Monday, April 23, 2012

Showers of Blessings: Still Counting. . .

It’s been over a year now since I began this way of living ---- living in the moment, seeing in the moment, and recognizing each and every one of those moments contains a gift from God -- just for ME! Even after a year, I recognize very few of them. I get side tracked. I’m too busy fussing over something else. I’m easily distracted. And I miss life as He meant it to be for me. I don’t want my one big regret in life to be that I was in too much of a hurry to gather in my moments and live through them fully. And so today, I list just a small portion of those moments, thanking Him for these, wishing I had taken the time to see more:

615. Rain. Sometimes slow and steady, sometimes heavy, but still --- RAIN! I love the sound of rain dripping off the roof. We have needed rain for so long, and today was our day for WET. As I sat on my porch and listened to the sound I seem to love best, I thought about that song, what if blessings came like raindrops. . .???? How many do I not see? And if I did, would I be able to count them all?

616. Watching squirrels and birds alike catching droplets of water on the branches.

617. A beautiful reminder to hush into stillness the negative voice I hear speaking back at me in the mirror and rather, to listen to the whispers of grace.

618. Counting the myriad shades of green as Spring lets loose such an abundance of new growth.

619. A male cardinal gently feeding the love of his life the best he can find in the feeder.

620. Two extremely happy flycatchers taking up residence in my birdhouse.

621. Buster’s happy face and his willingness to do absolutely anything I ask if it will get him a fried pig’s ear. I melt every time I see the anticipation and longing in his face!

622. Being encouraged by this wonderful community of bloggers, and being able to pass on that same encouragement to others.

623. A pastor who is willing to open the Book of Hebrews weekly in our Bible Study and go slowly for people like me ----- like, word for word, one word at a time ---- and for the first time, I think I will understand it. I’ve shied away from Hebrews as a whole book study. But it’s time to pull up my big girl panties and grab a good hold of this book and learn it!

624. A homemade pizza (I even made the crust from scratch), with barbecue made from left over pork loin, pineapple, onions and cheese. I know, it’s not diet, but I needed . . . . Something good! And it was. And I’m thankful. No regrets.

625. A cheerful cashier at the grocery store, making it a tiny bit easier to spend so much more for such a little bit.

626. Learning to live peacefully with a loose lizard running through my house. I’m not sure the word “peaceful” is accurate. I did scream and jump on the chair when I saw it looking up at me right there at my feet! It’s HUGE! At least 8 inches long, black, shiney, and slimey looking. Where it came from is anyone’s guess, but it’s lightening fast and uncatchable. Any suggestions?????

627. The brave soul who knocked the wasp nest off my door. I was beginning to feel like I was being held hostage by all these creatures of nature.

628. Hearing whispers of grace in the beautiful song of the whipoorwill -- clear and sweet in the darkness of the night. I pray that I will sing like that when I find myself in the darkest of times -- singing all the songs I learned while walking in the light.

629. Cool, fresh, clean air with soft breezes after a period of much needed rain. Everything looks so clean and perky again.

630. Bloggy friends who are encouragers with their words, warriors of truth, and partners in prayer. I am honored to call them friends.

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Debra said...

Cora-I so love your thankful list. Have you named the lizard yet?!
I love all the bird thankfuls you have.

Debra said...

Blogger is giving me the hardest time commenting. I meant to add that I love you!

dsblanchard said...

I love the thanks for all things here, but especially for the pizza, the pastor, the pup with the pigs' ear fetish and for your pals. I count myself among the pals. I love you, Cora!

It's pouring here, too!


dsblanchard said...

I want to add that you may want to try a sticky paper to "catch" the lizard and then find someone (the Game Commissioner?) to come unstick him in another neighborhood. I'm not kidding. Ha!

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

It IS the small things......

Christina said...

I love rain! I just love listening to the sound of it. Great list!

Debra said...

Cora-no, it's not your blog, I'm sure. It's Blogger. Weird problems, but I've read others are having problems here and there too. It doesn't show on their current known issues, or in the clue. I can comment, I just have to keep hitting the cursor over and over-finally it will let me finish a sentence.
I loved the pig ear too-and I hope your weather gets warmer for night time.
Love, Debra

Susie Swanson said...

I too love your list..So many things I take for granted each day..Thanks for the reminders and the inspiration to stop and smell the flowers along life's way..Blessings, Susie

Shanda said...

A year. Wow...I have just begun. I bet you can look back now and see how much God has blessed.
I love lizards.

Elaine said...

I love your thankful list. It causes me to think about the things, which sometimes are so simple, to be thankful for. I laughed about the lizard. We lived with Gechos in HI. :) Beautiful picture too!!!!


Hi Cora,
Thanks for your lovely encouraging e.mail. and I am happy to pop over for a blog visit. One year of living in the moment ... congrats and I enjoyed your list.


Court said...

What a great list! And urrrgghhh I am hating lizards today. Good luck with that. Our pet one bit a chunk of poor CJ's finger off. If I had my way I'd kill the blasted thing... but I doubt I'd catch ours to kill it either, they are fast suckers!

Andrea Dawn said...

Loving your list Cora . . . so many mentions of moments where you were able to stop and savour just BEING. Love the cardinal feeding his lady love and I can tell you enjoyed that pizza from the detailed description and no regrets. I will be late with my list again but any day is a good day to give thanks.

Nacole said...

Cora, love this: "A beautiful reminder to hush into stillness the negative voice I hear speaking back at me in the mirror and rather, to listen to the whispers of grace." oh, yes, friend. and thank you for your thoughts at my place yesterday. left you a reply at Emily's blog. you made me laugh about the NOT so patiently.

i laughed out loud about the lizard, and the wasp, and Buster is such a great buddy for you! about the lizard--i suggest you walk and find a kid outside playing and (of course w/ mother's permission) ask them to come catch it! but Dawn is right too--but those sticky papers can be lethal. be careful and good luck!

you made me want that pizza. Cora, you *know* if you lived here, i would come over and eat it with you! made from scratch?! ive done that before, but not the crust. im trying to get together an {in}courage bash at my house Sat and ladies are slow in saying yes. wish you could be here to do it with me! love you.

Tiffany said...

Such a lovely list from such a lovely heart!

Reading others blessings and gifts is such a blessing itself!

I am so behind in things lately and am now "catching up" on some blogs!

Thank you Cora, I just got a message about your comment. So glad the peaceful came through!


jhunnelle said...

I enjoyed reading your list, that lizard thing cracked me up. I love what you said in no. 628.

Thank you for stopping by my blog and for those sweet and encouraging words, I so much need those words.