Thursday, April 24, 2008

Unexpected Company!

Ever since the fourth grade when Mrs. France taught us to draw and watercolor birds, I've had this facination with watching birds. I think I would buy birdfeed before I would buy for myself, if it came to having to make the choice. Nothing thrills me more than when a bird does me a huge favor and makes her home in my birdhouses. Sometimes they sit empty, and I wonder what's the problem! Certainly, the rent isn't too high.

Here in Florida, I do get to see some wonderful birds, and to watch an Eagle is one of my most uplifting and exciting times. I've always said, if you find me dead in a car accident on the side of the road with no apparent reason for it happening, I probably saw an eagle or something and just ran off the road as I gazed up in wonder!

But today, as I was looking out into my backyard, all of a sudden this huge visitor decided to make my acquaintance. He just sat there and stared at me, and me at him. He is a red tailed hawk, and not an invited guest to those around me with chickens, etc. And I feared for the little titmice that had just come out of their safe little house. But all the same, he was so beautiful!


He stayed only a minute, and then flew into the woods. You want to know something? I would rather this guy than those nasty old turkey buzzards that have made their home across the street. Mind you, I'm not partial to who my neighbors are, I don't look down on certain classes of birds --- but these buzzards just HAVE to go! They have decided that I'm not allowed to get my mail and keep guard over my mailbox. They even chased me away!!!! I'm scared to death of these ugly things, believe me!


Which would you choose????




naomisnotions said...

LOL...Cora...I've never seen a buzzard, and don't think I want too!!! Are they worse than geese? lol...

Thanks for adding my giveaway to your blog! :)

Renna said...

Cora, we sound like kindred spirits. I am nuts about birds, too. I never tire of watching them. I have never seen an eagle before, though I have seen a red-tailed hawk. They are majestic creatures!

Lea of Farmhouse*Blessings said...

Hawk! Hawk! I choose the hawk! Those buzzards just give me the shivers. Eek!

I love the bird, too, Cora! They are finally returning to the woods outside our home. This morning the air was filled with birdsong and it was glorious!


Pam said...

What wonderful pictures.

Regina Clare Jane said...

Hi Cora- wow, when I saw your beautiful picture I just had to comment! We have only seen hawks occasionally perched on some dead pine tree where we live here in FL and it's amazing you got such a fantastic picture! He's beautiful!
And, oh, those turkey vultures- at least they clean up the poor dead animals that get run over so much here... where in FL do you live? I'm in Jupiter!