Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Where Am I, Lord?

Where am I, Lord?
Is there no name
For this forsaken place?
A place where things no longer are that were,
And things that are, I just can't seem to face?
In between --
That's how I feel,
Just -- in between!
Standing tall,
Yet --- wanting so to lean.

They say I'm doing good and look so well.
Walking on; yet, crawling in my shell!
I sing -- and smile -
And say, "I'm doing fine!"
Oh Lord, I'm doing great
At hiding all these gnawing thoughts of mine!
Where am I, Lord,
Just tell me where I am!
Am I lost,
Or found,
Please help your little lamb!

Just when I think
You've put me back together,
I fall apart,
I'm laughing with a friend at noon,
And then
The broken heart!
All I dealt with yesterday
And sorted out with You,
Today is just a mess
With doubts
So fresh and new!
I'm here,
Then there,
And oh, dear Lord,
Sometimes I know I'm nowhere!
And all the things
That yesterday I did,
Today I would not dare!

Where am I Lord,
Please, tell me where I am.
I've never walked alone before,
And I'm not sure I can!
It's not that I don't trust
That You will lead me on my way;
I just need some roadsigns
As I struggle day by day.
They say they like my smile
And to keep my eyes on you!
But all I see is clouds
And rain --
Oh, if they only knew!
I can't explain that I still hurt,
They'd never understand.
Oh Father,
Tell me where I am,
Grab my grasping hand!

Oh child, I am still your peace,
Oh, little lamb of mine,
I've never been so close to you,
I've been there
All the time!
I know the place seems new to you,
But you've been there before.
It's just that now you're here
And oh, you need it more!
Take the time
To just be still --
Take all the time you need.
Get to know this unknown place,
As here in prayer you plead.
Where are you?
Oh my child,
Please come to understand,
You've never left the safety of
The hollow of My hand!

--Cora Eelman


Patty H. said...

{{{Cora}}} Thru your words, I can feel your pain and loneliness and it has brought tears to my eyes.
I'm praying that our Heavenly Father will wrap His arms of love around you today and that you will feel His warmth, His compassion and know that you are not alone.

Kath said...

Cora, This a absolutley beautiful and beautifully written!!!
I "felt" every be able to "feel" some one's a gift ;)

Thanks so much for sharing!


Me said...

Cora - Hugs to you. And a verse that has been a real comfort to me:

"Thou hast beset me behind and before, and laid thine hand upon me." Psalm 139:5

As He was with you yesterday and will be tomorrow, so He is with you today, and all is in His tender care. Nothing is out of His control, though it may seem so. How great is His love! Read Psalm 139. I prayed for you today. I'm sorry you are suffering.


Joyfulsister said...

Hi Sis..

Please continue to share more of heart through poetry, use this gift that the Lord has given to you. Poetry is where I also poured my heart into and where my soul cries found a place to express itself. It's such spiritual therapy for the soul, and it totally is from your spirit to the Holy spirit who is the comforter given to us. Keep writing my sweet friend, keep writing!

Luv ya Lorie

Renna said...

Cora, what an amazing gift you have to be able to express yourself in such beautiful (though heart wrenching) poetry.

April said...

So glad you dropped by my blog today...I always love meeting new people!

What a beautiful poem that really touches the heart. Thanks for sharing it! :)

Please feel free to come back for a visit anytime!

Ruthie said...

Cora, That is beautiful - heartfelt words that express your journey right now. Just hold on to the promises of God - and keep writing. Your poetry will have new meaning as time goes by.


Lulu said...

youre in my prayers daily..\
keep the faith..

Linda said...

Oh Cora - that was a gift to all of us to be able to know how you feel through your beautifully written words. Mayn hugs and prayers are sent your way, hugs, Linda

Wanita said...

Dear Cora, your poem is beautiful. What a wonderful gift you have to be able to express your heart in a way that we can feel how difficult life is for you right now. I pray God will comfort you and that you will feel His arms around you.


Aliene said...

Cora, I am in tears as I read your poem. It is so touching. But I'm glad God knows where we are. I pray that the Lord would put His arms around you and hold you real tight and that you may feel His love and comfort.

Shanda said...

Those are beautiful words Cora. Remembering you in my prayers tonight.
Your friend

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

Cora you truly do have a gift to write poetry!
I've been thinking of you so often.
Every time I do, I pray.
Eagle wings Cora,
Love Lea

Penny @ Miss Pootsie's Primitives said...

Dear sweet Cora. I just cannot express how your poem touched me. I wish I could write like you.. to express those deep thoughts, those anxious times in such incredible clarity. God is using you EVERY DAY. Even when you don't leave your house, your words do... and they touch everyone who reads them. Thank you for touching me today. You are always in my thoughts and prayers. Love, Penny

Debra said...

If my son or husband walked into the room right now, they'd ask, "What's wrong?" I'm blubbering like a baby. I read this post and your 92 year old pastor story.
I don't have a gift for the right words, and I know it-but I do feel some of what you are in, because you are expressing it so well.
I think you are helping someone who realy needs it, and may not be commenting. This stuff is for us yes, when God allows it, but it's always for someone else too. Not much comfort there, I know...
Please rest, just hold on, dear Cora. We love you.

Penny @ Miss Pootsie's Primitives said...

Cora... I nominated you for the "Uber Amazing Blog" Award. Check it out on my blog if you have a moment.
Love you,

Oma aka Meme said...

hugs and tears from Meme - holding you in my prayers

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

Cora, you have such a gift for turning feelings into something tangible with your words. I feel YOU through your poem. My heart is quivering as I read of your hurt. Wish I could take it away.


Dani said...

Big big hugs to you, are so beautiful and God hears your prayers...He really does....

Beemoosie said...

So beautiful, Cora. You are in my prayers also.