that comes already seasoned, etc. Supposedly, you can't go wrong. But this was just horrible. I know I was in trouble when I opened the package as I did NOT like the smell. But I followed the directions to a tee. HORRIBLE!!!!! Ended up just eating veggies that night.

Then, today I decided to make a potroast. How can you ruin a pot roast???? I did my trusty old recipe with the cream of mushroom soup, an envelope of the onion soup, and some cut up onions. I braised the roast first, threw it in the crock pot. . . . and a couple of hours later. . . . . tough as workboots!!!!! I needed a power saw to cut it. So. . . . thought it wasn't done, and let it go for another hour. Still tough as shoe leather. I gave up. Another veggie meal.

I'm to the point where I think my safest route to go is just hamburger if I want any meat in my diet.

Do you think there are REALLY 365 ways to cook hamburger???????


Anonymous said...

LOL! Oh Cora, my heart goes out to you! What bad luck! Yup, I am guessing there really ARE 365 ways to prepare hamburger! But seriously, have you considered a veggie diet with tofu for protein - might be safer :)

Nancy M. said...

Cora, you so aren't a loser. Maybe you had bad cuts of meat? Everyone messes up sometimes.

That is A LOT of ways to cook hamburger meat!

Lainie said...

Cora you're definitely not a loser but yes it is frustrating to spend time and money on a meal and have it ruined.

Since you're hunting for books on eBay, you might want to see if you can find a book called Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon.

I highly recommend it especially since you've just battled with breast cancer and your poor body is wiped out from all the drugs.

Oh and to answer your question... I don't know how anyone thought of 365 recipes for hamburger but I do know of a blog that has 365 Crockpot recipes! Quite amazing

Toby Parsons said...

Thanks for the entertaining story Cora! LOL

I think you will find at least 5 ways out of the 365 that you love. :)

You do have to start with good meat. But, probably just as well, veggies are better for you anyway. :)

By the way...You are 'not' a loser. :)

Bon Apetite! (sp???)

PS...Laineie's commennt just caught my eye. YES, the cookbook "Nourishing Traditions" by Sally Fallon is an excellent choice! And she is absolutely right about it being a really good option for you during this season in your life.

Daria said...

I stick to cook books most of the time ... I don't trust myself.

365 days of hamburger ... you'll have to keep us posted on that one.

Kay @ The Rustic Cottage said...

Put your roast in the crock pot on low and let it cook for about 8 hours. Pour a little red wine in with the other ingredients. The wine will help tenderize the meat.

And you are anything but a loser!!!

Anonymous said...

Cora, thank you so much for your recent comment on my blog. I know exactly what you are saying - I really wanted this to be an avenue of healing for me and in many ways, that is exactly what it has been. But I hate all of the trappings that come with it - I don't want to lose focus of WHY I do this. I mentioned to Daria in an email that I was thinking of returning to a "private" journal, maybe keeping this one as more of a "blogging lite" venue. Not sure what to do - I will ponder it some more!
Thanks again Cora. I hope that you are doing well! I am sending good thoughts and loving prayers your way.

Denise said...

Oh! I just got rid of a lot of those kind of books! I will look see if I have any left :)

nancy huggins said...

Yes Cora..there is more than 365 ways to cook Hamburger and the reason I know is because I raised 8 sons on recipes like that (most of the time I could invent my own too) Had to stick to a budget and that was the best way...on the otherhand I do not care much for hamburger any more...a meal of just veggies is just fine here :)
Good luck on you cook book...another cook book that is a really good one is the Bisquick one pot meale..they are all good

Dani said...

I've had the same problem with pot roast, Cora..I think its just the quality of the meat more than anything..not your fault....hamburger is always safe about minute steaks? I have a great recipe for the crockpot using them....if you want, I will email it to you....they cook up really nice with lots of gravy too....

ByLightOfMoon said...

Cora, your writing and wit even on a sore subject is very entertaining, I still hope you are journaling all your happenings with this cancer. It is a good way to release and also maybe a book in the works for others.

I can't understand why the Medical folks are so uncaring about anyone who has this happening to them and so rude to you. I am glad you do not have to endure them either for awhile.
You remind me I need to make an appointment for my yearly check too. I am making a note to call tomorrow.
As for the hamburger, we don't eat that much anymore, maybe a grilled burger, spagetti,or meat loaf now and then.
AS for a roast, I get a sirloin or chuck roast and I just put it in a pan with some water and it sits on a pan insert that keeps it from touching the bottom of the pan. I just cook it and add more water as needed and then add more with the carrots and potatoes later. It comes out hard to keep on a fork, so tender. Yumm, I might need to get one to cook this week. I don't cook much, Bob does on his off days. I will just have Peanut Butter and Jam tonight with cantalope and strawberries. I got the best jam at Pier One this week. They are closing the store and had a 50% off so a jar was $3.50 and it is Maryland Blueberries. I loved it last night!
I need to go to the store, I need alot of cleaning items I go to
WalMart for but, I still get no meat there, just lunch meat for Bob. I love just a veggie dinner and usually eat just that, even when he has a meat included for dinner. I also can make a meal of Salad and Baked Potato.
Well, I am not helping you much. I will research for some recipes for you. I think we talked about the Hamburger dish with macaroni and diced tomatoes before with brown sugar and onion. Well, I guess that is it again. I better hang up here, the weather radio is going off repeatedly, with bad weather here, I will head for the closet if need be with Emma. My daughter just called to see if I had the news on, she just came to get Barkley who spent the night with me last night. He cuddles so good like Jordan did.
Well, Have a wonderful tomorrow ~ I need to germinate some seeds for garden flowers.
Blessings, Cyndi

Juri said...

Cor, I am just cracking up over your shoe leather roast! You know I have been there and done that!!! You are inspiring me to write a post in my blog about lousy cooking!! Gotta love it, Sis!


Renna said...

Cora, I think the problem lies in what you're cooking, not the cook herself. I make a mean pot roast, very much like you described yours. I have also had them come out tough as shoe leather. I assure you, it's the meat, not you. The same with the pork loin roast.

I'm fortunate to have a small meat market (butcher shop) near my house. Their prices are competetive with the grocery store, but the quality is superior.

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Hi Cora , thank you for stopping by. You dear angel , oh how I know what you are going through about your cancer . Been there , done that . Mine was a different cancer than yours, but it is not a picnic is it ?
Now about that work boot , I mean roast. I cook mine on low for all night . Try it again.

Julie said...

Meat and I are not the best of friends, either, but I keep trying. If you find a recipe in that awesome book that brings success--please pass it along!! Have a great day. Julie

Colleen said...

Maybe it's a sign that you should try your hand at vegetarianism ;) I can't even imagine 365 ways to cook hamburger! Oh my! I hope you get your meat fix soon...

It was lovely to see that you had the chance to visit today and I'm delighted that your treatments are coming to an end. I'll be sure to say some extra prayers for you this week...

Come back when you can.

The Whites said...

You're too funny! I've had my share of goof ups with cooking too. I'd bet that you just had some bad meat!


Penny @ Miss Pootsie's Primitives said...

Hi Cora!!! HEY... (everyone say it out loud TOGETHER...) YOU ARE SOOOO NOT A LOSER!!! Didja hear that Cora?

I made some dynamite pork country style ribs a few nights ago. I cooked them in the oven...not on the grill (rain!!!). I just seasoned them, laid them out in a sheet cake pan, not touching. Added about 1/2 cup of water, covered w/ foil and baked at 375 degrees for an hour.
Then I opened the foil, drained the water/juices mostly off and slathered them w/ barbeque sauce. Covered it back up w/ foil and baked another 30 min's at 375.
Then I took the foil off and baked for another 15 min's.
They were so tender you could cut them w/ a fork and they were surprisingly lean. Usually the country style ribs cooked on the grill are a bit uhh... chewy.
I'll find some more recipes and send them to ya.
Love you,

PianoPlayer said...

There's always soy!

Farm Chick Paula said...

Oh Cora, you are too funny!
And I know of about 4 or 5 ways to use hamburger- I'm not sure I would want to know 360 more of them! LOL

Debra said...

Hi Cora,
Your attitude is inspiring. In one post you show the horrors of what you are going through, and the next, you are laughing at your cooking!
I think we could write a wonderful blog about what we have learned from YOU!
I love you-and I'm sure your cooking is not as awful as mine!!

Oma aka Meme said...

I am not a great cook- and I remember that book too- now I am almost meatless- your roast needed about 5 more hours and it would have been great-- slow cookers are quite slow but will tenderise and will make a great meal in time(wink)-
how does one know what is good meat--LOL - not this girl- I have always done less expensive cuts-
I do most of my slow cooking in the oven now- at 225F to 250F - we will have to find you some home recipes- here is a hint for the pot roast- use some thing with an acidity such as tomatoe soup and or italian dressing makes a new recipe - and yes- pot roasts take a lot of time but they are great when done for pulled meat etc- and you can add a tablespoon vinegar to the water or what ever you use for a base if no other acid base- I promise that you will love it -but it is a patience dinner--hugs from Meme