Monday, September 22, 2008

Daybook Entry for September 22, 2008


FOR TODAY (September 22, 2008)...

Outside My Window It's cloudy, a little cooler than usual -- what a blessing! Leaves are slowly starting to fall, berries are turning purple!

I am thinking. . .I hope it doesn't rain as my sister is getting a new roof put on her home.

I am thankful for...A SHOWER!!! Had to sit, but I did it! Loving and praying friends and family. Emails that are so encouraging! Especially thankful that this chemo treatment seems to be going ok so far. This is day #5 since I got it. I'm very tired and wear out easily, but other than that, I'm doing ok. It seems that the key is preplanning everything!

From the kitchen... Patsy made some egg salad for sandwiches. Meatloaf is on the menu for dinner. Great for left overs later in the week. I think I'd like a plate full of mashed potatoes!

I am wearing... loose tee shirt, black loose slacks!

I am creating... At least TRYING to create ---- a better plan for getting things listed on ebay during these "Chemo days" and getting them shipped when they are sold. Wouldn't you know, sales were very light duing my "up" days, and now all of a sudden I'm swamped with sales. I'm NOT complaining, believe me! I'll work around it, for sure!

I am going... Nowhere today! Can hardly make it out to the porch with Buster!

I am reading... Remember those little, daily flip calanders that were so popular in the early 90's???? I was addicted to them and still have about 40 of those things. Since my concentration level seems to only reach the span of about 1 or 2 sentences, I've dug a few of these out and reading them. So many great, encouraging verses, prayers, quotes, etc. I even have one in the bathroom to keep me company there!

I am hoping... The pills the Dr. prescribed last time are helping a lot, including the Prilocec for the awful brick in my stomach. That's two hurdles out of my way this time, making things easier. I'm hoping the rest of the week is better each day!

I am hearing... The constant sound of power nailers on my sister's roof. Buster has decided it's not for him to worry about. I just heard a BIG sigh behind me as he finally fell asleep. He thought this was something HE had to take care of!

Around the house... STILL doing laundry! Since I seem to SWEAT so badly with this chemo, I'm changing sheets, pillow cases, clothing, constantly! I need an ice bed!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week. . . Nothing much! Right now a plan might include how to get through taking a shower without caving in.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

I was raised long ago in a church that sang all the "old", slow, ancient hymns of the church. As a child, I stood beside my father, sharing the hymnal, and listening to his rich, deep, base voice sing out those hymns, and sometimes he would point to the words in the book as we sang along. I learned the tunes, even the words, but it seemed the meanings were too deep for me to understand, and I got tired of standing through 4 or 5 verses of the same hymn. Later on, as I learned my Bible, what the Lord had done for me, and what it all meant, those hymns became more and more precious.

The photo above makes me think of "The Solid Rock", a song we sang so frequently. There is a verse in that song that says, "When darkness veils His loving face, I rest on His unchanging grace." There have been days of darkness for me recently. Days when I wanted to give up. Days when I thought I couldn't go through any more. Yet, even though I could not see His face, He was there, sustaining me with that unchanging grace, getting me through step by step. My Dad was a testimony to that fact -- that though he could not see Him on the darkest of days, God's Grace was there to get him through.

The version of that hymn that is playing now would raise the hairs on my Dad's neck, as he was from the old Dutch Reformed, with slow, somber heavy hymns. But the words are still the same and the meaning never changes, does it! Hope you enjoy!


I'm so glad to be able to participate with the others in this Notebook entry. You can visit The Simple Woman's blog


Kaber said...

I love the picture!!

I hope you have a great week and the Dr's pills work well.

Dani said...

Those old hymns have such power, I love them dad was a usher in the Methodist church and I remember his voice while I sat on the pew, (trying to stay out of trouble)..didn't understand the hymns but they mean so much now

Debra said...

Hi Cora,
So good to see you blogging. A plate of mashed potatoes sounds heavenly!!!
You are in my prayers daily.
Love, Debra

Aliene said...

Hi Cora, So glad to see your blog. Glad you are coming thru the chemo and pills. Just remember those old hymns and meditate on them. I find encouragment in them coming to mind when I need them.
Hang in there and remember you are loved and I am praying for you.

Julie said...

That is an amazing picture. Bless your heart....having to go through chemo. My mom fought cancer for over 5 years, and took chemo many times, so I know what it's like from an OUTSIDER's point-of-view. I know that I don't know what it's really like. I hope you get to feeling better and perking up soon!

Linda said...

I hope those pills help and each day gets better. It sure sounds like the preplanning helped!
Hugs and prayers, Linda

Ruthie said...

Cora, Sounds like this time the chemo is a little easier than before....I'm so glad for that!
I have a little gift for you - if you would like to send me your information so I can send it to you. Write me at

Toni said...

I want to thank you for being so honest throughout this ordeal you are going through.I`m always so thankful to God when you update your blog because then I know your up and out of bed:) At least you have enough foresight to know when you`ll be having bad days and plan for them. That`s a good tip. Hope the pills the doctor give you help.
That picture is really beautiful:) Take care!!Love and blessings,Toni

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

So glad to see you journaling, Cora. Aren't these cool days a joy! I spent some quiet alone time on the front porch today and it was so nice to be able to enjoy the fresh air.

Hope you just keep getting better & better so you feel like handling all those sales!

Sending you hugs,

Eve said...

I am glad it is going pretty well for you. I hope it gets better. Time marches on and soon it will be finished. Just hang in there.
That is a beautiuful photo.
I wish I had memories of my Dad singing in church. I don't think he ever entered the door of a church. Mama did on ocassion, and she sent us.
I love the old hymns like that. The Gaithers have a tape with a lot of those old songs on it. I just love it.

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

Hello Sweet Cora!

Dropping by to tell you I am thinking of you and keeping you in my thoughts & prayers. Glad to hear you have had some improvements!


Renna said...

I'm so glad you are able to continue blogging, Cora. That was such a neat thing you shared about your dad and that hymn.


StitchinByTheLake said...

Love the memories of your Dad - I'm missing mine today. Keep blogging - it will help keep your mind off the chemo. blessings, marlene

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

Hi Miss Cora,
Smoochy holy kiss!
I was imagining you sharing the hymnal with your Daddy. What a beautiful memory. My Dad is still alive, but I've never ever been in a church with him. He has little to do with us, but refuses to go to church.
My husband and his family were Christian reformed church too! Yep; they's DUTCH!
I'm prayin you perk up my friend!
God bless you and strengthen you...
each and every day...
eagle wings and crumb cake

Wanita said...

Cora, so glad to hear that the chemo went a little better this time. How true it is that Christ is our solid rock. I hope your week goes well. You're in my prayers.


papel1 said...

Glad the after effects are going better this time. Amazing how you keep up blogging, creating and selling! Take care.

Linda said...

*loving the song* .. hehe, don't you just love the Dutch reformed? They can be soooooo serious about everything..

Then again, they do have 'their things together', so to speak. Chiara will be attending Dutch reformed school next year. We went there for an intake meeting, and honestly.. I was a little scared we might not get her in (since we go to an evangelical church) - but they were really nice to us....

And WOW, what a school.. everything is SO neat and orderly.. you notice straight away when you visit the petting zoo and one of their classes is there.. you see them, but never hear them.. *lol* ;)

Well.. greetings from holland!
p.s. Did the parcel I sent a little while ago arrive yet?

Farm Chick Paula said...

I just love hearing about your days, Cora.... I'm still praying for you and hope you regain your strength soon!!

Julie said...

Cora I gave you 2 awards--come see. julie

ga.farmwoman said...

Hi Cora,
I am thankful you are feeling o.k during this treatment week and you continue to get better and better.
I love the picture and also all the old hymns. My father used to point to the words when we would sing at church. Great memories.
Good thoughts and prayers from Georgia coming your way.

Deb said...

I so enjoy you thoughts, take care I'm still here for you. Deb

Stacy Lambert said...

i am so glad you found me, i could sit and read your blog and listen to your music forever. it makes me feel sooo peaceful and close to God, just where i need to be. Thank you, God be with you and your journey.