Saturday, October 4, 2008

Has it been this long????

I feel terrible that I haven't posted in so long. Over a week has gone by, and so many of you keep checking back here, emailing me to see if I'm ok, etc., etc. I'm so sorry!

I guess it just seems to me that my life has become quite boring of late. I haven't been anywhere, haven't done anything of interest ---- it's all I can do to get my daily chores done to a minimal and get myself dressed.

I'm not in any pain, nor have I been sick to my stomach, and I'm so thankful for that. It's just that I'm sooooo tired all the time. With the first two chemo treatments, I seemed to bounce back after the first week or so, but this time I'm just dragging. I'm so glad that the weather has cooled off some here as I have been sitting out on my porch, watching Buster make up new games to play by himself. He seems to have figured out his own form of "doggie baseball." I throw his squeaky ball, he runs and catches it on the run, then runs 100 miles an hour around the "bases" and bashes into his "big blue ball" -- which, I assume, is home base. And then we do it again. So that has been my life this week -- throwing squeaky for Buster!!!!

I have had the added pleasure of an abscessed tooth to deal with. Since I was terrorized and tortured as a kid by a dentist who delighted in dishing out pain, I seldom go. In fact, I think I'd rather DIE than go for this to be fixed. But. . . . pain is a great motivator, isn't it?????

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and somehow, it all has a new meaning to me. I wonder why????? A little while back, a new blogging friend purchased some little angels from me. They had the little pink breast cancer ribbon on them. Yesterday, she emailed me and asked me if she could put my name on her tee shirt as she was going to walk in one of those "Walk for the Cure" things in Texas. I just couldn't believe that she would do this for ME, as she is just getting better herself! I tell you, I had great big tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat and wish I could be there to give her a great big hug!

So many of you have sent me cards, gifts, emails, etc. I can't believe there are so many sisters out there who have committed to pray for me through all of this. Believe me, I treasure each of you as much as anyone treasures rubies, diamonds, and gold. Surely, I never knew when I started this blog and named it, "Hidden Riches in Secret Places" that it be ALL OF YOU that would become the riches that I would find!

Thank you, all of you!



Beautiful!...thanks!...and for you...

"love is the one who masters all things."

Mawlãnã Rumi.

Renna said...

Though I'm sorry you're struggling with a lack of energy, I'm so happy to hear your nausea and pain have not been bad. I've been praying for those specific things this week. I'll pray for increased strength and energy.

Toni said...

You are just so sweet! I`m always so encouraged by your blog! Glad to hear your not nausious or in pain. I`ll pray for strength and energy.
take care! Love and blessings,Toni

papel1 said...

Glad to read your your last entry and that you are doing OK. I guess Buster has all the energy now. It is cooler here and we had some rain which is nice. I have one of your angels hanging nearby from one of the group exchanges awhile back. It makes me think of you.

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

Oh Cora,
I'm so happy that you haven't felt so sick this go round.
So you and Buster have been soakin in some fresh air huh? Does he try to get the squeakers out of his ball?
Our horrible dog Zaccheus Francoise: the wee little frenchman guts all his toys and takes the squeakers out. He's completely psychotic about his tire too. Go figure?
Well, I'm so happy to have word from you today and pray you get some energy back.
How wonderful you have ~angels~ walking in your name! God bless their every step!!! whooHoOoo
Love Lea

Raquel said...

Beautiful! Have you ever tried Kombucha for that tired feeling? Might work, I dunno. I will be praying for you this week. Much love, Raquel XO

ByLightOfMoon said...

Wonderful news about your angels and your walker. Everything helps!

Watching Buster play is so fun, the girls here where I am dog-sitting are at it too. They run 90MPH it seems and in and out of the river.

The weather is cooler and I love it!
Your energy levels will get better so just wait it out and play with Buster.

Oma aka Meme said...

and you are our treasure that God has given to us- huggles me ,Meme

Алиса said...

Greeting, Cora!
God bless you!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you are feeling as well as you can be right now!

Linda said...

Oh boy - a dental problem too - when it rains, it pours huh? !! I am relieved for you that you aren't the other pain though. You are in my thoughts and prayers daily! hugs, Linda

Julie said...

Nice to see your post today. I had been hoping you were doing okay!! Hope your day is great...julie

LindaSueBuhl said...

always happy to hear from you - I've watched the struggle coming back from cumulative chemo treatments but you'll get there - slow and steady wins the race. Well except for Buster - he obviously is of the "faster is better" school of thought! Really sorry about the tooth - seems unfair to have a source of pain unrelated to the caner - phooey!

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

You are the treasure my friend!