Friday, April 22, 2011

It Is Finished

If you had been chosen to live in Bible times, there may have come those days we all dread called, “hard times.” There were no banks, mortgage companies. . . But you had neighbors and friends. And most likely, one would be willing to loan you whatever it was you needed.

It was custom back then, just as it is today, for the two parties involved to sign a note -- an agreement of the amount owed and time of payment, etc. It was witnessed, and put away for safe keeping.

I remember the days when I had a house payment, a car payment, a few credit cards, etc., etc. I knew each of these companies held a legal document with my signature -- a paper that detailed my agreement to pay each month a certain amount until the debt was paid. I also remember the day when I just knew. . . I was sick with horror because I KNEW I could never pay it all back. I had no income, I had illness looming in front of me . . .I was in trouble.

Back to Bible times. When you had paid your debt to your friend, this piece of paper (the record of your debt) was brought out. In front of witnesses, skin was cut, blood flowed, and into this blood a pen was taken and dipped into the blood. The word, “Tetelestai” was written across the note -- in blood.

The word translates -- Paid in Full.

The same word that Christ cried from the cross that reads “It is finished!”

All that I owed, All of MY sin, All of YOUR sin -- paid for IN FULL -- a legal transaction, signed in blood, accepted by the Father, for ME, For YOU.

If you still carry the burden and guilt of the sin payment you cannot pay, please know that Jesus, God’s Son, has made the payment for you and accept His “Paid in Full” today.


Garden Lady said...

Thankful he paid the debt I could not pay. Wonderful post

Kathleen from Yesteryear Embroideries said...

These three words..........."It is finished" say and mean so much.....just like "I love you"....which, to me, how much more could our Lord say by giving His life? Love this post! Wishing you a happy Easter! blessings, Kathleen

nancy huggins said...

The Lord does more for us than we know and the way the prices of everything is going up and all this weird weather it makes me wonder what he is trying to tell us.
Billy is leaving by himself to drive to S AL and pick up a U Haul and bring our things back that have been in storage since end of Aept last year. He will be towing our car back
Please say a special prayer for him that he has a safe trip..He is 70 1/2 now

KathyB. said...

I did not know that about legal debt and payments, this sheds even more light onto the most amazing story ever told, of our Lord's birth, life, death, & resurrection. All to pay our debts in full, with his blood. Beautiful, thank-you.