Monday, June 23, 2008

The Titmice Story

I was going to enter this as my picture on my daybook post, but decided to do it separately! I have watched this three times now, and every time, I just get a big lump in my throat as I cheer these little guys on right to the end. I NEVER get used to the miracle of it all! Just a while ago, I watched this process in my old birdhouse and was so excited when I heard those peeps! You've just GOT to take the time to watch this right to the very end!!!!!

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For these things, I thank you, Lord:
44. The sweet, sweet song of a Titmouse!
45. The smell of honeysuckle on my fence!
46. Loving cards of encouragement in my mailbox!
47. For teaching me patience.
48. An understanding sister!
49. A great chicken dinner!


Deb said...

Cora, God is amazing! He has us all covered. Deb

Dani said...

That is so wonderful and full of amazement for awesome is our God and how perfectly He planned life even down to the youngest most helpless baby!

Renna said...

That was incredible!

Wanita said...

Cora, What a wonderful video. Thanks for sharing it with us. God's creation is truly beautiful and amazing!

Juri said...

Cora...this video brought tears to my is just so amazing to watch, isn't it? It reminded me of when I was raising canaries. They had open nests, so you could just watch with amazement as the eggs would crack and a tiny canary would work his way out of the egg. Then, watching the teamwork between the mother and father bird in raising the babies was such fun! Thanks for sharing this video with us!


Farm Chick Paula said...

Oh this was wonderful, Cora! Thanks so much for sharing it!

Debra said...

Dear Cora,
I was crying and blubbering the whole time I was watching this video. I had just dropped my son off to his first job, and driving home I was overwhelmed with lonliness and memories of his childhood. This is a trial for me-to have him sort of leave the nest, even though he's still living at home, he's not my little boy-I can't protect him anymore(it was always God that did anyway!). So watching this just assured me that GREAT is His faithfulness. Bless you a million times for putting this on your blog because it was a direct answer to my prayers. Love, Debra

DaizyDonna said...

O wow, That was just the sweetest video!! Awww, Amazing

Kimmie said...

Thank You Cora for sharing such an amazing video with us. I was so moved by the step by step process and the birth of the baby chicks. Then watching them grow so quickly and leave the nest. Thank God for such tiny miracles.

Dianne said...

Two wonderful videos.
Thank you for posting them here.
Dianne, NEPG