Thursday, May 15, 2008

Opening the Bag!!!!!


A while back, I wrote a post expressing my frustrations with opening bags of sugar that send a poof of sugar all over my kitchen. I begged for a solution, and here is a great one! Thank you, CathyJean, for taking the time to post the best tutorial with pictures and everything! Now we have NO excuses or complaints about our sugar bags!!!!!

Click here to go to Aunt Daisy‘s Cottage to read about her Sugar Bag Solution!!!!


nancy huggins said...

Wow Cora..That's a good one...although it doesn't matter much here..I have a 4 legged mop to clean up my messes :)
Ya know how some people get up every day and their day can't really start until they have that first cup of coffee (or whatever beverage they choose) and they have to watch the news or maybe read the newspaper????
Well that is how my day is every day only it kind of goes like this. Get up and pour the cup of coffee and go down stairs and go on the computer to check out Cora's blog...then I also always have to check out what Dani is doing and wrote in her blog. Sometimes I check out a few others or I go back later to check them out...but my day just can't start without checking out "Hidden Riches From Secret Places"
That is all I have to say for now. Keep them coming Cora. I don't have to pay the price of the newspaper full of nothing anymore..I just come here.
Oh and I played the lottery today..I think it is my turn to have something good happen...and of course I always share with friends and family...I will let you know if I win :)

Cora from Nelia's Primitive Place said...

If you win big, Nancy, I want a sugar bag stuffed full!!!!


Toby Parsons said...

Hi Cora,

Wow! I read your lovely Mothers Day post, visited Tracee's blog, and loved your post of how to open sugar, etc. You are so sweet. Sounds like God put Tracee in your life for a reason. :) What a blessing for you both. :)

nancy huggins said...

If I win I will give you a sugar bag stuffed full...but you need to let me know what you want it stuffed with :)
I can stuff one now with fabric scraps but I bet that isn't what you were talking about :)

Farm Chick Paula said...

Thanks for the link, Cora... now if I can just figure out how to keep the sugar from disappearing so fast.
(hmmm... maybe it's the daily gallon of tea I make...)

CathyJean said...

Thank you, Cora!! for the post and the link. I just couldn't help it, when I read your post - I knew how it feels to be that frustrated.
Just remember to keep the bag tilted back while you make the cut or you will have sugar coming out of there too.
I love coming to visit you, too, Cora just like Nancy. Love your music! That can sure start the day out right!
Hugz! Cathy

This Country Girl said...


Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm so glad you did! It's always great to meet fellow Christians and people with like interests!

That is definitely the best way to open a sugar bag! Somewhere along the way, I figured that out or someone showed me. It does work!

Come back and visit real soon!
Have a great week, Cora!


Linda said...

hariƱa preparada para tortillas.. ay papi! hahahahaha ;)

That picture just made me laugh!

I'm glad to know the solution to the dreaded sugar bag now!

p.s. has the boterkoek arrived yet? I had my hubby send it via priority mail..? :)