Monday, April 25, 2011

Multitudes on Mondays. . . continuing to count graces bestowed

311. That He is the keeper of restless hearts!

312. That He knows the answers to all things that concern me and will direct my path in the right way.

313. Knowing that this will come in HIS time.

314. Opening a bag of navy beans and hearing them fall into a pan. It brought back memories of making bean bags when I was a kid and using them for as a “patsie” for our hop-scotch games. I wonder how many sidewalks we chalked up with those games and how many hours we spent playing????

315. The smell of navy beans cooking slowly on the stove.

316. Watching carrot peels fly through the peeler as Buster waits for his carrot.

317. Talking with my brother through Skype.

318. Sycamore tree leaves that wave all day in the breezes. They’ve grown so large in such a short time.

319. My old, old car that never gives up and gives me no trouble.

320. Dinner and fellowship with new friends.

321. Listening to their hearts, their vision, where they are and where they want to go.

322. Stars. So many stars. And I always think of that verse, “When I consider the heavens, the moon and the stars, what is Cora that God should be mindful of ME?” (personalization mine!)

323. Broccoli casserole. A new recipe with biscuits, rice crispies, cheese and chicken. Just too good.

324. A clean kitchen floor.

325. Seeing how God works and brings people together who have a vision--- with empty planters, of all things.

326. Man of Sorrows, What a Name, for the Son of God who came - ruined sinners to reclaim -- Halleleuah, what a Savior!

327. That He carried a cross and His love for me was so great that it held Him there until the debt was fully paid.

328. Trying new recipes --- gets me out of old ruts.

329. Finding cucumbers hiding under big, protective leaves.

330. Finding out that birds love my blackberries more than I do.

331. Waking up to what sounded like a herd of elephants on my roof ---- the vultures are back. (I’ll have to think about what to be thankful for with this one!)

332. A Pastor with the most tender of hearts.

333. The music of the Ressurection and the joy on the faces of those who bring it to me.

334. Hearing the tender heart of an 80 year old man as his love and concern spilled over his lips and eyes. His wife had a stroke last week and he has not left her side until tonight.

I'm joining with hundreds of others who are counting their gifts and blessings. If you would like to read their lists, please click here:


Miko's Girl said...

What a good list...I've never heard of a patsie before. I like how you count the birds raiding your blackberries among your blessings.

Kristin Bridgman said...

I always love it when you come by! I agree with your statement, about how others blessings shared, seem to become ours.
I spent hours as a little girl too, playing hopscotch and other driveway games, like Mother May I, and red light, green light:)
Wouldn't it be fun to get out there as middle aged women and play those games again?
And yes, I wish you were standing in the buttercup field with me too!

May your week be filled with more blessings. I can't wait to read them:)

Christina said...

Always love your lists and I want #323! Yum! Thanks for sharing your list.

Terri said...

I love your list, Cora. I especially like this one: "That He knows the answers to all things that concern me and will direct my path in the right way." You are indeed blessed!

Craig said...

It’s funny how they hide Cora, all of your list I hearted of course. But this one was like a cucumber hidden among protective leaves - 329. Finding cucumbers hiding under big, protective leaves. :) hee

It’s funny how they hide like that – I’ve experienced that very thing – bonus fruit. I heart the potential metaphors here just longing to be harvested – I’ll let you go with them – it’s your “thankful list” item – and you have the fresh garden. {smile} Thank you for this, as always, God Bless you and all of yours Cora.

Jennifer said...

I love your list, Cora, especially the references to growing things. It is still fairly cool and rainy here most days. I was a little jealous of your 89 degrees temps! I, too, was rinsing and sorting beans tonight for a pot of ham and beans tomorrow-a little leftover blessing from the Easter ham :) Have a blessed week!

Garden Lady said...

Great list...I particularly like #317. We often skype with our son, something about talking to him and being able to see his face makes him seem a little closer. Thanks for sharing your list

Rebecca said...

Your list is beautiful.....we love talking with our friends/family through Skype....what a blessing...and the smell of navy beans on the stove....I love that...when I have them, it brings back sweet memories of my Mom!

Debra said...

Beautiful, Cora...I can always see what you're describing-I feel like I'm there with you. Vultures on the roof?! That must mean something good-they don't visit just any roof!
Give Buster a hug for me.
Love, Debra

Mari said...

A beautiful list of favorite the first two. Good is good.

Kathleen from Yesteryear Embroideries said...

How good it is to come here, steal away from the busy world and read such gratifying words! Have a wonderful weekend. blessings,Kathleen

KathyB. said...

He is THE PASTOR,the creator and keeper of memories, the One who reminds of all our blessings, the Giver of blessings. Beautiful post.

heidi said...

I love your gratitude list!! I did the same in my journal for about 6 months and it was awesome!! It helped me remember my days better when I looked back too.
And thanks for your sweet comment on my blog--I KNOW it has to help Michelle to hear from someone who has been there. You are a sweetheart.