Thursday, April 17, 2008

Learning To Trust!


I'll admit it! I'm not really good in this area of trusting! I don't know why, either. I'm getting older, and as I look back over my whole life, I can't say there has ever been a time that the Lord has failed me. Yes, I've made some crazy, immature, self-centered choices, and I've paid dearly for those. But in God's wonderful forgiveness and grace, He has taken those experiences and turned them all into learning experiences for the future He had planned out for me.

These are hard times! Let's face it. Many of you have experienced set backs due to loss of jobs, income, illness, and other unexpected things we want to call negatives.
During these times, we draw upon every resource we have within us to pull through, and we tend to ask God why what seemed so good at the time and what seemed to come from Him is so suddenly taken away. I've had my dreams washed away like castles in the sand. My plans have gone up in smoke, and my business ventures have crashed down in a million pieces at my feet. And I have questioned God at times as to why He would give me something and then just grab it away from me.

I may never know the reasons why, and you may not, either. But I have come to realize that through it all, He has never failed me, never left my side, and never looked on me in shame. Hosea 6:3 says, "And we shall know, if we follow on to know the Lord." If our goal in life is to simply know HIM, then someday, we shall know. Can you trust Him with that?

It all seemed so right. . .
So Perfect. . .
So God-ordained.
First, a dream. . .
Then, a prayer. . .
And then, it happened.
He heard,
He answered,
He supplied.
I was so sure all I had planned
Would come to pass. . . .someday!

Carefully. . .and prayerfully. . .
I worked,
I followed,
I obeyed. . .

But then, You changed it all, Lord.
And I did not understand.
You did not allow me to finish,
To see the fruit of my labors,
To hold in my hands
The realities of my dreams.

Yet, I will trust,
AS I have trusted in the past.
Your ways are perfect,
Planned in love,
Protected by your promise
That someday. . .sometime. . .
We shall know. . .
If we follow on to know the Lord.
--Cora Eelman


Renna said...

A good and meaningful post, Cora!

nancy huggins said...

Cora..Maybe God is trying to tell you to go on with other things...Try something different and I'm sure he has his reasons. Take a look at Dani..The Lord helped them find the way and they took the chance...It was tough going for a while but look at their lives now. Not only is Alan a wonderful photographer.. but he has learned a new skill ...
A Locksmith and by doing so he has been able to help many people and also his own family with Dani at his side. I think The Lord has plans for is time for you to work on figuring them out. Please try the things I suggested. Even if it turns out that it may not have been meant to be...You will still have tried and learned something new. And like I told you about your poems...They will touch a lot of peoples hearts....maybe when they needed them the most

Kimmie said...
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Lea of Farmhouse*Blessings said...

Cora, what a beautiful reminder that we can rest in Christ! Jeffrey & I often discuss with the children the wonder of circumstances that we did not understand at the time and how the Lord so graciously put all the broken pieces together for us to show us a new beautiful picture. Those are the times when He chose to reveal the "why" to us.

There are still those times that we don't quite understand, but I love that scripture "We shall know". How reassuring to know that our loving God will one day reveal all to us. We simply have to trust him today.

Your poem is just lovely. Are you sure you not from the line of David?


Sugarplum Cottage said...

Ms. Cora I am so glad you commented on my blog, if not I may have never found yours. I adore the apron, I make little girls dresses and bloomers out of old embroidered pillowcases. Out of all the talents my Lord gave me, I love sewing the best. And oh yes, I love making soap, although I can't find lye at the local hardware store anymore. I have to order it from a company in Texas.
I look so forward becoming your friend. Hugs, RoseMarie

Simply Heart And Home said...

Amen, Cora! Your poem is lovely!

Toni said...

What a beautiful poem cora!I`m so glad i found your blog!I know sometimes it`s hard to figure out why things end up happening the way they do.It`s a great comfort to me to know that with all of the trials we are facing now God is in charge!I am so greatful that He is in controle and not me!!We just have to do the best with what God has given us.Our faith and trust in Him will get us through those tough times and we will be stronger because of the trials:)Have a blessed weekend!

Stacy said...

I loved your poem =) How beautiful =D

I agree with Nancy. Maybe God has something even more brilliant and wonderful planned for you. Thank you for visiting my blog today =)

Dani said...

Tough times....I know and none of us know what the future holds but we do know who holds the future....(I just had a thought have quite a bit of property, right? Why not rent out spaces for people to store their RV's? The dog rescue does that and makes several hundred a month...just a thought.)..God bless you and I will keep you in prayer...God is a way maker and He will make a way for you....

MEME16 said...


Rose Mary said...

What a wonderful blog you have~ And what a beautiful verse, Cora. I don't know why trusting is so hard~He has seen me through so much, too, and yet when things are tough, doubt has a way of slipping in. Just remember that, no matter what, EVERYTHING works together for good! He loves you. It's wonderful to meet another sister in Christ!


Pam said...

The poem is beautiful.
Isn't it funny...even when we know He is there, we find it hard to keep our trust in Him.
What a blessing to know that He doesn't give up on us- His love is everlasting. "The Lord's lovingkindnesses indeed never cease, for His compassions never fail. They are new every morning; Great is Your faithfulness. The Lord is my portion says my soul, therefore I have hope in Him" Lamentations 322-24, NASB.

Wendy said...

I love this post Cora!! Thank you for sharing it with us!! God Bless!~Wendy

EMichelle said...

What a beautiful entry ~ God Bless, EMichelle