Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I've Got The Network!!!!

You know those ads on TV about the Verizon Network that supposedly follows you all around after you buy one of their phones????? You see that HUGE group of workers, technicians, trucks, etc., following you down the street, ready to help you and fix anything that goes wrong.

Well, I just felt like I had my own personal "network" following me around today. And it was ALL OF YOU! I just knew that wherever I went, whoever I spoke to, whoever I had to call, etc., that you were all there, backing me up with prayer, faith and love. And I wouldn't exchange my network for any phone company in the world, believe me!

My sister tromped around all day with me, and I'm so thankful that she is there. She knows what questions to ask, we could laugh together, compare notes, analyze body language of Doctors and nurses who aren't supposed to tell you anything. . . . and of course, we had a HUGE lunch together to celebrate the beginning of this . . . . journey!

This doctor that I saw today was only supposed to look at the mammogram results and set up a biopsy for me. It was understood that he was not taking my case on. He asked me a million questions, poked, prodded, squeezed squished, and pushed on everything ---- never changed his expression, lifted an eyebrow, sighed or even breathed!!!!!

When I got dressed and went to his office, he told me he couldn't hear any air in my left lung (same side as the tumor) and was ordering a chest xray. Also, he ordered complete blood workup and the biopsy stuff. So, after getting home, I started making the calls I had to make to line this all up. After going through 2 phones and running them dead, recharging, etc., I get a call from this Dr. saying he lined it all up for me and that the results would come back to him.

When I called the lady in charge of the program, she said she just about fell out of her chair because he had told her he wasn't taking any more of "her ladies." But . . . he's taking ME!

And. . . . . I get to have the same oncologist and cancer treatment group that my sister went to . . . . and they have a center now just 2 miles from my home. I have a consult with this guy on Thursday, and the biopsy will be done Tuesday. So in reality, I STILL know NOTHING definitive, but I feel that least I'm in the hands of some pretty good Doctors.. . . . to say nothing of "the network" of people that prayed for me all day. . . . and how the Lord heard all of your prayers and worked all this out for me!

This Doctor today was "convinced it is advanced cancer that is spreading." That's all he would say. The x-ray of the lungs . . . . the girl would not tell me what she saw. So I know NOTHING! I guess after the biopsy comes back I will have more to report.

Until then, I just want to thank each and every one of you who have been walking behind me, next to me, in front of me, holding me up in prayer and caring and loving me so much!

I didn't sleep much last night. This was all on my mind. But the Lord gave me a verse today as I sat here, all tired and worn from my running around. I hadn't thought of it in so long, but there is was:

I will both lay me down in peace, and sleep: for thou, LORD, only makest me dwell in safety. -- Psalm 4:8

I'm not saying here that I'm the bravest gal in the world. I'm not! Someone asked me this week if I was scared. I am! To some extent anyway. I'm scared of that needle biopsy. I don't like pain. I don't want a port. Let's face it. . . . who walks into this type of thing with smiles and a happy face????? And I'm not a brave person, either.

But. . . I DO know where my faith lies. And it is NOT my faith that will carry me through, but rather, WHO my faith lies in. And the verse above says it all. It is NOT a doctor or cancer center that I trust, but rather the LORD only and HIS will for my life. He has a plan for me. So I might as well get some sleep tonight, knowing that the Lord is at the head of "my network" and all of you are praying for me! Thank you!!!!!!


For these things, I thank you, Lord:
56. Such a great group of praying friends!
57. That there are still caring people in the medical and professional world!
58. Great greasy lunches out and a sister to share them with.
59. God faithfulness through all these years.
60. Scripture verses I learned as a child that somehow come back when I need them!
61. Buster!


Nonnie said...

cora....have been visiting deena's blog for so long....and today saw your name she asked for us to keep you in our thoughts and prayers.....i had just commented on your blog for the first time yesterday....and had no idea....
you will be in my heart and thoughts and prayers...

Wanita said...

Cora, just wanted to let you know I continue to keep you in my prayers. May his peace fill your heart as you go through this journey.

Kelly~Once in a Blue Moon Primitives said...


You are brave and do have so many behind you. You are such an inspiration and I know that God has his hands in this. I love you and you never leave my thoughts and prayers.


papel1 said...

Glad this doctor is taking you on. You will probably feel better just knowing what the prognosis is and what the treatment is.

Renna said...

Cora, it is amazing that you can be going through so much, and yet still manage to be such an encouragement to all your readers.

I thank God for all He is doing for you, walking before you, preparing your path, and granting you favor in the eyes of men (and doctors!).

Ruthie said...

Hey, don't worry about the needle biopsy. They numb you first, so you don't feel it.
My prayers are with you.
Glad you found that verse - it's true that the Lord will be with you and walk beside you through all the days ahead!

Mona said...

Cora, most all of us are fearful of the unknown. Just remember Jesus said, "fear not". He is with you, and you can do ALL things though Christ who strengthens you!!! Just take each day as they come and take one step at a time. There are angels all around willing to comfort you.
Buster may be a challenge, but God gives us our pets for a reason!
May God's love continue to uplift you and give you peace.

Lea of Farmhouse*Blessings said...

I love you, Cora!


Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

Dearest Cora!

So glad I came tonight to read your latest post. You have been in my heart & prayers! You have always touched my heart in a special way but more so now. You are lefting others in your own adversity and your faith is so strong in trusting the Lord. Thank you Cora for being YOU...a very special daughter of Heavenly Father!

Love you!

2 Much Farm Primitives said...

You're in my prayers everyday.

Love you girl,

Juri said...

Cor..I love you, I am so proud of you, and I am so glad you are my sister and my best friend!


Pam said...

You are in my prayers, Cora.

Farm Chick Paula said...

Yes, Cora... you have so many people praying for you, you DO have "the Network"!
And you may not think you are brave, but even having faith as small as a mustard seed takes a little bravery sometimes!

YD's a little bit of everything place said...

Dear Cora,

Be brave and be strong! You are in my thoughts.
Keep smiling. :)

PianoPlayer said...

I'd be scared too.
Praying for you. With love.

CathyJean said...

I want you to know that I am still praying for you, my dear friend!!

Kathleen from Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Cora, my prayers are with you! May you feel God's presence throghout this time! Have a wonderful holiday weekend! blessings, Kathleen

Toni said...

Isiah 41:10~fear not,for I am with you;be not dismayed,for I am your God;I will strengthen you,I will help you,I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.
Your blog has been such an inspiration to me!I am so encouraged by the way the Lord is upholding you with His righteous right hand!I will keep you in my prayers:)I will also popst on my blog and ask for prayer there as well!Take care!Love,Toni

Dani said...

Cora, I think your network is growing larger and larger....God is doing something wonderful, of course, are in my prayers daily..

whimseycreations said...

Cora, my prayers are with you. You may want to check out this website. My daughter works there and I just went to one of their 'graduation' ceremonies last weekend - very impressive stories. Hugs to you.

Debra said...

Cora, You are in the palm of His hand. We will be your prayer warriors. Love, Debra

nancy huggins said...

Praying for you and your Family Cora..I know in my mind that things are going to be O K..might be a journey down a long road but there is a rainbow at the other end. I am so glad that Juri is there with you through this also

Primgal55 said...

Cora I am so glad you felt your network around you! That is so important at a time like this. I will keep you in my prayers!

No for that wook - I will be happy to help you cut it but I am warning you, it will go, one piice for Cora, one piece for Linda.... hehehehe!

I hope you sleep better tonight knowing your network is back to work, praying hard and thinking good thoughts.

lots of hugs, Linda

Julie said...


Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

If you have time today come by the shed.

Beemoosie said...

Cora, you are inspirational. My thoughts and prayers are with you, dear friends!

kathyann said...

Hi Cora,I too was visiting Deena's blog and she asked us to stop by!
Cora you are so brave and to still keep your sense of humour you are amazing!
It will be a pleasure to keep you in our thoughts and in our prayers,I called in to say hi to Lea too and will of course pray for Colton,what a wonderful little boy!
Rest assured that there will be many of us in blogland that will be with you all the way,to support you and help get you through this difficult time as we have been with so many others!
Love from Kathy and the girls at Meg's Mum's Muffins

Kimmie said...

Dearest Cora,
Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers and that I Love You Very Much. You always held me up during all that I went through, now it is my turn. God is holding you close to his heart as I am also.
Love & Hugs,