Thursday, April 14, 2011

Let's All Help Vicky

Vicky Westra is a beautiful young lady who is happily married, who loves raising her little family, who fits the part beautifully as "hocky mom", and. . . now has to take the journey through breast cancer treatments. Diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer, we are rallying around like a bunch of busy bees, momma angels, protective bears, and warrior soldiers, all ready to fight like girls do and hold this beautiful woman up right to the victory line.

Me? I MAKE these angels. You? You can BUY the angels! Vicky? SHE gets the money.

These angels are made from breast cancer fabrics, hankies, quilt pieces, quilt tops, and a variety of laces. They measure about 6" long and 3 inches at the wingspan. They come with hangers (like for ornaments) but these can be cut off, a pin backing attached. Several people have used them pinned on their shirts in the Breast Cancer walks, or used them at fund raisers, etc. They also make great additions to handmade cards, etc.

You can purchase these angels with one click through Paypal. You will get two angels for $5.00. Here are the first ones ready to go. Order early! I'll be listing different styles during the next few days.












Please feel free to link up with me, make a post on your blog, whatever you can, to spread the word! Thank you so much!!!!


Vicky said...

Oh Cora, these are beautiful! I had a day of feeling like I had the flu so I've been in bed all afternoon. I will come back and link to you in some way! Thank you sweetie, such an honor!

Denise said...

I am going over to buy a couple and I am going to put this on my blog and my FB...... lets get some money for Vicky......

Love ya girl....

Denise said...

Cora..... I bought a few of these back in the middle of April..... any idea? They are so pretty and I am going to give them as gifts.... Just wondering if they were on the way? I am so happy to help Vicky...

If these are something that take time to make that is OK...... Just checking!

Love ya