Thursday, August 7, 2008

Best ever Funnel Cakes!

Whenever I get one of these reports from my sister in New Jersey, I think it's worth posting!!!!

This is what she said:

Thanks for the Parker's General Store site. My grandson saw the funnel cake recipe and it went downhill from there. 8 0:clock at night - it was grease, flour, sugar, etc., everywhere! My fry daddy was humming. They ended up being the best funnel cakes we ever ate with confec sugar flying all over the kitchen. Even Bernie was raving about them. Now my butt is 4 inches bigger and my gallbladder is crying!!! Please!!!! I need to be sent to bloggers Anonymous.

What more can I say???? I NEED these funnel cakes, and they are on my list to make for my comfort food this week.

You can go to Linda's Recipe Blog and start your own fun kitchen experience with this recipe!!!!

Thanks, Linda!


Nicole said...

Hi Cora,

Just checking in to say hi and see how you are doing. I read your post about your chemo treatment. It made me cry when I started reading the part about loosing your hair. I remember so clearly when my mom started to loose her hair. I am So Sorry you are having to go through this. Somehow your story is bringing healing to my own life. You are making a difference my friend. I know it is not the path that you would of chosen but your life in Christ is reaching others! Thank you for being so honest about your experiences. Your transparency is refreshing.

Bye the way, I love funnel cakes, especially with apple glaze!

Love and prayers,

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

LOVE them all sugared up like that, but squeeze some cream cheese all over it and smother it in strawberry glaze and .... WHO CARES if it adds inches... THEY IS WORTH IT!!!!
My kinda comfort food too; you ever need someone to have a chowdown with and I am your gal! ;) heehee
We always have to wait to go to a carnival or fair to get these...MYGUY WOULD FLIP... If I could make these AT HOME! WHOOhOo

Deb said...

Hi Cora, I'm a funnel cake glutton, and your sister's look wonderful! I'll go check out the recipe, and thanks for steering me in the direction of the Lemom Sherbet recipe. :O) Deb

This Country Girl said...

Oh my, that does look good! My family would love me for making that one! I'll definitely check it out!

I'm still praying for your Cora!


Julie said...

I found the same recipe as I scrolled down her blog. I just have to find the time to make them--they look delicious. Have a great day. Julie

Toni said...

I plan on trying her recipe as well.I just need to buy a funnel.They look soo good though!!Thanks for sharing your sisters comment with us!

Eve said...

Oh yes. That is the thngs dreams are made of. I love funnel cakes. This look so good.

Joyfulsister said...

HI Cora (( Hugz))
"Got MILK" boy would I love that with a cold glass of milk lol. Okay I'm going to check out the recipe. You have another sister with a great sense of humor I see lol. Yes!! Tha would be a nice comfort food for me as well.

Hugz Lorie

Anonymous said...

Hi Cora,
I ill be thinking about you and pray for you. I remember when my husband's chemo caused him to lose his hair. It all came right back in as beautiful as ever. My husband went in to remission and stayed that way. I am praying for that for you too.

Anonymous said...

I guess I didn't leave my name sorry about that

naomisnotions said...

OH!!! YUMMY!!!! I love fried dough!!!

I'm glad your first treatment went well!!!

I'm still praying!!! :)


Nancy Jo said...

Hi Cora,
Think of you often, If I lived closer I would pop in and cheer you up if you needed it, bring you some soup. One step at a time, easy for me to say right?
I printed off that recipe for the funnel cake thing. It sure looks good. I wonder if that's the same as the fried dough that is sold at the fairs?
Yes Lea is a great gal. Some people are just born Angels.

papel1 said...

I love funnel cakes. Will any funnel work? I think my hubby has one in his tool shed? Maybe it should be clean.

Susan said...

Wanted to let you know I was thinking about you. Hope you are doing well. Have a great weekend. God Bless.

Kathleen from Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Hi Cora, just checking in to see how you are. Your words made me cry when I read the post of your chemo. I pray that all goes well for you. I just love funnel cakes! I haven't had them in a long time. Take good care of yourself, blessings, Kathleen

Joyfulsister said...

Please come to my blog I have two awards for you!!
Hugz Lorie

SweetAnnee said...

Oh my gosh..I am gaining weight just
looking at that treat..YUM

Joann said...

oh Cora, I have a weakness for funnel cakes..........looks yummy......also Cora, hang in there, you can beat this..

My Aunt Liz had chemo, lost her hair and it grew back even more beautiful. Now she says that she got better results with her at having the chemo than she did at the hair dressers! Keep positive thoughts and a sense of humor...Aunt Liz beat it and you will too!

I will keep you in my prayers...BIG HUGS

Vintage Linen Treasures said...

Oh my goodness! This looks so good and here I am trying to start eating better. YUMO!
Patricia :o)