Thursday, April 12, 2012

He Loves Me Still!

I really wanted to quit blogging, take my blog down, and leave this strange, wonderful world. But I couldn't! I've made some of the most wonderful friendships I've ever had here --- soul friends who are walking the same paths, striving for the same things, hurting deeply in the same ways, and rejoicing with the same songs. I weep when one leaves, as I feel that empty place they leave within my heart. All of you inspire me with the depths of your writing, the earnestness of your walk with the Lord, and the greatness of your desire to be the women (and men!) God wants to mold of you. I've been changed by all of this. Deeply changed. Recently, I've watched and listened to a struggling heart. I've prayed for peace, insight, and wisdom for this one. I've thanked Him for the victories, the smiles, and the light on this one's path. I'm amazed at the depth of her soul and her willingness to share it. My dear one, you know who you are, and this is for you:

He Loves Me Still

I bend, my strength is all but gone to stand against the wind.
A wind, relentless with intent that I should break,
And fall into the mire of guilt and shame.
My weakness cries it’s more than I can take.
More than this frailest form can cling and hold,
And roots I thought were deeper than the sea
Now ripping, losing hold within my heart,
And scattered at my feet, all splintered dreams of what I thought was me.

He sees me there, a spineless wreck, holding in these hands my fractured self.
I dare not look, my shame is pushing down this bent and broken child.
He knows where I’m most weak, and likely to be broken in the storm,
That storm that comes again, and still again, raging in the darkness strong and wild.
And yet, He loves me still, so much, He lifts His nail-scarred, loving hands
And cups my tear-stained face, then lifting mine to His,
What cost Him all and everything flows through this heart of mine -
Forgiveness! Can it be He loves me still, even after all of this?

Cora Eelman


Debra said...

Beautiful Cora-you are.

I'm so very glad you aren't going away. I feel the same way you do about friends I have made blogging-who would have ever thought??
Love, Debra

Vicky said...

Oh Cora, I'm speechless- that is so heart wrenchingly beautiful! The depth of your precious soul is a real treasure :)

Isn't that the awe-inspiring nature of His love- he loves us still, and in spite of, and because of and all the places in between.

Its so refreshing to have your voice- strong and pure amongst the rest of us here! Love you girl!

Kristin Bridgman said...

Oh Cora, I'm so glad you didn't leave the blogging world. I would've had to come hunt you down:)
I love your writings and I love you more!

Norma said...

Sweet Cora, I too am so glad you didn't leave the world of blogging. I thank you for your comment on my blog there on Mockingbird Hill. But as I read your April 12 post and the message at the end, tears streamed down my face. I'm so glad we found each other and that you took the time to comment on my blog. Otherwise, I would not have found yours. Our Father has has spoken to my weary heart today through you. Thank you.

Tiffany said...

Oh Cora - that is beautiful! I am glad you are still blogging, since i just found you :)

i am so glad you clicked over to my blog.

hope you are having a good weekend!

Janet said...

Hi Cora,

I just found you through your comment today on Lisa's blog. She is just recovering from her breast cancer surgery.

I too went through it all. In September it will be 8 years since I was diagnosed. Took a whole year out of my life too.

The journey is different for each of us. But there is one thing that is the same for us all.

The Lord is there for us. If He brings us to it, He will get us through it.

I am your newest follower. :) Please come visit me at:

I have been wanting to make a cancer blog. Started once a long time ago. I think that it could be helpful to others.

Happy Anniversary. :) Have a wonderful rest of the weekend.
Take care, Janet W

Lea said...

I can't even IMAGINE if you weren't here blogging.
I'm thanking God for you ....
over and over.

Susie Swanson said...

I'm so happy our paths have crossed..You are such an inspiration..This is breathtaking and beautiful..glad you didn't leave..

Nacole said...

oh, Cora. no words. just *tears*, friend. thank you for loving me so much--what did i do to deserve this? thanking the Father who gives all good gifts.