Sunday, February 24, 2008

Strength for the Journey!


Yesterday, we had one of those mornings that I just love!!!! Very warm -- about 70 degrees outside. It was raining -- one of those slow, steady rains that seems to hypnotize you as you sit and listen, enjoying your own thoughts, meditations, and prayers. I love that sound of rain dripping off the roof, hitting the leaves! And the cardinals were singing the most beautiful song of thankfulness as they just sat there in the wet leaves!!!!

Buster was enjoying it, too. He sniffed the clean, fresh air as though it had just come from heaven. I sat in my rocking chair on the porch, my dog sitting next to me, and we listened to the rain, the birds. . .and thought of how good life was at that moment.

In that moment of solitude, all of a sudden about 15 robins came flying in and landed in my Cherry Laurel Tree. I have two that that I planted a few years ago. I specifically chose them because they stay green year round. One of these produced a million "cherries," if that's what you call them. They are dark, and about the size of blueberries. The robins had been here earlier in the winter, but had not touched the cherries -- nor had the other birds and I wondered why.

Today, this little flock of robins seemed to believe that today was the perfect day. They stripped that tree of those cherries in just a few minutes flat! Then, they hit the birdbath, took long, delibrate drinks, and then. . . .began to chirp and sing. Buster and I sat in awe, as they had not spotted us on the porch. It seemed as though they were singing their song of praise and thanks. . . .and then, as fast as they had come, they were gone.

This is the time of year when northern birds begin their long trip home to the northern states. I know you have a hard time thinking of that if you live in the north, but we are saying goodby to these feathered friends.

I don't know how far south this flock had gone this winter or when they had decided to start the journey back again, but I couldn't help but think of my tree as a place to rest, feed, and get a drink on their long journey. There isn't much left in our woods --- the wild berries are all gone. I couldn't help but think that God had saved these cherries for these Robins, giving them strength for their journey today. I wonder how far they fly in a day and where God is preparing their next meal?????

I thought of a special friend, Penny, especially, as she is ill and trying to move, and all of us as we carve out new pathways and new beginnings. Isn't it just like the Lord to give us strength for the journey one day at a time? Whatever you need today, He will provide, just as He did for the Robins! Trust HIM, ladies. I hope you find the cherry tree He has prepared for YOU!


SweetAnnee said...

I love when the Robins come..they eat the crab apples..that are fermented.
Isn't it wonderful to watch them and to hear their song.

thanks for caring, Deena

Lea of Farmhouse*Blessings said...

What a lovely reflection, Cora!
We took a little walk this weekend and Colton said he wanted to see Spring's first red robin. I had to smile and tell him that you were sending them our way.


Audrey said...

Nice blog. I live in Santa Barbara. We've had two very beautiful and warm days now. I've loved it.

nancy huggins said...

Thank you for all the wonderful things you write Cora. It is like theraphy for me and I am sure for others too. Makes us look out at all the snow up North and know that you and Buster have fed the Birds so they will be on their way...and then I know when they finally get here, that spring has finally arrived.
You made the perfect ending to a hectic day for me.
I still think you need to start writing all this in a book of some kind...what a treasure that would be to have on my nightstand.
Chicken soup for the soul ...written by Cora :)