Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Shadows of the Heart

The Shadows of the Heart

It couldn’t be true -- It just couldn’t!
There had to be some mistake. . .
Maybe someone else. . .
That’s it!
It wasn’t Him.
It was someone else!

All these people in my way!
Can’t they see I’m in a hurry?
I’ve got to get there. . .
I’ve got to know for sure. . .
It’s got to be someone else!
Oh God, let it be someone else!

Could it really be Him?
Are these people right?
Just a few days ago I stood here
Right here on this very street,
And hailed Him as my King!
My Messiah,
My Savior from this awful Roman rule.
Could this be Him today?
Please no!
Please let it be someone else!

There He is!
There’s the one they’re talking about!
I’ve got to see His face,
I’ve got to know fore sure!
Excuse me, sir, please let me through.
I’ve got to know if it is Him.
Are you sure? Absolutely sure?
The One that did the miracles,
The One that healed,
The One that fed so many,
And held children
On His knee?

It IS Him!
Oh, God, it is Jesus!
I’m not staying here to watch this!
I’ve been taken for a fool!
I believed in this Man,
I was so sure. . .
So so sure. . .
Oh, I’m such a fool!
I should have known it wasn’t real!

Well, He deserves what He’s getting. . .
King. . . What a joke!
He took us all for fools, didn’t He?
Kings don’t hang on crosses!
Kings don’t die before their coronation!
Kings are not prisoners!
Whose the greater fool -- Him or me?

Just look at this street full of people!
Look at the anger!
Look at the disappointment!
All I see is revenge. . .
And fear!
That’s it . . . Fear?

Where are the children?
They always play in the streets!
They were here just a few days ago,
Walking and singing Hosanna
To this One
We all called King!
Look. . . There they are!
They are hiding, afraid just like me.
They are hiding in the shadows. . .
Disappointed, unbelieving!

He never looked back. . .
He never saw the cross. . .
He never understood, even from the start!
No one knew his name. . .
Or knew from where he came. . .
He slipped into the shadows
Of his unbelieving heart!

--Cora Eelman


Megan @ Here to Find Him said...

Wow. It makes me think of what it would have been like to stand there and see Jesus disappointed these people must have been to see their "King" dying like a regular man. These people who had believed that He was the one who had come to save them...not really knowing and understanding that this was exactly what He was doing.

Very touching. Blessings to you :)

Andrea Dawn said...

Wow, from me, too, Cora. Speechless really, but very moving. Thank you.

Debbie said...

What an example of truth in beautiful form. What a talent you have for writing. Too often true isn't it? More so today when we are all supposed to be so much more 'educated' and 'smart'. Free to attend church, own BIbles, speak out for our faith. Where is the influence?
Wonderful writing Cora!

Debra said...

Wonderful poem Cora.
I felt like I was there, while reading it.
Please write more !

Just wanted to tell you that for some reason I have trouble getting on your blog-so if you don't hear from me-that's the reason. This morning I have tried three times and finally made it-after praying about it!
Love you,

dsblanchard said...

Dear Cora,

As I read this I thought about a conversation I had just had with someone on the phone. She said to me, "Dawn, don't you want to get a job?" and it took me aback. I have been working diligently building a network for Parish Nursing. Everyday another plank is laid. In three weeks I go for the Foundations course paid for by a grant I had written and, not only for me, but a colleague has stepped up to the plate to go with me.

When God is working there are not many who really recognize it. You have to slow and see. If I have learned one thing over the last year it is to wait on the Lord. And when I do, He orchestrates everything perfectly.

Here is a perfect illustration. Jesus is carrying His cross up to Golgotha to be crucified and the very ones who hailed Him as king a mere week ago, are now fearful and hiding. They do not understand. Megan said it perfectly so I won't try, but I know of such misunderstanding first hand.

Beautiful and timely, Cora,
Thank you,

Nacole said...

beautiful poem, Cora! see! the real you is worth writing about! love it!

Elaine said...

I read this the other day and meant to comment. You captured me with the poem. Sure makes you think about your own belief and your trust in the King of Kings.

Lea said...

Cora I'm having a hard time commenting. Not technical issues, but ... this post just grabs my heart.
I felt myself there.
And I was definitely hiding, too afraid to do anything.

To see everyone hating..inflicting, and wanting Jesus crucified...
Then there I stand hiding in the shadows.
I think I'd like to journal this today. Thankyou for sharing your poem.