Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Day Six After First Chemo!

OK! I'm not the bravest person on the planet. But I think I walked into this with a little too much confidence as to how I would be feeling. Let's put it this way: On a scale of 1 to 10, with a 10 being the best you've ever felt and 1 the worst, I have to say this rated a -10. But then again, you have to understand that I've never really been sick before. No major flu bug, no operations, no illnesses, etc. So what do I have to compare to?????

Day one and two were ok. Day three was down hill all the way. I felt washed out, my legs wouldn't hold me up, hot flashes that were beyond HOT -- more like blazing, heart pounding fast and hard, and just wanting to sleep but couldn't. Add on top of that, a roaring toothache, and we have the icing on the cake.

Since Buster won't go out without me, I have to somehow find my way to the back door with him and plop in the chair I have out there. But there must be something about chemo breath or chemo on the skin because one million mosquitos are waiting for me when I get there. Poor Buster. It takes him time like any old man to do his business, but meanwhile, I'm mosquito bait yelling at him like crazy. It would almost be easier to clean it up off the floor! But he does seem to know I'm not the usual crabby me and this is different. Love his little chocolate kisses right now!

It's a good thing there are three weeks between treatments. I've wondered the past few days how ANYONE goes back for #2, no less more and more and more. I know the oncologist told me that my reactions might be severe because of the size of the dosage being given me. And I accepted that ok. Just didn't expect an 18 wheeler to roll over me and flatten me out like this. I have to say, right now, my looking forward to the next chemo feels like this:

When I went to the class about chemo, they told me that after day 7 you begin to climb back up in strength and how you feel. Even today, I'm feeling a lot better, so I am so grateful for that. Happy, too, that I didn't have any allergic reactions to the chemo, or side affects that I couldn't handle. I guess I can take the "flu like symptoms" once every three weeks for a while if it means in the long run, this thing will be cured.

Sorry I took so long to update here. This is my first day upright for a while and it feels good!


For these things, I thank you, Lord:
62. Knowing that friends are praying for me, holding me up when I can't stand upright!
63. Pudding!
64. Birds singing outside my window!
65. My sister's help and caring and understanding through all of this.
66. Scripture verses I learned as a child that somehow come back when I need them!
67. God meeting all my needs in the midst of trials!


papel1 said...

Thanks for the updates Cora and glad you are feeling a little better. I am sure Buster will keep an eye on you.

Nicole said...

Hi Cora. I am glad to know you regained some strength. I will pray for continued strength. I appreciate your honesty and realness in every post you write. I love the picture you posted. It does my heart good since I am an animal lover, and I can just picture and feel the emotion behind it.

I am praying, my friend. I am so glad you are able to praise our Father in the midst of the pain. That's what we are called to do even at times I know it must be tough.

PS-I am praying for Juri also. She is such a sweet lady. The Lord has a plan in the midst of the pain. I believe that He wants to mold you more into the likeness of His son! Amen!?! That's what He wants to do with all of His children but very few are willing to take the plunge per say.

I am blessed to be a witness to the miracle that He is working in your life this moment and day.


Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

Hi Cora,
I am trying to imagine feeling like that... and I know unless you've been there,... ya just can't.
The picture of the shepherd who didn't want to gooooo cracked me up and I'm happy to see you still have your Cora sense of humor shining so brightly.
Love ya girl....
Keep crankin up the praise,
Your on eagle wings.....

Wendy said...

Hi Cora, well its good to see that through it all you still have your sense of humor! That picture is too funny:0) God Is So Good!! I do hope you feel more like yourself soon. Take care and God Bless!~Wendy

Julie said...

I saw this thought in a magazine and thought of you: "God doesn't give us what we can handle, but He helps us handle what we are given." I hope you have better and better days. You CAN do it. Chemo wiped out my Dad, too, when he had it. He did regain strength--with time. Not fun at all. Hang in there. Julie

Dani said...

I've been praying for you also...and thanks for letting us know how things are....hope you continue to gain strength and feel more like yourself..God bless you, Cora

Linda said...

Hi Cora,

I hear that all the time from ChemoAngel patients - they feel like they were run over by an 18 wheeler. I wish I could help walk Buster for you.

I hope each day gets better until treatment #2. You are in my thoughts and prayer.

Ruthie said...

Glad for the update. From friends who have had chemo - I,ve heard the same things as you're saying. So at least you know it's normal to feel so bad. Just remember it's wiping out all the bad cells and someday you will feel good again. I'm continuing to pray for you to be able to go through the bad days and to feel strong and healthy once again.
The Lord is with you through this time and He will uphold you.

Eve said...

My first reaction was just to want to hug you and tell you it will be alright. I was happy to hear as I read on that you are feeling a little better. You are in my prayers as always.

Cute picture and shows you are hanging on to your sense of humor. xxx000

PineyWoodsPrims~Dena said...

Keep your chin up girl. I know this is a very rocky road you are traveling down right now. We are praying hard for you here and also sending many hugs. I can't imagine what you feel on this journey. But I do want you to know that you are in my thoughts everyday for a fast healthy recovery. Cancer free!!!
God is greacious and loving and he is a healing God. Bless you Cora.
Hope you start feeling better really soon.

Toni said...

I`m so sorry you`ve been sick. Glad to hear your feeling better!I`ll continue to pray for you!!
Love and blessings, Toni

Artfulife said...

I will keep both you and your sweet little boy & family in my prayers. Thank you for reminding me how precious life truly is. (I know, but a reminder never hurts)

Sue said...


Life can change within moments, I know mine did with one phone call. Tie a knot in your rope and hang on and most of all pray.
Strength will come with pray. Thanks for sharing your journey.


MEME16 said...

I send you hugs and tears and prayers------
huggles me, Meme

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

I'm so sorry that your journey to wellness is fraught with such pains. My heart is heavy for you but I just know that before you know it, we'll be looking back and rejoicing. The treatments will be over and you'll be healthy and well.

Your sweet notes of thankfulness really bless me, Cora! More than you know.


Joyfulsister said...

Hi My Sistah!!
(((Gentle Hugz))). You are truly a trooper and I know what you mean about the flu like symptoms all the time. I was told to make sure I had all my dental work done before I started my treatment. I pray your toothache is better. You are in my prayers every morning when I talk to the Lord in prayer as I drive to work.
Please get as much rest as you can you will need your strength, you still manage to make me giggle, that picture is hilarious, but say it all!!!

Hugz Lorie

ByLightOfMoon said...

Your previous thoughts are fabulous from all your readers. I like what Ruthie said about killing the bad cells when it wipes you out. Maybe thinking that can help a really bad moment at the john.
I have had you in my thoughts and prayers even though I have been away from computer most of last week.
Thanks goodness Buster is grown beyond some puppy. I hope he cuddles up with you when you feel bad and are in bed. He can show you unconditional love when you need it the most.
I do my clicks for the mamos every day to help with these tests.
I so hate you had to wait this long for treatment.
Smiles to you and love in my heart for you! Cyndi

This simple Life said...

First you do not need to be telling us your sorry it took you so long to update.

Im glade your are starting to feel a little better , hope each day gets better for you.

2 Much Farm Primitives said...

Oh Cora. Glad to hear you're doing a little better. Sure wish we were closer so I could do something to help you. Keep your chin up girl.

Still praying,

Debra said...

Hi Cora,
I'm so glad that we can send you 'cards' like this, and that we can be in touch so quickly. I'm sure it helps you to hear from all the people that love you, and to know everyone is praying.
Please take good care of YOU, and don't worry about blogging. Just do what you can do, and leave the rest for later. You've got lots of time.
God bless and keep you-and Buster!

Aliene said...

Dear Cora, You are through one treatment - God will help you through #2 Glad you at least posted so we could really pray. You will get your strength back and good days are ahead. Just keep trusting your Lord, He will lead the way. the little chorus goes: My Lord knows the way through the wilderness - all I have to do is follow. Strength for the day is mine all the way and all that I need for tomorrow. Just lean on HIM and we will all pray.You are an inspiration to me and others that read you blog. God bless you and Buster!

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

Hi Cora,
Just lettin you know I am thinking of you this very moment and sending up prayers for you. Hope you can feel them.

Cookie said...

I haven't had much time since I got home from va-kay, but wanted to see how you are doing.
Although I've been absent, I've been praying for you all the while and glad to hear you are doing better.

Lifting you up, sister -

CathyJean said...

Thanks for updating us, Cora.
Bless your heart!!! I'm crying so hard, can't see...
Praying for you!

Kathleen from Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Hi Cora, just checking in to see how you are! Have a happy and restful weekend, blessings, Kathleen

SweetAnnee said...

I was just stopping by to see how you were..So glad your starting to feel better.

Be STRONG..know we're here
and go back for all your chemo!


SweetAnnee said...
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Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Still praying for you Cora, I just wanted to let you know:) that picture of the dog made me laugh!
If your Buster is anything like my Buster he will sense that your going thur this.

Katy said...

oh gosh :( Cora...I am so sorry you are going through all this! :( I have continued to be in prayer for you and will STILL be doing so! I pray you get stronger and the next round of chemo is MUCH easier for you!!!! xoxo

Wendy said...

Hi cora I pray this note is finding you feeling better and more like yourself my friend!! Have a Blessed weekend!~Wendy

Kay said...

Thank you for sharing ALL of your story here. I'm glad that you are feeling better. I am continuing to pray as are lots of other people. Jesus is holding your hand!!! You are an inspiration to us all.