Thursday, May 22, 2008

Meet Some New Blogging Friends!

I'm just so excited that Lea from Farmhouse Blessings has persuaded her Mom to start a blog! I've wanted to meet this wonderful lady for such a long time now, and finally. . . . we all get this wonderful opportunity. I've come to know Lea as such a happy, gentle, loving, tender soul, and I just know that somehow. . . . . . Mom had something to do with it! I've heard a lot about Mom from Lea and now we get a chance to hear the other side of the story!
Welcome to blog land, Lea's Mom!!!!!

Just click on her picture and it will take you to her new blog. Give her a big, warm welcome, won't you????


You know that saying, "Some people walk into your life and quickly leave. Others walk in, stay a while, leave footprints on your heart and life, and somehow, you are never the same again."

Well, these two are those kind of people to me. One of a kind. Always there. Love ya no matter what. Great neighbors. Do anything for ya. Lift ya up when you're down. Bring ya down when you are too high and mighty. And best of all, pray for ya, even when you think you don't need it!

I'd like for you to meet my best friends, my neighbors, and now . . . . finally. . . .bloggers!!!!! Click on those happy faces and give them a big hug and a warm welcome, too!!!


Lea of Farmhouse*Blessings said...

Oh Cora, mom is just going to be tickled that you would honor her this way. How sweet of you! She is an amazing woman. I am blessed indeed.

And I have "met" your dear friends. They are already on my favorites list. They are kindred spirits for certain.


Pam said...

Good Morning Cora!
Thank you for lettin us know about Dotty. I look forward to visiting her, and what fun to get to meet Lea's mom.
I hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.

Pam said...

Cora, just wanted to say thank you for telling us about "Papa n' Mimi" too- I enjoyed dropping by this morning.

mammaof5js said...

Hi Cora,
Love the new song on your blog. We sang that version of Amazing Grace at church this past Sunday. It's one of my favorites.
I'm also looking forward to you posting that pasta recipe. Always looking for something new.

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

Hello Sweet Cora!

Stopping by to say hello and to wish you a wonderful weekend! Thanks for telling us about Lea's darling Mother Dotty! It will be so much fun to get to know her to! I just love all the wonderful woman I have met, including you Cora! Talk soon!


Coal Miners Daughter said...

Hi,Cora Thanks for visiting my blog and doing this special post I always love visiting your blog..I will post pictures of my quilts as soon as Lea teaches me how . I still have a lot to learn. Thanks Dotty