Thursday, May 22, 2008

Another Great Giveaway!!! Don't Miss it!

My, oh My!!!!! There are just the best giveaways going on right now. And you can't miss this one. It was my privilege to meet Kat today! I was soooooo taken by her blog, her love for the Lord, and her marvelous primitive creations! She is truly an artist, for sure! I almost hated to tell anyone about this giveaway. I'm selfish enough to hope not too many people sign up, giving ME a better chance to win! But. . . . on second thought. . . .if one of my blogging buddies wins these treasures, then I will rejoice with them. (Now, don't I sound nice?????? Deep down inside, I STILL hope I win!!!!) But go for it. . . . and may the best blogger win!
Just click on the picture to sign up!

And while you are at it scroll down and sign up for MY giveaway!!!!! Two posts down!!!!


PianoPlayer said...

I'm learning about the giveaways and your group of very talented and creative women. The primitive and country pieces I see are the things I love. And I've always loved the things you make, Cora.

Lea of Farmhouse*Blessings said...

How funny, Cora! I felt the same way. That little self centered 2 year old came out and I wanted to keep it all to myself! LOL

It really is pretty, isn't it?


naomisnotions said...

LOL...I went over there to sign up! And guess what I was the 100th comment!!! LOL...I asked if I automatically win? LOL...