Saturday, June 28, 2008

Cross to Bear . . . . or Blessing Dipped in Chocolate!!!!!

Those of you who are a little newer to my blog have not had the privilege (or nightmare!) of meeting . . . . Buster!

I think if I had known last June what I was in for with this guy, I would have NEVER in my right mind have gathered that bundle of joy in my arms and actually PAY to take it home.

But I did!

You can go back in my posts and read about my awful training experiences, flunking out of "bad boy school" etc., etc., etc. Here's one post, shortly after flunking training school and I was wondering if Buster was really right for me:

I don't know that things are much better now that he is over 100 pounds, as strong as a Clydesdale, smart as a fox. . . . but as loveable as an overgrown teddybear! Maybe I've changed. I know I sigh a lot, yell a lot, mumble a lot, and threaten him with animal control, the pound, life in the street, etc., etc. He stands there and looks at me with a question mark wrinkled on his forehead as if to say, "Are you over it yet, lady????"

I've mellowed over the past year. He's jumped through my front window, almost pounded down my back door, can jump about 5 feet straight up in the air, thinks that the word "no" was meant only for the cat and NOT him, and I just turn away and sigh and wonder how long it takes for one of these chocolate dipped, electrically charged labs to reach old age when the most THEY want to do is sigh and turn over!!!!

But what can I say? I love the guy. He's got me all tied up in love knots, all washed up in slobber kisses, and just thinks I'm the best thing that ever happened in his life. Doesn't care that I'm old, fat, flabby, and can't move fast. Doesn't even care if my clothes are junkie, or if my hair is combed! He thinks that even on my worst of days in the kitchen that I'm the best cook ever, and that I live and breathe and exist just for him.

Now how many of YOU have a guy like that????

I sleep in my bed, hanging on to one side so that this chocolate kiss of a dog can sleep all stretched out on his back, head on the pillow with me, snoring away, dreaming of tomorrow's ways to drive me up the wall. I think his name should have been Riley. Or. . . . better yet. . . . for those of you who watch NCIS. . .
I think Dinozo would have matched him perfectly!

But right now, I think having him to love on is just the greatest thing. I grabbed him today, hugged him, and smooched on his chest, and just thanked God for this piece of work. After all, now I know that at I have at least TWO who love me just the way I am --- God and Buster! What more could a gal ask for in life?????


Debra said...

Cora, We're on the same wave lenght today-we both blogged about our dogs! I'll have to go back in your blog and read your adventures with Buster. He's very cute. I think Cheyenne would go for him!! Debra

Debra said...

It's me again! I left a comment on my blog about the doll, and thank you!!! I need the push to keep me going! Love, Debra

Renna said...

Buster sounds like a nightmare and a dream, all rolled into one.

Our golden retriever/lab mix, Bailey, was much like Buster when she was young. She did calm down some when we had her spayed, and by the time she was two, though still a bundle of playfulness, she'd calmed down considerably and become fairly obedient.

I thank God for dogs! :-)

Juri said...

What a great picture of Buster!!! What would our "over the fence visits" be without him? Like you, in spite of him leaping up and trying to steal my ponytail holder from the back of my head, I love him!!!


nancy huggins said...

I think of Buster every time I see the Dog toys at WM and can picture him walking around with one in his mouth. I love talking to him on the phone to... and he does obey me and goes and gets Mommie and brings her to the phone. Ya know Cora..Dog spelled backwords spells "God"....That makes me a firm believer that it was him that put these very loveable animals into our lives. Please do me a favor and go buy the Big old sweet Buster a loaf of Rye Bread and don't forget the cheese. I love Buster too..How could you not love a face like his. But then he hasn't jumped through my window or knocked my door off (LOL) I bet when you get him fixed he will change a lot of his thinking. Keep us updated and I love the picture (and you know of course I will be snagging that one) :)

papel1 said...

I am glad you kept Buster. He sounds like fun, I think.....He is a beautiful dog. Love his coloring.

Mom2fur said...

He's gorgeous! I had a chocolate lab many years ago. Her name was Artemis, but we called her "Missy." She was a silly puppy for years--labs don't grow up very fast, do they?
I now have a small, loveable chihuahua--I don't think I could handle a big dog like a lab again. Here's wishing you many years of happiness with your bundle of chocolate love!

Sherri said...

Dear Cora wanted to let you know my prayers are with you.
Your fellow OPSG friend, Sherri [sewbu]

Nonnie said...

i just read your "i am" and loved it! i didn't realize you visited until now....and i can so relate to this post....we went from one dog to two dogs and two cats (keeping our daughters animals for a while) and i threaten constantly....sometime i wonder if i am going to lose my sanity?! :)
have a wonderful day,

Lea of Farmhouse*Blessings said...

I remember those first days and I smile now when I read the affection in your words. I truly did not think he was going to last the first 6 months! LOL

I'm glad he did because he is a cutie! I love that photo, Cora! Who would have thought one big ole ball of fur could bring so much love?


ByLightOfMoon said...

Cora, What a beautiful friend you have made with Buster. I know how he can get at you till you want to bust but forgive his puppyness! He will outgrow and become mellow by your side always and be there for you at ALL times.

My DH Bob stopped by and loved your blog and looked back at several of your postings. He just has not yet got the "leave a comment" stuff down yet.

Smiles, I love reading your stories and am so happy to know you.
smiles, cyndi

Jo-Anne said...

Hi Cora, I just stumbled across your blog and just had to comment on your beautiful dog. He is so absolutely gorgeous. We are lab, or I should say animal lovers, here at our house. Amongst the numbers we have 2 yellow labs. They are both laying here at my feet as I type. (You can see pictures of them if you look on my blog....)I suspect they would have a wonderful time with your Buster!

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

Hey Cora,
Abe, Addie and Francoise say, "HI BUSTER!!!!" haaaa ~
Truly Buster is a beeeautiful FRIEND! I totally understand the LOVE between woman and her faithful FRIEND. Abe has me wrapped around his little paw.
People who don't have a mans best friend, are sure missing out.
Mine sleep on the bed too. They would just freak out if they had to sleep in a doghouse!

Sugarplum Cottage said...

Oh how I can relate to this story. I have a Molly who doesn't even realize she's a dog. I raised her from the time she was 2 weeks old and she follows me so close, my heels hit her when I walk. She likes to sleep on my husband's pillow next to his head. Your Buster looks adorable and so lovable. It is amazing how these animals love so unconditional. Wish I had another one. Hugs, Rose
Hope you have a wonderful day

YD's a little bit of everything place said...

Ahhh....the wonderful love of a dog! It's just precious! They love you no matter what!!! That's why I love my dogs so much.
Cora, your little(not really) Buster is such an adorable dog. With that face, who wouldn't love him?

whimseycreations said...

Sorry if this is posted more than once but it keeps asking me for another word verification!

Cora, loved your story about Buster. We have three black Lab mixes (yes we're certifiable!) and our oldest gal once spread a five pound sack of sugar all over the livingroom floor. Today, my husband answered the phone and forgot he had a ham and cheese sandwich on the side table and when he returned it was gone - our youngest probably ate it in three bites as he just swallows his food without chewing it! They do steal your heart though and yours is just beautiful! Jill

Kimmie said...

I remember when you got Buster and he was into everything. Stealing your crafting supplies, taking food off the counter and table, challenging you, and so many other puppy things. He was a beautiful puppy and has grown into a magnificant looking toddler. Yep, I remember him flunking out of obiedience school and how broken hearted you were. I also remember all of us prim sisters talking to you till we were blue in the face, encouraging you to keep working with him, that you would regret letting him go to another family. You loved him so much, it was so obvious and I knew that he was sent to you by God to be your forever dog and companion. I am happy to hear he has made such great strides in his maturing. Hang in there sweetie, it will only get better. I am thankful that you stuck it out. Look at the gift you have. :-)